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Use terse in a sentence

Terse Definition

  • brief and to the point; effectively cut short; "a crisp retort"; "a response so curt as to be almost rude"; "the laconic reply; `yes'"; "short and terse and easy to understand"
    synonyms:laconic, curt, crisp

Sentence Examples

It was terse.

His tone was terse.

He ordered tersely.

He grunted tersely.

He snapped tersely.

Flexible, yet terse.

His answer is terse.

He answered tersely.

He demanded tersely.

He directed tersely.

He inquired tersely.

He repeated tersely.

That was terse enough.

Sugden tersely put it.

His terse voice asked.

Just a few terse lines.

She was vivid and terse.

Then her words were terse.

Costigan directed tersely.

Peasley has a terse style.

He said in a terse manner.

It was terse, and unsigned.

Trenchant answered tersely.

Tersely he contradicted her.

It was terse but sufficient.

Brouillard broke in tersely.

His report was grim and terse.

Its style is terse and elegant.

Then he uttered terse judgment.

His very terseness is a defiance.

He likes the terse business style.

Karlin was terse and to the point.

She queried tersely and evasively.

"Keep to the facts and write terse, simple English—"

It is very brief and terse—but what a story it tells!

Savrola related the interview with graphic terseness.

A very beautiful, terse expression, and no doubt true.

—The terseness of the Arab is the result of hard food.

"His language is terse, supple, and richly idiomatic."

It is tersely spoken: "Love thy neighbour as thyself."

[From Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians by Graebner, Theodore]

The message was terse and bore no signature at the end.

A terse question to his man served to fix their location.

Then tracts appeared in answer; clear, terse, sound, and able.

Samuel's terse phrases left the situation in no doubt whatever.

"The writer’s terse, vigorous style is well suited to his text"

A terse and searching analysis of the Fifth Symphony was made by John N.

Her courteous terseness put barriers between them; but none were needed.

Every one of them spoke tersely but vividly in the language of the forest.

I do not expect it to be very long; so you must make it terse and graphic.

"This is neither very bright nor terse— The verse is bad—the prose is worse."

The terse motto stuck up on every street corner of the wrecked city is “Clean Up.”

While in some respects more extended, it is also more concise and terse than its predecessor.

But the work before us is a terse and lucid summary of Catholic teaching on the above points.

[From The Catholic World, Vol. 22, October, 1875, to March, 1876 A Monthly Magazine of General Literature and Science by Various]

Never at all events in any later poem was Scott's touch as a mere painter so terse and strong.

Then, in terse, action sentences, the story told of the narrow escape of Billy Fenstow’s western unit.

With their terse unfeeling strain, they might make people laugh who had not sadder things to think of.

No one, indeed, can fail to perceive the masculine sense, the terseness and precision of the utterance.

Shakespeare puts the matter more tersely, if less forcibly, "Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits."