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Use snippet in a sentence

Snippet Definition

  • a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)

Sentence Examples

A snippet of intensity.

An "interesting" number of "Snippets."

"Existences" can not be rendered in snippets.

He then tried to nibble a snippet, but in vain.

Yet, beyond a few sonnets and snippets, nothing came of it all.

Now, though I'm a big man I've never fancied a snippet of a girl.

He was cut in moderate-sized snippets and toasted on one side only.

I can't be bothered to read much, I like my literature in snippets.

Oates tells me that one of the ponies, 'Snippets,' will eat blubber!

You'll read silly little snippets and new ideas that make you think.

Alone with her newspaper snippets, Mavis did more reading than pasting.

The same scans are indexed by Google Books, but only accessible as snippet view.

I can already download snippets from, say, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

It was a snippet of conversation copied and recopied and from it blurred in inaccuracies.

After they were mounted, Snippets glanced about in bewildered recognition of the landscape.

To make one complete man out of all this vast collection of snips and snippets of humanity.

She could not exist for ever among these snippets of oiled paper, live and die making lamp-shades.

My father always says that newspapers are worthless reading, that they divide one's interest into snippets.

Cauliflower, and cabbage, and little snippets of vegetables floating in piquant sauce, in fat, square bottles.

The boards were swept clean; the little ends of thread and the little silk snippets were all tidied away, and gone from off the floor.