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Use stagnant in a sentence

Stagnant Definition

  • not circulating or flowing; "dead air"; "dead water"; "stagnant water"
  • not growing or changing; without force or vitality

Sentence Examples

Stagnant water.

A stagnant day!

What stagnant life!

Stagnant, featureless!

Stagnant air is harmful.

Still as a stagnant fen!

Time had become stagnant.

Night was a stagnant tank.

Incomes are still stagnant.

The atmosphere is stagnant.

"His was a stagnant being."

Stagnant water grows stinking.

I have been stagnant all day.?

Trade became utterly stagnant.

Avoid stagnant or impure water.

Even his ambition was stagnant.

It was a stagnant day of heat.?

The air was stale and stagnant.

They also are mentally stagnant.

Why does stagnant water putrefy?

A stagnant heat pervaded London.

Commerce was absolutely stagnant.

"I have such a stagnant feeling."

It was the most stagnant-looking city.

My blood lay stagnant within my veins!

We remain in a stagnant chasm of trees.

There was a chill stagnant smell in the air.

His mood was a sort of stagnant astonishment.

Must dull suspense corrupt the stagnant mind?

We must not allow our minds to become stagnant.

Trade was stagnant and education at a standstill.

The air was musty, stagnant, and scorchingly hot.

The world would soon be stagnant without ambition.

Wide-awake mind allows nothing stagnant around it.

What new life would electrify a stagnant community!

A people that gets what it wants is a stagnant people.

We have arrived at another stagnant period in the war.

The stagnant blood of her body began to pulsate languidly.

This stagnant state of things makes them decline in health.

By the beginning of winter trade had become almost stagnant.

That age was, on the whole, a stagnant and uninteresting one.

You're the ones struggling with rising costs and stagnant wages.

She passed through stagnant odours and little eddies of perfume.

Now, looking back, I can see into what a stagnant calm I had run.

If we don?t want growth, we can easily imagine a stagnant economy.

The flow of village life is not too rapid, neither is it stagnant.

Labuan was stagnant and Sarawak steadily advancing in vigorous life.

[From A History of Sarawak under Its Two White Rajahs 1839-1908 by Bampfylde, C. A.]

Show them all that you are sick of this stagnant, grey, sinful life.

"You must know that a man gets drunk with truth Stagnant inside him."

A source of life is thus opened up, which imparts new activity to the life hitherto stagnant.

The girl was already becoming depressed by a presentiment of the dull, stagnant days to come.

But it is precisely when the social atmosphere seems stagnant that great events are brewing.?

[From The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid by Hardy, Thomas]

It was as hot there, a heavy, stagnant heat; but there was a basket of oranges upon the table.

The stagnant courtyard was suddenly alive with peons and servants, running hither and thither.

He was a handy man in a boat, and very glad to earn a few pice in this time of stagnant trade.

[From In Clive's Command: A Story of the Fight for India by Strang, Herbert]

However stagnant the town might be on other days, Saturday was always full of life and bustle.