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Use subjective in a sentence

Subjective Definition

  • taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias; "a subjective judgment"
  • of a mental act performed entirely within the mind; "a cognition is an immanent act of mind"

Sentence Examples

The subjective mind never sleeps.

The Subjective Mind incapable of Inductive Reasoning.

Such tests are merely subjective.

Subjectivity is the spiritual part of man.

Style is expression of subjective quality.

Space like matter is a subjective form, time is not.

Music is the most subjective art.

Mind is subjective.

Market values are built up on subjective valuations.

Love, as I conceive it, is a purely subjective poem.

Life is purely subjective.

It is too utterly subjective to please you.

His verses are subjective and impassioned.

Has not the word "subjective" lost its significance?

Happiness is a subjective matter.

Aesthetic certainly is subjective.

A woman's poetry is subjective.

"Post-subjective synapse!"

"Visionary, subjective!"

Subjective Genitive.

Subjective View.

Subjective symptoms often affect the special senses.

Food as a good is now subjective, personal.

I don't want subjective thought.

Intensely subjective, yes!

Is morality merely subjective and relative?

It is clearly an added subjective element.

It is sick with subjectivity.

It is the subjective process of digestion.

Post-subjective synapse!

Self-respect is purely subjective, unseen.

She would nothing but lyrical and subjective poetry.

Subjectivity can no further go.

That is subjective in you.

That is my subjective impression.

The poem is intensely subjective.

The point is not merely one of subjective valuation.

The same consequence follows from subjective reasons.

The subjects are political.

There are no subjective symptoms.

These Laws distinguished as Objective and Subjective.

This is subjective idealism.

This is simple sensation—a purely subjective process.

Subjective Memory.

“The evanescence was subjective.”

"Beauty’s subjective"

Subjective Deduction.

[From A Commentary to Kant's 'Critique of Pure Reason' by Smith, Norman Kemp]

Subjective standard.

Subjectively this was true.

But subjective is not a synonym of unreal.

[From Introduction to the Study of History by Seignobos, Charles]

But enough of subjective fancies.

But pardon me--I can give it only a subjective value.

But the dilemma was purely subjective and imaginary.

Distraction of subjective and objective morality.

[From Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, Vol. 2 by Hallam, Henry]

Gesner’s writing is subjective.

His life is perforcedly largely subjective.

[From Essays on Modern Novelists by Phelps, William Lyon]

Love to Christ is Christianity subjective.

Morbid melancholy results from subjectivity of mind. 

Mryna had no idea how much time passed subjectively.

The Subjective Mind.

The mind is a dual affair--objective and subjective.

The passive and subjective aspect showed danger also.

These are the subjective teachings of the human soul.

This programme is penetrated by subjective sentiment.

You are treating the question subjectively, as usual.