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Tempt Definition

Modify Simplified Definition^
  • dispose or incline or entice to; "We were tempted by the delicious-looking food"
  • provoke someone to do something through (often false or exaggerated) promises or persuasion; "He lured me into temptation"
    synonyms:entice, lure
  • give rise to a desire by being attractive or inviting; "the window displays tempted the shoppers"
  • induce into action by using one's charm; "She charmed him into giving her all his money"
    synonyms:charm, influence
  • try to seduce
  • try presumptuously; "St. Anthony was tempted in the desert"

Sentence Examples

I was tempted.

She tempts me!

A tempting offer!

Temptings by Satan.

You're tempting me.

God Does Tempt Men.

A Woman Tempted Him.

It was too tempting.

Poor, tempted Louis!

The demon tempts me.

Why Eve was tempted.

I should tempt you on.

The meat was tempting.

God did tempt Abraham.

I confess I was tempted.

It sounds very tempting.

It was a tempting sight.

Its sparkle tempted her.

That ought to tempt her.

The notion was tempting.

Who is tempted by money?

“I’m hideously tempted.”

Do not tempt my patience.

Grant was tempted to ask.

How tempting they looked!

I was tempted to give up.

It is a tempting of fate.

Puddles do look tempting.

She was tempted to smile.

Such tempting sandwiches!

That was a tempting idea.

Does God tempt us to sin?

[From A Catechism of Christian Doctrine by Anonymous]

"It is a tempting reward."

It tempted him to wrangle.

Money will not tempt them.

The proposal was tempting.

God is not tempted by evil.

Tempt me, a God-fearing man?

Do not tempt me to do wrong.

Fancy prices won't tempt us.

It tempted him tremendously.

I’m sorely tempted to cheat.

Does not the music tempt you?

"I spurn your tempting offer."

Are you sorely tempted to sin?

Can food still tempt my taste?

I hadn’t enough to tempt them.

Is it desirable to be tempted?

She was tempted out to see it.

The easiness of it tempted me.

The night's rest was tempting.

You have tempted my suspicion.

Gaston's appetite was tempted.

"I neither tempt nor persuade."

The Tempter and the Tempted.

Man tempts himself by his own lusts and passions.

Selfishness tempts him to violate his finer self.

The chance to get even for once was too tempting.

What the devil tempted me to speak such nonsense?

Her eyes were so provoking, her mouth so tempting.

Her lovely eyes engaged his, teasing and tempting.

I didn't suppose anything would tempt you into it.

I was tempted to point out the flaws in his story.

I was good before, when I was tempted to kiss you.

I was never more tempted in my life to tell a lie.

Like all ascetics, Francis was tempted in visions.

Sometimes I feel tempted to tell him all about it.

"The jeweler imported them expressly to tempt me."

But his over-weening ambition tempted him too far.

Every now and then one feels tempted to say, "War"

[From Eighteen Months in the War Zone The Record of a Woman's Work on the Western Front by Finze, Kate John]

God has tempted him too far, and he will defy God.

"This beautiful weather will surely tempt her out."

An idle man is tempted ten times to another's once.

Can't I tempt you, Sir, with a million bills or so?

Either path offers tempting digressions towards it.

Get out, or I shall be tempted to do you an injury.

He was horribly tempted to seize her and shake her.

He was occasionally tempted, like fallible mortals.

I am ofttimes tempted to wish he had never seen me.

I was almost tempted to toss him out of the window.

It offers very little to tempt the cupidity of man.

My neglect of my own duties tempted you to roguery.

Now she was tempted to make an equivocal rejoinder.

The order was changed; here was man tempting woman.

These I prepared for him in a most tempting manner.

These are rules we are constantly tempted to break.

This sort of "dowager" engagement did not tempt me.

“Do not tempt me to rebel against my adopted flag.”

But he did nothing to tempt her unduly or unfairly.

But there will be continual testings and temptings.

[From Quiet Talks on Power by Gordon, S. D. (Samuel Dickey)]

God will put us where we must be tried and tempted.

[From Gleanings among the Sheaves by Spurgeon, C. H. (Charles Haddon)]

Gould had held put his tempting bait of $4,000,000.

[From Edison: His Life and Inventions by Dyer, Frank Lewis]

"And I believe he might be tempted by a permanency."

"But every man is tempted by his own concupiscence."

"Has the sun had no power to tempt you to come out?"

"It tempts anyone to eat," she remarked, graciously.

As regarded his own comfort, he was greatly tempted.

Bradshaw, "the offer is too tempting to be refused."

Do not tempt heaven; let it be the judge between us!

Helen almost felt tempted to give the cowboy a hint.

Her red lips seemed to tempt him, he was captivated.

It is true that I placed a tempting bait before him.

It was the wine which tempted him beyond discretion.

Nevertheless, the opportunity is sometimes tempting.

No young man in our cities can escape being tempted.

She did not want to eat even a tempting bit of cake.

She was not tempted to disclose to him her identity.

That would be very exciting but it did not tempt me.

The office was certainly not very tempting for work.

The proffered bribe of millions could not tempt him.

The sunlight made the water very clear and tempting.

The woods are calling to us and the waters tempt us.

They were not to be tempted or cajoled by strangers.

This I considered a most foolhardy tempting of fate.

This is tempting to a necessitous and ambitious man.

We can not leave it unlocked to tempt our prisoners.

You tempted her to substitute those things for love.

It almost tempts me to retort by calling you a fool.

"Money," said Stafford, "tempts some people greatly."

"Who could resist such a tempting breakfast as that?"

He was too pious to tempt her to forbidden pleasures.

How tempting the generalizations offered to our view!

I was almost tempted to shoot them for being cowards.

Some fiend had appeared in angelic form to tempt him.

The beauty of the island tempted him to settle there.

Then a woman tempted you, and you fled with her afar.

There are girls you can't tempt with a title or gold.

Who, then, had tempted him to such a breach of trust?

"I have never once been tempted to self destruction."

"What evil spirit tempted them to be in that scrape?"

But her purity only tempted him without touching him.

[From The Proud Prince by McCarthy, Justin H. (Justin Huntly)]

"No inducement possible to be offered would tempt me."

"Swear that nothing can tempt you to break your word."

Everybody was tempted to badinage in talking with her.

I am much tempted to look gloomily towards the future.

It has tempted the preacher to depersonalize religion.

It is tempting heaven to cast it off and take another.

She tempted him by the open display of her amusements.

She was not herself very much tempted by the prospect.

The girl gently refused, begging Max not to tempt her.

The moonlight soon tempted us out to explore the town.

You have been told lies, you have been sorely tempted.

He can not be tempted one step from the throne of God.

"This kind of immortality does not tempt me very much."

All are tempted that way, even the noblest-hearted. 

He was tempted to sin, but withstood the temptation.

I would have tempted him, only he was not temptable.

A man dissatisfied with endeavor is a man tempted to sadness.

Are the tempter and the tempted the same in your eyes?

Do not let their evanescence tempt you to doubt their reality.

He gave away his guns in order to tempt someone to arrest him.

Heaven only knows what I might be tempted to do in my despair!

I won’t conceal the fact that I was terribly tempted to laugh.

In such a state of things there is everything to tempt poetry.

Sometimes we are tempted to look at sacrifice apart from love.

Criminals said "tempted of the devil, I did commit the crime."

[From The Woman's Bible by Stanton, Elizabeth Cady]

The devil tries to tempt Polichinelle, who thrashes the devil.

[From Paul and His Dog, v.2 (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume XIV) by Kock, Paul de]

They set out poisoned fruit to tempt him but he would not eat.

"There are no supply depots to tempt an invader to Washington."

I was temptedtempted to unbelief; but was I tempted?

Even the tempting odor of the cooking candy couldn’t quite appease them.

Exquisite views of hill, and dale, and wood, and water, tempt the sight.

His money was gone and his costume would not be likely to tempt robbers.

I was tempted to believe that the last conjecture was nearest the truth.

Meanwhile, the officers of the enemy were liberally tempted with bribes.

Morris tempted the ladies and her master to refresh themselves with tea.

No amount of money could tempt me to repeat my experience of those days.

So often men in political life were tempted off the primly beaten track.

"How could he be tempted, if he had no formal capacity of being seduced?"

Distress overwhelmed the whole household, and all were tempted to reject the work.

The man's eyes gleamed, and it was evident that the offer was a very tempting one.

Franklyn pulled out a little table on which was arranged a tempting little supper.

"I am strongly tempted to purchase this picture: tell me at once the lowest price."

He wants somebody more real and more lovable and more desirable than the girl who tempts him into sin.

It is melancholy that is not painful, and we can nurse it without tempting one stab of real suffering.

There is reason to believe that bankers are tempted into greater dangers under this protective system.

We have been tempted to depart a little, though a very little, from the subject immediately before us.

Above all, it excludes all things which would be suggested by Satan as a tempting of the Lord our God.

[From The Contemporary Review, Volume 36, December 1879 by Various]

He could tempt the Son of God, and he can torment his followers; but he possesses no compulsory power.

Rokuzo is not one to be tempted by women; and to those beyond his station he dares not raise his eyes.

Cheating is very common, and one is tempted to do a little cheating himself in order to keep even with the rest.

The dinner placed before them was not of a very tempting description, and Anne's appetite dwindled very rapidly.

The porter was tempted by a good large fee to allow the door to be kept open and the entrance lighted all night.

With his heart so engrossed he could not think, indeed, was not tempted to a strong feeling for any other woman.

And not all her allurements could tempt him to so much as stroke her face; and the heart of the woman was wild with grief.

This mental life has often been described in medieval literature in the accounts of sensuous visions which tempted saints.

When Annie’s cup was ready, brimful and frothy, and looking as tempting as it could, she brought it to her with a biscuit.

The wall was built to protect the city from free-booters, as Manila, like old Panama, offered a tempting prize to pirates.

[From The Critic in the Orient by Fitch, George Hamlin]

“Don't—for God's sake don't, Richard Travis, don't tempt me here, wait till I pray, till this devil goes out of my heart.”

[From The Bishop of Cottontown: A Story of the Southern Cotton Mills by Moore, John Trotwood]