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Use tapestry in a sentence

Definition of tapestry:

  • (noun) a heavy textile with a woven design; used for curtains and upholstery
  • (noun) a wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs

Sentence Examples:

On the western walls of the transept is a fine tapestry, the pendant of which is in the south transept.

Machine-made tapestries are produced on a Jacquard loom, of wool, cotton, silk, or rayon, or in mixtures of these fibers.

Small objects were carried off bodily, tapestries were cut to pieces and the furniture and statues were mercilessly mutilated.

At the same time, continuing ancient traditions, the king ordered a number of tapestries for presentation to foreign potentates.

Old tapestry, old miniatures, bronzes, curios of all kinds filled the room with endless varieties of form and color.

The tapestries are gone also from the corridor, and from the room to which the man-servant opens the door.

When he went to war, he always carried rich silver and tapestries, as well as costly viands and wines.

Many carved and gilded chairs had gold fringe and braid and were covered with velvet, tapestry or damask.

The slaves worked more eagerly; they joyfully dragged out rich carpets, veils embroidered with silver, and flowered tapestry.

Strange trees and fruits and birds and beasts, wonderful vines and flowers, were embroidered on these domestic tapestries.

Slipping from behind the tapestry, he stood ready in the doorway of the chamber, with a warning hand upraised.

Mountain creepers in fantastic exuberance tossed wildly about the crag's side or hung festooning the roadside with a gorgeous natural tapestry.

This cupboard, being dissimulated by tapestry, had never been used, and we did not even know of its existence.

Warned our hostess, as the master of the house paused before the glass-encased shelves to the right of a tapestry-hung doorway.

With a hurried step, he turned to the tapestry that adorned the walls, and thrust aside the embroidered, folds.

The counterpane is laid at the foot, cushions on the sides, tapestry on the floor and sides of the room.

These tapestries were then exhibited for some time in the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, and were afterwards repurchased by a foreigner.

When the king went hunting, Anne sat surrounded by intimidated ladies, all sedately at work upon huge pieces of tapestry.

On looking closely at this tapestry, you could see that it was thickly interwoven with threads of gold, still glistening.

The frontage was covered outside with canvas painted to represent freestone; and the inside was hung with rich tapestries.

As he stopped in the hall to snatch his gun, the flintlock caught, and tore a hole in the tapestry hanging.

The person in the sequins lay glistening like a landed salmon in a quaint chair of enormous nails and tapestry compact.

His eyes stared in waxen contentment at the homely interior, with its lavender wallpaper, needle-point tapestries and tidy arrangement.

These furnishings are mainly of Italian marbles, hung about with tapestries, which, if not of superlative excellence, are at least effective.

The dimly lighted rooms, with their old tapestries and quaint pieces of antique furniture, were of another age, dignified and quiet.

In summer, heather sucked with purple lips at the tapestries of moss blazoning the ground, bronze, green, and gold.

The walls were wainscoted to the height of a man's shoulder, but there were no tapestries to tell of great wealth.

The transient Austrian officers slept here, and several Generals had occupied the inner rooms in which the tapestries hung.

The manner was introduced into tapestry cartoons by Rubens and carried on by many of his pupils and imitators.

We were standing in a spacious hall, bare, save for the hanging tapestries and heavy Persian rugs on the mosaic floor.

The background gives the effect of heavy tapestry and is made up of tones of blue and white embroidered in gold.

All the woodwork was varnished brown, the hangings were of dull brown velvet or dark tapestry, the carpets toneless.

The tapestries of the wall were umber and gold; the hangings of the bed and windows were a modulated purple.

Cushions, most fancifully embroidered, were strewn about the floor, and the bed coverlet was a piece of heavy Chinese tapestry.

The court, the ducal castle, and the baronial hall were suddenly converted into academies, and could boast of splendid tapestries.

The robes of the women, a slavish imitation of the Byzantine fashion, hung straight as tapestries, stiff with gold brocades.

The walls are covered with richly embroidered tapestry, and the finest needlework, executed on silk and velvet, of exquisite workmanship.

The boats, some gilded, some festooned, some decked with the richest tapestry, are peopled with gay and happy pleasure seekers.

The remaining seven tapestries apparently represent some sylvan festival in which courtiers make offerings of fruit and flowers to ladies.

And before them, perched obscenely on a platform elaborately laid with jewels and tapestries, was the overlord of the Harpies.

The floors were freshly strewn with rushes, the walls were hung with rich tapestries representing stories from the classics.

On one side was a gilt bed, with a canopy of tapestry ornamented with feathers, and covered with lace and ornaments.

A little tapestry sometimes relieved the crudeness of the bare interior where such a crowd of human beings often gathered together.

While tapestry is not an appropriate medium for portraiture, a portrait is the supreme test of the skill of the weaver.

The handsome Spanish Pavilion was succeeded by typically Persian exhibits consisting prominently of carpets, curtains, silk needlework, and tapestries.

Here and there the cicerone, in slippers, with Neapolitan familiarity, threw open a shutter to show off a picture on a tapestry.

They seemed to run, like separate threads out of the tapestry, complete and entire from end to end, not mixing or intermingling.

Tripping over a Persian rug, he saw that the floor was littered with tapestries and rich stuffs of magnificent design.

The peonies are more than ten feet high; and when the flowers are in bloom the effect is that of gorgeous tapestry.

Turf and flowerbeds carpet each terrace, and a tapestry of ivy and flowering vines conceals the walls of the structure.

Behold him and his wife sleeping in twin bedsteads, in that room hung with ancient tapestry, embroidered with grotesque figures.

The great entrance hall, in spite of the faded tapestry with which it was hung, was inexpressibly bare and gloomy.

The walls are hung with tapestry, the figures of which are faded, and look like unsubstantial shapes melting away from sight.

Then there was Queen Matilda's famous tapestry to study in the museum, a very retired, rustic nook, all embowered in vines.

I was not in the mood for sightseeing, but my annoyance went down before the tapestries as wheat before the storm.

The buildings throughout will be fireproof constructed, in the main of reinforced concrete, and faced on the exterior with tapestry brick.

It was not until tapestry plunged full into the tide of the Italian Renaissance that it entirely lost its Gothic merits.

He had begun to pace slowly down the gallery, keeping his face to the tapestries, like an actor playing to the footlights.

Magenta with blue is ravishing, beautiful in the subtle way old tapestries are: it touches the imagination whenever that combination is found.

The walls were hung with good modern paintings and old tapestries; the tables and mantelpieces were covered thick with curios.

Upon a table, covered with a richly embroidered tapestry, lie rolls of white parchment beside a solid coffer studded with precious stones.

The door was open, and I saw that the room was hung with silk tapestry, embroidered with flowers and gold.

They followed him into a large room, hung with woven tapestries, carpeted with silken rugs, and strewn with luxurious divans.

And now Raphael was asked to make cartoons for ten pieces of tapestry, to be hung before the wainscoting on high festivals.

The ends of the spokes are left uneven lengths and bound around with a strand of raffia threaded through a tapestry needle.

A small gilt sofa was covered with old French tapestry which would have brought five pounds the square inch at an auction.

All the doors and windows of the houses were adorned with rich tapestries, Flemish stuffs embroidered with gold and silk.

At a period later than that in which we have supposed the Tapestry to have been prepared, he would not have been so denominated.

The ceilings of these closets were gilded and painted; the hangings were of tapestry embroidered with fretwork of pearls and gems.

Gorgeous they were in tapestry and gilding, filled with a gaping crowd of visitors, and echoing to the voice of a voluble guide.

The grass was a tapestry of flowers, and tits and warblers and the golden oriole were making music in the woods.

We entered a handsome room, hung in costly Dutch tapestry, and richly furnished, yet with a sobriety of color almost puritanical.

Philippa, working sedately at a tapestry emblem of a tower in flames, looked up the stairway and shivered as if she were cold.

Portions have faded sadly, like old tapestry, and the laughter sounds especially hollow, for of all precious things fun dies soonest.

Mosses clothe the ground with an emerald tapestry, beautiful to the eye, but treacherous and squelching full of water under foot.

And that, too, was logical, for tapestries became at this time like painted pictures, and lost their original significance of undulating hangings.

The border of a tapestry must appertain, must be an integral part of the whole design for the sake of artistic harmony.

Against the wall, between the supporting strips, may be fixed a Japanese panel or some tapestry or silk, as taste may dictate.

The swinging door oscillated with little puffs of air like sneers, and a breath ran around the tapestries hung on the walls.

The tapestry fell in place behind him, and with its silken swish Britton felt the error he had unthinkingly committed.

Then her delirium grows wilder: the green flabby Cupids on the walls come down out of the tapestry, and make at her.

The naked walls of rooms during the Middle Ages were covered with drapery or tapestry, on which figures were embroidered or woven.

There was no fire, and the loss of the patch of tapestry from the wall gave the whole an air of dilapidation.

It opened into a boudoir, fitted up with white cashmere, beautifully embroidered with groups of flowers, and hung with tapestry of exquisite workmanship.

Exquisite tapestries draped the walls, and priceless jades and porcelains bespoke the taste as well as the wealth of the owner.

The king was in a small room, which was covered with a Persian carpet, and the walls were hung with tapestry.

Its tapestries were the richest ever seen by Parisians, its silver such as few princes owned, its table lavish and ungrudging.

It is exceedingly soft and light, although subdued; it has that faint, deadened indecisiveness to be seen in faded tapestries or vanishing frescoes.

The walls were hung with tapestry, from which tremendous forms, in warlike attitudes and with grim aspects, frowned in apparitional obscurity.

The furniture was of French oak upholstered in the same shade of blue tapestry and the curtains were of heavy, blue satin damask.

The mattresses are of white satin, and the walls are hung with Flemish tapestry representing scenes from the history of Nebuchadnezzar.

The Museum (parlor, refectory, corridors) contains ancient furniture, ivory carvings, antiquities, rich Flemish tapestries, and a fairly large collection of pictures.

He admired and examined the mayoral furniture, appurtenances, ornaments; the busts, pictures and tapestry, appraising their value with eager professional interest.

This is a most exceptional piece of tapestry, evidently made to special order, probably for a private chapel, after an Italian Renaissance painting.

Elsewhere in the building there are minor displays of textiles, ceramics, tapestries, silver work, and interior decoration, installed by commercial firms.

A sad strand of color this, to run into my tapestry, gay with silver lace, coquettish fans, and high-heeled Spanish slippers.

The streets were strewn with costly furniture, carpets and tapestry, and priceless works of art were either burnt or broken in pieces.

Heaped on the cushion were gorgeous coverlets, of purple wool or even silk, and embroidered with elaborate figures, or covered with rare feather tapestry.

This wretched garret was cleansed, as well as it could be of its filth, and hung with tapestry emblazoned with armorial bearings.

Stripes are popular as upholstered seat covers on dining room chairs, but plain coverings in damask, leather, or tapestry are also in good taste.