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Use sound bite in a sentence

Sound bite Definition

  • a very short speech; usually on radio or television

Sentence Examples

Soundbites are power.

This is the age of the soundbite and the videoclip.

That may work as a TV sound bite, but it doesn't pass muster on the world stage.

I took hold of it as if to kiss, but instead bestowed on it a sound bite that must have come near disabling it.

[From The Works of Lucian of Samosata - Volume 02 by Lucian, of Samosata]

The more that TV pundits reduce serious debates to silly arguments, big issues into sound bites, our citizens turn away.

It provides for good soundbites, it raises the fighting spirits at home and it focuses attention and energy on the enemy.

She knew all this, but Kettlewell gave good sound-bite, and talked slow in deference to the kind of reporter who preferred a notebook to a recorder.

[From Makers by Doctorow, Cory]

Indeed, so swift and shrill did the sound bite into the air, that it was as if someone standing close beside me were trying in this fashion, very peremptorily, to excite my attention.

[From Grace O'Malley Princess and Pirate by Machray, Robert]

Unlike many modern commentators, Susan Fenimore Cooper examines these arguments in detail, both as to their roots and their possible effects, rather than expressing them as simplistic sound-bites.

I need a video clip of the explosion, a sound bite of Richard Feynman explaining the O-ring problem, some neat graphics from NASA, oh, and maybe some virtual reality mock-ups of the shuttle interior.

[From NREN for All: Insurmountable Opportunity by Polly, Jean Armour]

Sure, presidential debates are conducted in soundbites today and not the days-long oratory extravaganzas of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, but people manage to pay attention to the 24-month-long presidential campaigns from start to finish.

[From Ebooks: Neither E, Nor Books Paper for the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference, 2004 by Doctorow, Cory]