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Use slippery slope in a sentence

Slippery slope Definition

A chain of events that, once initiated, cannot be halted; especially the undesirable ones

Sentence Examples

And when "necessity" is stretched to cover any vital interest or urgent need, it is easy to recognize on what a slippery slope such international morality reposes.

Scrambling up a slippery slope, they were soon out of the water, on a narrow, shelving ledge running along a steep wall.

So there we stood, gesticulating gaily on the slippery slope.

[From In the Mountains by Von Arnim, Elizabeth]

Is there one among us who is tempting a brother man to dishonesty, to drink, to lust; who is pushing some thoughtless girl down the steep and slippery slope which ends--we know where?

Step by step the world advances Up the long and slippery slope; Step by step it slow upwanders Through the valleys of its hope; Leave the tasks that rise beyond you!

[From Oklahoma Sunshine by Miller, Freeman Edwin]

The third world war might take us towards a slippery slope of destruction.