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Use sketchy in a sentence

Sketchy Definition

  • giving only major points; lacking completeness; "a sketchy account"; "details of the plan remain sketchy"

Sentence Examples

A sketchy memoir.

The story was sketchy.

She left it ever so sketchy.

The grin was rather sketchy.

To be sketchy is to be vague.

Do not draw in a sketchy manner.

We quote a few sketchy extracts.

"It is all obscure and sketchy."

Odeon gave her a sketchy salute.

Our evidence is sketchy, I admit.

The surveyor opened a rather sketchy map.

I see it has been called vague and sketchy.

Chesney received him with his sketchy smile.

Dennison waved his hand in a sketchy manner.

She gave him a quick but rather sketchy list.

The sketchy impressions of passing travelers.

On the voyage he had been eloquent but sketchy.

The general effect was temperamental and sketchy.

He was a handsome man in a rough, sketchy fashion.

It was a sketchy, inadequate and dangerous scheme.

The historical record that follows is very sketchy.

My teaching in this direction had been more than sketchy.

The composition somewhat sketchy, but immensely vigorous.

John gave a sketchy, vague account of his doings during the past weeks.

His style was sketchy, conscientious, and full of strength and decision.

All too often I write sketchy, commonplace things taken from our own lives.

References to the scientific marvels around them will be casual and sketchy.

A sketchy lunch was eaten off the kitchen table, and father stayed down town.

She had drawn a sketchy little plan of the first and second floors of her home.

The reports were very sketchy and incomplete, most of them accounts from newspapers.