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Use slog in a sentence

Slog Definition

  • work hard persistently
  • walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud
  • strike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat

Sentence Examples

Foot-slogging soldier.

Hour after hour we slogged along.

She's slogging hard at the piano.

Irish slog to swallow by drinking.

How we slogged away all through school!

This slogging diplomacy was successful.

He had the hoe in both hands and slogged.

Sometimes they were on their feet slogging hard.

He started slogging back through the gritty snow.

I saw a long figure slogging steadily by his side.

For once in a way he was prepared to slog like blazes.

He slogged, manipulated, and was rewarded with success.

Wilson could only answer "slog on, just slog on."

"You've got to slog like blazes, if you want to get on."

[From Anne Severn and the Fieldings by Sinclair, May]

Some more hard slogging was in front of the relievers of Kimberley.

Those boys slogging through the dust are like the Roman legionaries.

He had been slogging into it like a Trojan and had done quite a lot.

His blows were feeble compared with Payot's tremendous slogging ones.

He slogged wildly at the first ball, missed it, and paid the penalty.

She proudly ignored him as he slogged deliberately away on his rounds.

Farrell muffed and foozled, wasting his substance in riotous slogging.

[From Foe-Farrell by Quiller-Couch, Arthur]

We just slogged through as best we were able, which wasn't really very good.

Who'd want to slog through hundreds of file libraries looking for something?

Here it is a case of sheer heavy slogging of all the available trained troops.

Do not slog the first ball and pat the second, but hit both with average pace.

It began to rain gustily, and then settled down to a steady, slogging downpour.

Let the infantry do the slogging through the mud; the brass-hats got the medals.

The driver and the slog-slogging horse knew that she would catch the train.

But this winter I'm planning to live with my brother in Brooklyn and slog away at my book.

As the men slogged up the north bank, they leveled their rifles and plunged into the trees.

We slogged along over the rock surface feeling our weight to be one-and-a-third times normal.

There used to be some very pretty scraps in the mornings, and some very hefty slogging matches.

He wanted to think out things, and he liked foot-slogging on a big scale as a stimulus to thought.

It was not for nothing we slogged away there day after day, learning to conquer disappointment and defeat.

The advancing men steady in formation and come slogging through the mud, with step almost rhythmic to the music.

Slogging at the heavy trawls and afterward dressing the catch was too plebeian a business for the son of a millionaire.

[From Jim Spurling, Fisherman or Making Good by Tolman, Albert Walter]

"No man can expect to keep his spirits up if he goes slogging away studying books, after putting in a full day at business."

[From Love and the Ironmonger by Randall, F. J. (Frederick John)]

Above the slogging of the guns there were louder, earth-shaking noises, and volcanoes of earth and fire spouted as high as the clouds.

[From Now It Can Be Told by Gibbs, Philip]

If you make any difference at all, play more lightly for the next five minutes, otherwise you may drift into a clumsy slogging match, ending in bad blood.

It's the power that keeps a man slogging, slogging in one groove without getting mechanical or stupid, as long as he attain his ends or can serve his country by keeping on.