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Stigma Definition

  • a symbol of disgrace or infamy;
    synonyms:brand, mark, stain

Sentence Examples

Egoism does not necessarily imply the invidious stigma of selfishness.

No one should suffer an undeserved stigma to rest upon his character.

As time goes on, I feel the stigma of our relationship more and more.

They carried the stigma of inferiority with cheerful indifference.

"There's a stigma on our child's name, and it must be removed."

"A man can get over anything except the stigma of dishonesty."

Make it a social stigma to show more ability than the average.

This terrible curse and stigma will have to be abolished.

The load of social stigma such work carries is too heavy.

I have never recovered from the stigma of that interview.

She was anguished, as well, by the stigma of being poor.

Nothing can redeem the stigma and the shame but success.

No stigma or disgrace attached to the person ostracized.

I do not wish to have any stigma of bribery rest on me.

Why should a wife bear the whole stigma of infidelity?

She considered divorce a lasting disgrace and stigma.

"He is not the man to lie idle under such a stigma."

In which case he bore the stigma of another’s sin.

"What have I ever done to justify such a stigma?"

I shall soon flirt out the stigma of a good girl.

[From A Woman-Hater by Reade, Charles]

Such penalties carry no stigma with them.

The failure of these men was no stigma.

It bore no necessary social stigma.

The stigma of crime clings to a man.

She won't be able to stand the stigma.

His destiny was to live under a stigma.

It carries a stigma of shame and disgrace.

The stigma is imposed even upon the dying.

Is some terrible stigma attached to her name?

I could not go back to her bearing that stigma.

The stigma lies in what he was, not what he did.

The party came under an official ban and stigma.

Their souls smart under the stigma of injustice.

“Clear yourself of the foul stigma of his tale.”

[From Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 56, Number 348 by Various]

“So that I am to rest under this stigma all my life?”

It involved no moral stigma, no personal disadvantage.

Unhappily the stigma of past incidents still persists.

Verily, it could not have been the stigma of cowardice.

These things will leave a stigma which will outlast you.

"My only child's my punishment, my only child's my stigma!"

Another mental stigma of degenerates is their emotionalism.

"We could never win with Jane wearing the stigma of--snob."

[From Jane Allen, Center by Bancroft, Edith]

Painless filing would be a stigma to man, an outrage to Heaven!

Why is it that such a stigma attaches to the very name of them?

He could not, and would not bear the unjust stigma of its death.

I am ashamed of ever having put the stigma on the name of woman.

"My misfortune has cast enough stigma on my unfortunate family."

To be liked and admired by certain persons is a stigma in itself.

She exaggerates the badness of it, the stigma of her relationship.

I saw that the stigma upon me meant ruin, both social and financial.

The term "irresponsible" is not designed to convey any moral stigma.

"I hate to admit it of a skunk like you, but you've got the Stigma."

No stigma or disgrace clung to any of these people under this system.

The stigma attaches itself to children and their marriage connexions.

The scars of the stigmas shone like silver beneath her distended skin.

This adventure threw a temporary stigma upon the game of “old sledge.”

I'll either live down the stigma attached to it, or die in the attempt.

The stigma would follow from mother to children to children’s children.

He finds himself a pariah, shunned because of the stigma of “jail-bird!”

Helena would never have had the stigma of his captivity stamped upon it.

None of my ancestors could have tolerated this stigma, nor can their son.

"How shall I avoid customaree stigma attaching to bearer of ill tidings?"

[From The Winds of the World by Mundy, Talbot]

Foreign missions have not had to bear any stigma of contumely or disgrace.

Such a stigma seems necessary to promote the general happiness of mankind.

It places a brand, a stigma upon every individual member of the profession.

Of course, I could clear myself, but the stigma and suspicion would remain.

That living stigma which was branded into my flesh by a miserable assassin!

They don't feel the stigma and are not humiliated or made indolent by help.

"Why, even if she were acquitted, she would carry the stigma through life."

No one liked her: and the stigma of her birth was not yet quite obliterated.

To be attached to our Administration is almost a stigma of disreputableness.

[From The Soul of a People by Fielding, H. (Harold)]

The stigma of public disgrace is one of the most potent safeguards of virtue.

There was a time when the fierce spirit of democracy was inclined to regard such a connection as a stigma.

[From Old Virginia and Her Neighbours Volume 2 by Fiske, John]

In some countries, to be called a conscript or drafted man was considered a stigma, but not so in the South.

"But in the medical profession homeopathy nevertheless remains under the stigma of being a dissenting sect."

The adult marriage of girls involves no stigma, and the practice of serving for a wife is sometimes followed.

The age of marriage is settled by convenience, and no stigma attaches to its postponement beyond adolescence.

The stigma is in his blood.

It invariably bears a stigma.