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Use teleprompter in a sentence

Teleprompter Definition

  • a prompter for television performers

Sentence Examples

He could see the phrases as vividly as if they were written on a video teleprompter.

Shaking himself free of the absorption, Bliss glanced at the teleprompter on his desk.

"You don't have to list my appointments on the teleprompter when I'm making a speech after this."

He glanced down at the teleprompter in front of him—purely to add effect to a pause, for he had memorized his speech and was delivering it without notes.

The TelePrompTer had been readied, and the Secret Service detail was making last-minute checks around the room as unobtrusively as conditions would permit.

He was about to write a speech that would be read the length of America, maybe even in the White House—unless, as Henderson claimed, nobody there these days read anything but TelePrompTers.

He then said that there'd be further discussion of the pictures on a later news-related show and relinquished the screen to Wendy, who echoed his sentiments that the superwoman come forward in an apparently heartfelt manner before she glibly continued reading from the teleprompter about other news of the day.