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Use tender in a sentence

Definition of tender:

  • (noun) something used as an official medium of payment
  • (noun) someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another
  • (noun) a formal proposal to buy at a specified price
  • (noun) car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water
  • (noun) a boat for communication between ship and shore
  • (noun) ship that usually provides supplies to other ships
  • (verb) offer or present for acceptance
  • (verb) propose a payment;
  • (verb) make a tender of; in legal settlements
  • (adjective) given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality; "a tender heart"; "a tender smile"; "a tender mother"
  • (adjective) easy to cut or chew; "tender beef"
  • (adjective) physically untoughened; "tender feet"
  • (adjective) hurting; "the tender spot on his jaw"
  • (adjective) young and immature; "at a tender age"
  • (adjective) (of plants) not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition; "tender green shoots"

Sentence Examples:

Here a spokesman of the malcontents demanded in plain words that he should tender his resignation.

It congeals the tender emotions of the heart, and casts an icy gloom over every object.

The other way of obtaining hardiness is by crossing a tender variety with a hardy one.

We have pure and noble ideals, we are tender, motherly and housewifely (on the Woman's Page).

When blanched, it makes an exceedingly delicate and beautiful garnish, and a tender and excellent salad.

Be careful not to overcook it, and it will not be pasty, but firm and tender.

His eclogues show a true feeling for external nature, touched at times by a tender sadness.

Exclaimed she gladly, and quite ready of belief, with the tender trustfulness of a true sister.

The mainmast was well fished, but we were obliged to be very tender of carrying sail.

He then tendered the clothespin and some mangled brown paper, with an air of profound abasement.

Gentle stewing is incomparably the best; the meat is more tender, and the soup better flavored.

Darcy's tender, unobtrusive motherliness, he enjoyed, but he did not dare to accept much of it.

Bake until potatoes are tender (about forty minutes) basting two or three times with remaining syrup.

Consider what a tender flower is woman's reputation, which the least air of foul detraction blasts.

And Madame sighed softly, as if bewailing in her tender heart the woes her obduracy caused.

The fleet consisted of nine ships of the line, two frigates, a corvette, and a tender.

In summer the dingle is a golden-green vision of tender light that filters through the beeches.

If a tender, jellylike consistency is wanted, cook the egg below the boiling point of water.

You cook it until it's very tender, then add the sugar and cook until it jells.

And what tender emotion has a buzzard too subtle for expression by a croak or hiss?

He tendered his services to the king, and was made a colonel of the Abyssinian army.

Be careful not to overcook it, and it will not be pasty, but firm and tender.

One sees the corsair in his look, which, though, often is good, tender, and even melancholy.

African traveled epicures maintain that hippopotamus steak is as tender and inviting as the choicest beef.

If an old turkey, parboil it until the flesh is quite tender, then stuff and bake.

The Calamine, on the contrary, is by roasting made more tender, lighter, and much more friable.

There is really no better medium than mid-Atlantic air for the growth of the tender passion.

The fillets may be steamed until tender or cooked in the oven and basted with cream.

Beneath, a blue haze stole softly down the slopes to the tender green of the foothills.

Abbie was before him in her tender and steadfast serenity, in her stanch and genuine capability.

The sympathetic Italian gave himself up to the task of cultivating this dull but tender soul.

Only when all hope of reciprocation is abandoned, should the tender plant ever be crushed underfoot.

Whatever 'alpha' belonged to me in my tender years, that your happy 'omega' wished to bear.

To use tender, deeply emotional, profoundly spiritual hymns for such preliminary treatment is to flout psychology.

He grew tender himself over this sort of puerility which oftentimes characterizes corruption as an exhaustion.

Cover, and bake in slow oven until tender, basting often, and adding more water if needed.

The Athenian senate, full of gratitude to their benefactor, tendered him the gift of a talent.

Then comes the night, different, inexpressibly pensive, with its own tender and temper'd splendor.

If you take on a tender and affectionate tone, she replies flippantly, or perhaps changes the subject.

The restraint that had troubled them both slowly metamorphosed itself into a tender, dreamy content.

The clitoris and the parts around were swollen and erect, and often tender and painful.

He loved the grinding, clashing, and rending sibilants and explosives as Tennyson the tender-hefted liquids.

She supplicates for mercy in an aria of tender beauty, which leads up to a strong sextet.

Gone now was his flinching and shrinking as the sharp barbs lacerated his tender flesh.

Why are their tender feet so often ensnared even when they are going about youth's legitimate business?

Another spring came in the tender green of the young leafage, and again they put to sea.

The shrewd Frenchman doubtless felt the temptation, but he distrusted the gifts too plausibly tendered.

Here a brooder is necessary since the chicks are of tender age and must be kept warm.

Her husband, seeing how she was losing her daintiness, loved her with more tender compassion.

Mary was wonderfully sympathetic and tender, not voluble the way some women would have been.

And since they were tender-hearted old frontiersmen they did not intend to spoil her joy.

A tender, brilliant, saucy, flattering Nancy, who moved us male creatures about as though we were chessmen.

The flesh is tender and melting and the flavor rich, sweet, vinous, pure and delicate.

The affair culminated last evening, the nuptial ceremony being a housewarming tendered by the club.

The tender was prancing like a mustang on a prairie, for there was really a swamping sea.

I know every shade and tint of that blessed thing they miscall the tender passion.

The waiter brought in some lamb cutlets, delicate and tender, upon a thick bed of asparagus tips.

At this tender, this affecting thought, the tears of Ellen redoubled, and Joanna's accompanied them.

Cover up the sauce pan after the fricassee is seasoned, and cook it until it is tender.

Strong, he had estranged himself from the tender emotions, only to own their sway now.

The same man who could scold like a fishwife could be as gentle as a tender maiden.

We do cling to our old love, who left us with much misgiving to your tender mercies.

The dullest imagination could picture the tender interview that had taken place in the sacristy.

The surrounding sumptuousness embarrassed him much more than the tender glances of the young woman.

The flavor is delicate and sweet, the flesh tender, with thin skin and unobjectionable seeds.

Skin very thick, tender, adheres considerably to the pulp, contains almost no pigment, without astringency.

Flesh tender, vinous, with an agreeable flavor, sweet at skin to tart at center, good in quality.

Flesh slightly tender, foxy, sweet at skin to tart at center, good to very good in quality.

Flesh, yellowish, with a tinge of red under the skin; tender, juicy, sugary, and vinous.

When the macaroni is tender, drain off the water and add the salt and butter.

It was consolatory to me to see and to interpret their signs of friendship and tender interest.

The songs of the nonpareil are remarkably low, soft and warbling, exceedingly tender and soothing.

Marilla felt a qualm of conscience at the thought of handing Anne over to her tender mercies.

Now add sufficient granulated sugar to sweeten liberally, and simmer until the prunes are tender.

Tender meat is fricasseed without previous cooking; less tender meat requires cooking in hot water before fricasseeing.

The scale of victualling on board the tenders was supposed to be the same as on shore.

The music was tender that night and Billy felt a strange constriction in his throat.

With a tender farewell of his father and brother, the midshipman prepared for his expedition.

Such tender cajolery served to quiet the mother, as it had often done before after like collisions.

And would you have me insensible to the tender protestations of ardent love which he shows me?

I forbore those tender and endearing epithets, by which former affection should be continually revived.

The gizzard and heart especially require long, slow cooking to make them tender enough to be eaten.

When the potatoes are tender, remove them with a perforated skimmer, leaving the water still boiling.

They were luxurious, refined, sensual, titillating, exquisite, tender, compact, of striking poses and subtle new tones.

Tender little doves flit around the home cote, but the eagle sweeps from sun to sun.

A brilliant spectacle, but the tender beauty of moonlight harmonizes better with the solemnity of ruins.

Faded flowers, dance-cards and assorted sentimental objects, calculated to bring up tender memories of summer evenings.

Would he be gay, or dour, or sullen, or teasing or passionate, or cold, or tender or scintillating?

Molly bathed the burning face and hands in the pure cold water, muttering tender Apache phrases.

She was a young lady of very tender years, and she wore a very dirty pinafore.

This desire to laugh is found invariably in the tender and valorous; and Kitty was both.

He christened the new tender the Isabel Alvarez du Toledo, in honor of a fair maid of Italy.

The stalks and midrib are very broad and tender and when young are used like asparagus.

In the recipes that follow, I've used generic nuggets, cutlets, tenders, and other fully cooked products.

It was worked between two thole pins of which one was cracked and required tender treatment.

These, after being blanched, are exceedingly crisp and tender, with an agreeable and peculiarly aromatic flavor.

Her eyes grew tender, and her whole face was irradiated by the splendor of her smile.

And it is for this reason that such women cannot make faithful wives and tender mothers.

And the exquisite: "Here Alice put out one of her dear mother's looks, too tender to be upbraiding."

I tore up into shreds about a ream of paper, inscribed with tender sonnets to my faithless idol.