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Use tad in a sentence

Definition of tad:

  • (noun) a slight amount or degree of difference; "a tad too expensive";

Sentence Examples:

There were no little tads in the president's family.

Think of his poor mother and the little tad.

Get the poor little tad through your lines, will you?

Dyke and the little tad had always been his friends.

These names may look a tad fierce, but they're accurate and appropriate.

Poor little tad, he did not even know the names of his troubles.

He loved his mother devotedly, quite as much as he did the little tad.

We were like the little tad that went out to the garden to eat worms.

To make matters worse, poor Jeanne-Marie had become a tad too taken with MacDonald Lindsay.

He ran away when we were both little tads and I haven't seen him since.

The idea of this little tad earning wages struck him as being rather humorous.

That's enough to handle any little tad of Mexicans that may be hanging about up there.

Remember that dinner she sent me in one day I pulled her little tad out the water?

Dyke and the little tad as you are for your wife, just to cheer them up a bit.

From the time that he was a little tad of a fellow, Charlie had been crazy to fly.

Said Hugh, contemptuously; "I've seen little tads of four and five let 'em crawl up their bare arms!"

In the mind of the young savage, astute and sagacious, a suspicion tad gradually assumed the reality of fact.

There are twelve little tads in the room, and they are awful good when you think that they are sick.

I want you to let me take care of you and the little tad till all this trouble of yours is over with.

We used to throw the same kind of parties when I was a tad, but they were against the law, back then.

It's funny to watch the little tads grow up and pair off and see how bravely they try to keep in the swim.

As tad been arranged between himself and his accomplices, the young man found all the band collected under the convent walls.

Toad egg tads always grow into toads; frog egg tads become frogs, and salamander egg tads will be salamanders and nothing else.

If the tariff was exorbitant, he saw his plans brought to naught, his money jeopardized, the little tad, Sidney, deprived of her education.

Sometimes the little tads would run from me, screaming as though they had met a lion or some other wild beast of the forest.

While spotters guided them with such unorthodox jargon as "Right a tad," or "Up a hair," the gunners repeated the process and slowly closed in on the enemy position.

"My father was an artist, and he taught me when I was a little tad," replied the girl in a subdued tone which made the sympathetic Patricia's heart warm toward her.

A whole pond to circle in seemed a mighty big world to me, and I was soon swimming about with a lot of other tads, slapping tails, and having all kinds of fun.

How well she remembered the day the tads turned into tiny toads with wide gaps for mouths and bright button eyes like her own, and had hopped out of the water to prance about and play with each other!

It was a long time ago, and I was only a little tad; but I surrounded the idea and took it in literally, in the sense of a sudden and sort of magical change coming at the end of each seven-year period and bound to occur at those particular fixed times.