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Use tamp-down in a sentence

Definition of tamp down:

  • (verb) press down tightly;

Sentence Examples:

"You could, captain, if you'd a mind to," said Ned Aiken, tamping down his tobacco, "but there's lots who couldn't."

He held the bowl in one hand, and kept tamping down the loose tobacco with his forefinger.

The others were all intact, but badly crumpled, having been hastily thrust into the sacks, and, as it appeared, tamped down to make them fit more compactly.

Be sure to tamp down the earth well about the posts.

He tamped down the tobacco in his pipe and puffed it meditatively.

Roger tamped down the tobacco in his pipe.

If it is to be made in blocks, the molds must be ready and the concrete put into them at once and well tamped down.

Dinky-Dunk laughed as he tamped down his pipe.

They followed it up, and discovered a hidden mine of explosives, tamped down into a hole that had been drilled in the rocky floor.

Upon the cover of the pan was then placed more live coals, and the whole covered with turf well tamped down.

He started methodically filling his pipe and tamping down the tobacco and not saying a word and I get the feeling that he's deadly serious about something.

Distressed, he tamped down his pipe, ran long fingers through his hair, and wrapped himself in clouds of smoke.

Colonel Fraser paused to tamp down the tobacco in his pipe with a fingertip.

The diaphragm was removed when the concrete reached the top of each successive layer, and the facing mixture and concrete were then tamped down together.

With his thumb he tamped down the smolder in his pipe.

The earth is then filled in around the pole and firmly tamped down.

This and the trench were cribbed over, and the dirt tamped down over it.

The Hawk tamped down the ash in the bowl of his pipe with a wary forefinger.

When the tamping is completed, the pricker is withdrawn, leaving a small circular passage through the tamping down to the charge.

When this operation was completed, the pricker was withdrawn, leaving a hole through the tamping down to the charge.

The other stick was pushed down on the first, and both were gently tamped down on the cap, which was in the bottom of the hole.

Rod by rod they worked their way down the track, lifting, straining, tamping down the gravel.

If it was cool to the touch on withdrawal all was well; if hot a stream of water was kept playing in the hole while the charge was inserted and tamped down.