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Use stark in a sentence

Stark Definition

  • (adjective) severely simple
  • (adverb) completely

Sentence Examples

What is perfect beauty to one man is stark ugliness to another.

There was a stark pause.

The stark horror simply caused his lower jaw to drop.

Once he encountered a stark and mighty lion.

I found him stark dead and stiff.

I have seen the stark horror of war.

She said, with a sudden stark earnestness.

"It looks stark lonely now at the dismantled plant."

"She's stark crazy!"

Stark Mountain loomed white against the sky.

Stark landscape quickly becoming visible.

Stark terror had her by the throat.

A murdered man lies stark in the shadow.

An arrow in the left eye laid him out stark and dead.

And I knew it was fright ... stark fright.

And for all her trauma, she felt a swift and stark moment of recognition.

And into his sullen face leaped stark terror.

And the whole wide street was stark awake.

Beneath the burning stars the town lay stark in sleep.

Both doctor and patient were stark naked.

Days of stark blue ocean.

For a moment, the girls are speechless, through sheer stark astonishment.

For one brief instant stark fright streaked through his heart.

Franz's eyes widened, for this promised both stark drama and excitement.

Gordon stared at her in stark bewilderment.

Have you ever seen stark, mad, infinite terror on a human face?

He could see expressions of stark fear in the faces of the rival oarsmen.

He found himself stark dead.

He looked at it in stark astonishment.

He opened his eyes, stark conscious.

He spluttered in stark surprise.

He stopped stark still.

He was stark naked save for the breech-clout.

He was a stark man.

He was stiff and stark, and had been poisoned.

He would go stark mad from sheer inanity.

Heaven's bliss still lay on the stiff, stark visage.

Her stark eyes passed over him swiftly.

Her mother was facing stark ruin.

Her personal, stark frankness had been her essential strength.

His eye was for the large, the stark effect.

His gaze was stark in its astonishment.

I am stark crazy!

I sat stunned, the bulk of my offense looming stark before me.

In an instant we were both stark naked.

In hot weather man probably roamed about stark naked.

It had been a night of stark wakefulness, of a myriad details.

It lay there, stark, mangled, and hideous.

It was stark lunacy, they declared.

It was magnificent, but stark idiotic.

It's enough to drive a sane person stark, raving mad.

Lashed to the helm, all stiff and stark.

Let's all strip stark naked.

Lying there, stiff and stark.

Nan shivered at the stark agony in his tone.

Now a stark saint I can find sympathy for.

Now here is a boy gone stark staring mad for vanity!

Now, there was stark wonder in his eyes as he put the question.

Often a stark tree effect is noticed.

[From Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique & Modern A Handbook for Ready Reference by Holt, Rosa Belle]

Roy Starr's voice welled out of him, filled with stark horror.

She was stark alone and a trifle frightened.

Sheila's eyes were stark and unbelieving.

Something, I don't know what, suggests the stark burning glare of summer.

Still, stark, and stiff he lies in his gore.

That handsome face would be stiff and stark in death.

That is like nothing on earth: music and diction are stark new.

That of a wise and provident Steward, You are turn'd stark Ass.

The stark courage in her rose to the crisis.

The stark truth had at last dawned on them.

The stark truth had robbed him of speech.

The contrast was stark.

The knight lay still and stark.

The man was evidently stark, staring mad.

The quavering voice was stark with a pleading appeal.

The road was strewn with the stark bodies of the mangled dead.

The sides of the wood were stark white.

Their dead bodies lie stark and cold among the rocks.

Then came stark poverty.

Then came stark silence.

There was stark terror in the voice.

There was a stark, sick silence.

There you had the stark and appalling fact.

These lay stark or writhing among the stumps.

They seemed to run away in stark terror.

This stark solitude will drive me mad yet.

To my intense satisfaction I noticed that it was now almost a stark calm.

Too much is stark naught.

Your plan is coercion, stark and simple.

"Sounds like a stark raving, doesn't it?"

"Among his kinsmen they have stark foes enow."

[From The Fall of the Niebelungs by Armour, Margaret]

"Are you stark mad?"

"He's stark, raving mad!"

"It must be nothing short of stark lunacy."

What you say is nothing but stark hypocrisy.

The boy is stark with fear.

But stark fear and the memory of unendurable pain drove him on.

But if we were not all stark mad sometimes, how would the world go round?

But it wasn't a dream; it was cold, stark truth, incredible as it seemed.

He alone would find starkness in King Edward.

Here spoke the stark spirit of the man.

I'm sick of sitting here stark alone.

In his attitude there was a starkness, a rigidity, which suggested death.

On the stairs he found stark enemies enow.

That were stark vengeance and devil's sport.

The humour made the stark reality of Par's situation bearable.

The wise heads were saying I was a stark fool to set you here at Cashala.

[From The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays by Saunders, Louise]

When it was dark he put himself stark naked.

he cried in stark disbelief.

he gasped, his eyes stark and staring.

She cried in stark, unbelieving horror.