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Definition of tenacity:

  • (noun) persistent determination

Sentence Examples:

Fixing the jaw and showing the teeth in anger merely emphasize the remarkable tenacity of phylogeny.

A partial explanation has been given which is in itself a proof of the tenacity of Irish memory.

Can we imagine cohesive tenacity too great to be overcome by any assignable disruptive force, and therefore infinite?

To-day the pygmies are mere fragments, scattered and separated, but retaining with tenacity their ancient life.

That unhappy tenacity with which the seeds of cotton adhered to the fiber was elaborately bemoaned.

The tobacco and whiskey, though heavily taxed, they clung to with the tenacity of the devil-fish.

Alum is frequently mixed with paste, to prevent its losing its tenacity by the absorption of moisture.

In 1841, everything prefigured an approaching change; yet the Government clung to office with the utmost tenacity.

One is stupefied by the tenacity of his hatred, which fills the book with bloody cries ...

In order that the mass of metal may be of uniform tenacity and character, it should cool equably.

Patrick Calhoun, in many a desperate encounter with the Indians, displayed singular coolness, courage, adroitness, and tenacity.

Of this tenacity there is a notable exemplification in a passage of Boswell, written nearly a hundred years ago.

The Greek troops on several occasions showed tenacity and endurance, but discipline and cohesion were manifestly wanting.

Doubtless this process was to give the wax that ductility and tenacity belonging to its perfect state.

The most characteristic properties of solid bodies are the following: Hardness, tenacity, malleability, ductility, and crystalline form.

No wonder that the Greek genius, half incredulous of the soul, clung with such tenacity to Youth.

Lilly, with the mysterious tenacity of a crannied flower, was pulling from her soil toward the light.

Their mind acts very slowly, but they make up in tenacity of purpose what they lack in aptness.

It showed an amazing tenacity, and the common people of Russia sustained it unswervingly under conditions of extreme hardship.

He held his convictions with great tenacity, and was a powerful debater, but always courteous to his opponents.

It is a striking proof of the extraordinary solidity and tenacity of Roman architecture, defying the laws of gravitation.

He resembled it in its fierceness, its spitefulness, its tenacity of life; but not in its beauty and fragrance.

Nonsense, my boy, nonsense; love is an instinct of rapine, the agony of power, and the tenacity of possession.

The rights and privileges of ecclesiastics and of Religious Houses were defended with the greatest possible jealousy and tenacity.

The tenacity of the Irish memory, too, is one of the great political defects and misfortunes of the race.

The gneiss from the quartz it contains makes a sandy soil, while the clay slate gives it tenacity.

Beneath the light badinage, the airy, graceful wit that plays over his correspondence, there is a steel-like tenacity.

Tin and lead, for example, have very little ductility or tenacity, while bismuth and antimony have none at all.

They held the sector for many months, and their tenacity was more than a match for German technique.

The successors and followers of these men have adhered to the destructive lessons of their masters with undeviating tenacity.

The tenacity of life in the Greek Empire was surprising in view of the languishing sort of existence that it led.

Winsome courtesy and delicate considerateness lay in his character, in beautiful union with fiery impetuosity and undaunted tenacity of conviction.

Nevertheless, with genuine Howe tenacity, she clung to her tenets even though she was without data to back them up.

His was a typically Russian nature, truthful, honest, simple; but, unhappily, without energy, lacking tenacity and inward fire.

Appointing himself forager for the field and staff, his voluntary duty was discharged with zealous faithfulness and tenacity.

Oatmeal lacks the tenacity of wheaten flour, and cannot, without the addition of some other flour, be made into light bread.

It is a pity that this family of noble metals is so restricted, for they are unsurpassed in tenacity and incorruptibility.

A man of rugged strength, his face suggesting power and tenacity, he was to become the idol of the German people.

While we were waiting for our muleteer to load his beast, there occurred a scene illustrating the tenacity of Eastern customs.

In the less capable and less elevated, devotion may become fanaticism, and tenacity may become blind prejudice, or sheer obstinacy.

Gold has the greatest ductility, and in wires of equal diameters, it has the greatest tenacity, of all the metals.

His fear then was one which no devoutness of faith, no resolute tenacity of hope, no array of reasons could ever touch.

Among these are the great antiquity of the Armenian race, and its singular tenacity of its own ideas and traditions.

In point of malleability zinc stands eighth among the metals, seventh in ductility, and as regards tenacity about seventh also.

The attack was at an end, and once more the dogged tenacity of the Russian peasant had won the day.

Among the wild tribes of India there are some who cling to their custom of infanticide with the tenacity of fanatics.

Timothy gave his evidence glibly, and with great precision, and stuck to what he called his facts with limpet-like tenacity.

No combination of metals ever yet before tried since the birth of gunnery, can equal it, either in density, ductility, or tenacity.

The Austrian and Spanish troops under the Count de Salms defended the weak lines with the utmost courage and tenacity.

Wit, pathos, gentleness, affection, audacity, acridity, tenacity were brought instantly to the sensitive surface, like a spark by rough contact.

Gradually the English Tommy influenced us until we gained much of his steadiness of purpose, his bulldog tenacity and his insouciance.

Once attached to a man, he believed in him with extraordinary tenacity and would defend him uncompromisingly through thick and thin.

The intensity and tenacity of any tic are determined by the degree of volitional imperfection to which its subject has sunk.

The moral and physical tenacity which is wrestling with the Rebellion was toughened among these flinty and forbidding rocks.

To gain entrance to the class, the candidate had to be gifted with clannishness, massiveness, ferocity, unscrupulousness, and tenacity of purpose.

Robson's exaggerated notion of their worth or the pettiness that gave Aunt Julia the tenacity to hold fast to such trivial baubles.

Persons are often at a loss for a very strong mucilage having sufficient power of tenacity to fasten sheets of pasteboard together.

The chief or only interest of these bogies in bestial shape lies in the proof they afford of the tenacity of tradition.

It thrives best on moist, peaty, or loamy soils, of medium tenacity, and is not well suited to very light, sandy lands.

Deep into her loins the great owl sank his talons, gripping at the renegade's vitals with an avenging and ferocious tenacity.

He told me what strength and stoical tenacity of purpose he had drawn more than once, from the tender daily letter.

It was upon this present tangible result that Rodney's imagination fastened, with an engrossment and tenacity that constitute a revelation of character.

The singularity of this point of honor, and the tenacity of its observance, seem more congruous to primeval than to modern warfare.

Obviously he was imbued with the same tenacity, and many of the imperturbable characteristics of the camel of his own Arabian deserts.

There are three things in animated nature which run each other very closely for the supremacy in downright tenacity to purposeful cussedness.

I marvel that any materialists exist; for where, in the material world, shall we find anything comparable to the tenacity of ideas?

One of the astonishing revelations of national psychology unfolded in the war has been the taciturnity of the French, their silent tenacity.

This young man combined great ambition and tenacity of purpose with extreme prudence, astuteness, and patience; he was a consummate diplomat.

And, yet, it has a strong degree of tenacity and cohesiveness that enables it to resist attacks from the material side of nature.

She was followed by her kinsfolk, but clung with such tenacity to the altar, that they were compelled to leave her.

When honey shows no tenacity, and the drops immediately part from one another, it is looked upon as a sign of its worthlessness.

Why do certain voyagers across the Channel always put up that article, and hold it up with a grim and fierce tenacity?

Spores are remarkable for their tenacity of life, and for the resistance they offer to the action of heat and chemical germicides.

Every one was forced, indeed, to confess that this man's perseverance, tenacity, and industrial genius, were at least equal to his unscrupulousness.

The experience of all who know them is that they have great tenacity of purpose, and will endure hardship and privation uncomplainingly.

No less remarkable is the sturdy tenacity with which men everywhere stuck to it despite the determined opposition of potentates and pontiffs.

The synthetic method has generally been employed, on account of the tenacity with which the oxide clings to traces of sulfuric anhydride.

Yes, it seemed as though the plague had got renewed strength, as though the tenacity and fruitfulness of its stimuli had doubled.

All night long the warring elements raged about the remaining castaways, who clung with the tenacity of despair to the wreck.

On the other hand, Brahman and Sudra have ineradicable prejudices, which they nurse with extraordinary fondness and cherish with unyielding tenacity.

I have heard it defined by men of high culture as "gluey tenacity;" and such tenacity they once supposed a glacier to possess.

It had hung many years in the shop window, and the catgut was old, and the glue had lost its tenacity.

Under these adverse circumstances the successive regiments of the 5th Brigade held their ground with the customary tenacity of Canadian infantry.

With unwearied tenacity and vigor he pursued the savages, striking them through his subordinates whenever and wherever they could be found.

Far from a rebel looking for a cause, the cause jumped all over Tyrone with a vengeance and the tenacity of a barnacle.

Yet there is such tenacity of life in legitimacy, that it seems to me destined to outlive all opposition, and to succeed by necessity.

Exile is a severe punishment to the Russian peasant, who clings with enduring tenacity to the place where his youthful days were passed.

I had frequently expressed my convictions to the ablest medical men, but they held to their opinions and practice with unyielding tenacity.

Dutch tenacity would not allow them to surrender, and yet they realized how hopeless was the fight in which they were engaged.

Never desirous of winning proselytes to his own ideas, he has held on to those ideas with a tenacity never suspected until purposely investigated.

It is persistent; for such a gathered wickedness, concentrated, aroused, and maddened, must have a tenacity of life which will not yield at once.

These original grantees have clung to their lands with desperate tenacity, in the hope that some day their value will be more than nominal.

The selfish tenacity of advantage, resting on what is misnamed 'vested rights,' but having its foundation in vested wrongs, yields only on compulsion.

Her crew, not one of whom had previously been under fire, were lacking in that courage and tenacity that marks the Anglo-Saxon race.

A mighty war, waged for four years with unparalleled tenacity and strewn all the way with tremendous battles, ceased with astonishing quickness.

"Our faith is that we owe it to our Danish ancestors," said Hardy; "the hard tenacity of the Vikings is what we admire most in history."

Tin is very malleable, moderately ductile, and tenacious, being fifth on the list for malleability, eighth for ductility, and eighth for tenacity.

There was a fixedness and a tenacity about this woman's regard for her youngest child that was, in a certain sense, very touching.

His efforts, however, were foredoomed to failure, partly through his lack of experience, partly also through a certain want of sincerity or tenacity of purpose.

The fury of the assault which followed, and the tenacity of the resistance, may be measured by the Turkish loss of 1500 men.