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Use throw a fit in a sentence

Throw a fit Definition

  • get very angry and fly into a rage;
    synonyms:hit the ceiling, have kittens, flip one's wig, blow up, lose one's temper, blow one's stack, fly off the handle, blow a fuse, go ballistic, flip one's lid, combust, have a fit, hit the roof

Sentence Examples

You throw a fit.

Irene got on and threw a fit.

He almost threw a fit when he saw me.

For epileptics cannot throw a fit at will.

Jimmy would throw a fit if anybody else touched it.

He'd throw a fit if he knew I was here with you now.

I thought I should throw a fit when Peter told me that!

He threw a fit, began screaming and banging on the door.

"Did the old man throw a fit at the size of the pay-roll?"

[From The Manager of The B. & A. A Novel by Kester, Vaughan]

A nervous child may be thrown into fits or convulsions from them.

The subterranean creep throws a fit and belts me with four fists.

If I stuck this under the nose of one of them he'd throw a fit.

But we couldn't throw a fit, because fits were not allowed in our family.

My mother would throw a fit if she knew I were here talking to you right now.

Granger, not being in love with the lady, wouldn’t have thrown a fit like that.

Some of the boys who are good at it throw a fit when they get in a crowd of rich ones.

[From A Vagabond Journey Around the World A Narrative of Personal Experience by Franck, Harry Alverson]

"Why is it that you fellows begin to throw duck fits every time we have to catch a boat or train?"

When he woke up he thought the wax figures was ghosts, and he threw a fit right on the piano.

If he only knew who was in this ship I bet he'd throw a fit and drop dead right in his tracks.

"We're right down here in the earthquake zone, where the earth's liable to throw a fit any time."

"Next time you throw your fit, you throw it before you come around me, or I'll make you wish you had—see?"

[From The Miracle Man by Packard, Frank L. (Frank Lucius)]

"Anyone would think you were going to throw a fit the way you roll your eyes and show the whites," laughed Tad.

By careful cultivation, you could learn to shy at a baby carriage and throw a fit at the sight of a wheelbarrow.

If the good wives knew what some of the boys get away with when they go down to the Cities, why, they’d throw a fit!

[From Main Street by Lewis, Sinclair]

Nelson: "Yes, my patron almost threw a fit when I blew in, but the best of the house was at my service, good bath, clean underclothes—don’t know where they came from, or whom they belonged to."

[From Soldiers of the Legion Trench-Etched by Bowe, John]