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Use smoke screen in a sentence

Smoke screen Definition

  • (military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movements
  • an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure

Sentence Examples

Enemy destroyers make smoke screen.

The wind helps make a smoke-screen.

The smoke screen was being laid down!

Then friendly mortars laid a smoke screen.

Smoke screens and gas shells nearly blinded us.

Throwing out a smoke screen to protect a convoy.

The sun was under entire eclipse behind the smoke screen.

Concealment up to the last moment was to be secured by smoke screens.

"They'll throw around National Security smoke screens and do what they want."

[From Terminal Compromise by Schwartau, Winn]

"Words, nothing but smoke screens to conceal a bankruptcy of the thought process."

[From The Land of Look Behind by Brown, Paul Cameron]

Finally, neither darkness nor smoke screens were any bar to their ultronic vision.

In five minutes the smoke screen was a wall twenty feet thick and a hundred feet high.

Naturally smoke-screens were adopted as a defensive measure on sea as well as on land.

Practice with depth bombs and smoke screens helped to relieve the tedium of the long trip.

Heavy bombers closed in above, laying a smoke screen at 10,000 feet to discourage her from rising.

They are on the great sea of Truth as the smoke-screens, behind which lurk the destroyers of error.

That smoke screen now is the statement that the League of Nations increases the probabilities of war.

Loss of direction, due to fog and the smoke-screen of the enemy barrage, caused considerable difficulty.

This smoke screen, augmented by further smoke from their own apparatus, undoubtedly saved Iris from destruction.

To his own surprise Jack found himself wondering if the man was telling him the truth or raising a smoke screen of falsehood.

Then for the ensuing five minutes, agonizing wails shattered the smoke screen while they were on the trail of that elusive minor.

Their destroyers spouted forth an immense grey smoke screen; the mist helped them to hide; and the sun went into a bank of clouds.

In open attacks upon machine-gun nests phosphorus grenades were thrown in barrages to build smoke screens for the attacking forces.

Peter had an uneasy sense that this was exceedingly thin logic, a mere smoke screen behind which he meant to retreat back up North.

Except for smoke screen, or the famous "low visibility," which means foggy weather or darkness, no enemy within range can be concealed.

You have to realize that the reactionary forces in this country are using the sexual issue as a kind of smoke screen, to create a hate movement.

You know that "approval of compensation" is simply a euphonious bit of language or smoke screen behind which really sits an enthroned autocracy.

Smoke screens can be used effectively only when the wind happens to be proportionate to the speed of the ships and blowing in the right direction.