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Use tart in a sentence

Definition of tart:

  • (noun) a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
  • (noun) a small open pie with a fruit filling
  • (adjective) tasting sour like a lemon
  • (adjective) harsh; "sharp criticism"; "a sharp-worded exchange"; "a tart remark"

Sentence Examples:

Open tarts, rice blancmange.

She was always tart and waspish.

I've had my fill of Hispanic tarts.

And Felicity did make scrumptious rhubarb tarts!

Serve coffee and bring the bilberry tart.

The fruit is mucilaginous, somewhat tart and saccharine.

Plum-pudding cut in slices and warmed, apple tart.

I often feel tipsy myself from eating damson tart.

Are these the cream tarts of the Arabian Nights?

Blueberries or huckleberries I can for tarts in winter.

Gretchen brought the mocha tart and went away.

You can't dive through the floor and purloin tarts!

"The tarts are all right," she went on consolingly.

Cabinet pudding, and damson tart made with preserved damsons.

Jan remembered the dame, a sloe-eyed little spaceman's tart.

They were neat and rather tart-tongued septuagenarians, guiltless of artifice.

Green gooseberries are inadvisable, through being too tart and too tedious.

It is a very nice sweetmeat, particularly for shells or tarts.

He resented, too, the airy changes from tart rage to suavity.

Here's your fine candy, lozenges, apples, oranges, cakes and tarts!

This paste is intended for tarts of the finest sweetmeats.

"I like Gwen's housekeeping, she puts so much jam in the tarts!"

In later years he would probably have thought damson tart 'very vulgar.'

I'm going to ransack this table for a tart for you, Agatha.

You would then attack your tarts with the weapons of the cockchafer!

Even so the unattainable tart of infancy mocks the moneyed but dyspeptic adult.

There is nothing in the house but two tarts and a pair of snuffers.

Make a plain lemonade rather tart, and add a pony of grenadine before shaking.

Peel large tart apples, and take out the cores with the apple corer.

At the worst, it is infinitely preferable to fruit tart with an indigestible crust.

"Well, there was the cherry tart; I had to take away your second plateful."

Asked Pauline with a tart pungency that she at once regretted as almost discourteous.

The picnic lunch ended with iced orangeade and little tarts filled with raspberries.

She never tired of watching the grenadier turn out the wonderful little tarts.

Concave, rimless dish or plate with edge crimped as for a pie or tart plate.

And the tart smell of crawfish with the sourish odor of lemons dominated all.

A greengage tart, with a little jug of cream, also awaited the young lady's pleasure.

If asked as to his age, a tart reply, interlarded with oaths, was the result.

The King aloud for Tarts does bawl, Tarts, tarts, resound through all the Hall.

Among the viands was expected to be found a small assortment of cheesecakes and tarts.

Make it into tarts, into turnovers or put between hot buttered layers for a hurry-up shortcake.

If this paste is used for tarts, add one dessertspoonful of castor sugar to the flour.

"Well, the Queen's making tarts to-day," cried the three jolly Welshmen all at once.

Afterward came meat and vegetables, and then perhaps a berry tart or a custard or shortcake.

Serve with strawberry or fig sauce, or with quince, elderberry, or some not too tart jelly.

Put two or three blanched almonds on each tart and dust with cinnamon and sugar.

When the tarts were finished and displayed temptingly in the window, swarms of children arrived.

That boy was not to be found, however, until his threepence had disappeared in tarts.

The aspic should have a little lemon juice or vinegar mixed with it to make it tart.

An American breakfast; coffee, beef steaks, eggs, tart and cakes like crumpet, made from buck wheat.

Flesh tender, vinous, with an agreeable flavor, sweet at skin to tart at center, good in quality.

Flesh slightly tender, foxy, sweet at skin to tart at center, good to very good in quality.

"Our answers," he says, "as well as his messages, were often tart, and sometimes indecently abusive."

For an instant he was riled and had something tart on the end of his tongue.

With Mabel's tart sentences in his mind a certain gloom, a rather vexed gloom, bestrode him.

He could be tart as well as brief, in the face of prolix and meandering reports or memoranda.

Flesh fine-grained, tender, vinous, sweet at skin to agreeably tart at center, rather mild, good in quality.

And yet, when the tarts were divided among ten girls you just got enough to tantalize you.

Now observe, Peter; it is out of regard to you, that your messmates have been eating tarts at your expense.

Alas, the only eatables were roast duck and apple tart (the last probably we should ever see).

Instead of candy they chewed dried mesquite beans, which were juicy inside, and though sweet were tart.

Occasionally they indulged in rabbit pie, and there was a bountiful supply of tarts, custards, and sweetmeats.

They are much used in confectionary, but particularly in tarts; their rich flavor being very generally esteemed.

These berries make a delicious tart or pudding, mixed with bilberries and red currants, requiring little sugar.

For dinner the ladies had ordered ox-tail soup, lamb and green peas, gooseberry tart and cream.

A tart reply to a single remark will ofttimes seal the lips and hearts of a whole class.

Fruit juices or a couple tablespoonfuls of tart jelly or preserved fruit may be added to mincemeat with advantage.

Flesh juicy, tough, rather solid, foxy, agreeably sweet next the skin, tart at seeds, good to medium.

Judy told with much sprightliness of her serving in the shop and of her learning to make tarts.

Flesh rather tough, sweetish next the skin, tart at center, slightly foxy, good to very good in quality.

She had in one hand a glassful of wine, in the other a tart and a cake in her lap.

With maple sugar, the farmers' wives never need lack a tart, nor a dish of fruit and cream.

Flesh medium green, translucent, juicy, fine-grained, tender and melting, vinous, sweet to agreeably tart, fair to good in quality.

Put a great spoonful of damson, cherry, or other tart preserve, in the middle, and roll into a dumpling.

The Count had finished his fourth tart, and had gone to a side-table to look after his vicious cockatoo.

Flesh pale green, tender, sprightly, somewhat vinous, sweet at skin to tart at center, good to very good in quality.

Sweet fruit desserts like pie or fruitcake or fruit-filled cookies taste best after a tart salad or a milk-flavored soup.

Two pounds of tart cooking apples, one pound of sugar, one pint of water, one lemon and some blanched almonds.

Edith Phelps found her tart jokes about the "canned-drama authoress" falling rather flat, so she dropped the matter.

Though very indifferent when eaten raw, this fruit makes an excellent sweetmeat, or is fine in the form of tarts.

Flesh tender, vinous, somewhat foxy, sweet at skin to agreeably tart at center, good in quality, resembling Diana or Catawba.

No anecdotes of his childhood are preserved, except that he once cried because he could not eat any more damson tart.

She cleared her throat, and added with tart irrelevancy, "I had a letter from Angelica a few weeks ago."

Flesh pale green, translucent, somewhat tender, vinous, not foxy, sweet at skin to agreeably tart at center, quality good.

In old days its haunch of mutton and apple tart were widely celebrated, and many gourmets belonged to it.

I closed the book, which I dared no longer peruse, and put it on the table, beside the untasted tart.

Both these sorts make admirable tarts, being of a fleshly substance, and perhaps, if rightly managed, might make good raisins.

Flesh pale green, translucent, juicy, fine-grained, very tough, foxy, sweet at skin to tart at center, hardly good in quality.

The chipmunk was sitting up on the flat stump, and, held in its paws, was the missing jam tart.

Take only tart and well-flavored apples, peel, and take out the cores without dividing them, and then parboil them.

We think of the hands which have made the tart, of the eyes which have watched the seething of this jam.

It is agreeable to the taste, and may be made into tarts, but proves mawkish unless mixed with some more acid fruit.

Flesh very juicy, tender, slightly vinous, sprightly, agreeably tart, variable in flavor and quality, ranging from fair to very good.

"There's mince pie and ham sandwiches and jam tarts and vinegar and plum duff and cakes and pickled cabbages."

The meal was quite unpretentious, consisting of cold meat dishes and baked potatoes, with the remains of a tart for sweet.

Flesh pale green, translucent, juicy, very stringy, tender, coarse, somewhat foxy, sweet at skin to tart at center, good in quality.

Open jam tart, which should have been made with the pieces of paste left from the damson tart; baked arrowroot pudding.

The dish may be flavored with sugar, orange-flower water, or crushed macaroons; and it is eaten with tarts or preserved fruit.

Flesh light green, translucent, juicy, fine-grained, tender, foxy, rather sweet next the skin, agreeably tart at center, poor in quality.

Lay over it a thin paper, and fill the tart with rice, dried peas, beans, cornmeal, or any dry material convenient.