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Use status quo in a sentence

Status quo Definition

  • the existing state of affairs

Sentence Examples

He accepts the status quo.

Every thing remains in statu quo.

Commonly the Status Quo persists.

The status quo is better for us all.

The status quo had not been affected.

"He is the apostle of the status quo?"

She creates a status quo and I ratify.

Then I notice a grim passion for the status quo.

That has been the status quo for many years here.

"They want to preserve the status quo at any cost."

[From An American Suffragette by Stevens, Isaac Newton]

He was an advocator of violence against the status quo.

[From Rastignac the Devil by Farmer, Philip José]

Difftown, doomed to stereotyped dullness, remained in statu quo.

[From Rose Clark by Fern, Fanny]

"Do you age or get younger, or do you keep the status quo?"

[From A Traveler in Time by Derleth, August]

But week passed on after week, and we are still in statu quo. 

The result of the war will be a return to the status-quo-ante.

The terms of the peace were simply the status quo ante bellum.

[From The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783 by Mahan, A. T. (Alfred Thayer)]

The practical effect of the treaty was to renew the status quo.

This was at the very least an acknowledgment of the status quo.

Bayezid was intent upon arranging the new status quo in Serbia.

[From The Foundation of the Ottoman Empire; a history of the Osmanlis up to the death of Bayezid I (1300-1403) by Gibbons, Herbert Adams]

The status quo is what we desire, peace is what the world wants.

"The Conformist State or the Status Quo State, is more like it."

[From Spaceman on a Spree by Reynolds, Mack]

The status quo was a worm in hot ashes that would not stay still.

The outcome of all this was a futile reversion to the status quo.

Status quo is China’s middle name, mostly status and a little quo.

[From Letters from China and Japan by Dewey, Harriet Alice Chipman]

The apologist of the status quo is of all things the most pitiful.

With astounding energy he set to work to restore the status quo ante.

"They all stand for the same thing—a continuation of the status quo."

[From Ultima Thule by Reynolds, Mack]

One general feature is a Status Quo that persists when there are ties.

"I propose to accept the status quo without asking any more questions."

Once in a while, one or a small band of them rise to remold status quo.

[From Praetor's Lunch by Dom]

The status quo which had been endurable, if difficult, was to be altered.

Friends of peace will make a mistake if they unduly glorify the status quo.

This act or prologue will be called, in after days, War for the status quo.