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Use tiptoe in a sentence

Tiptoe Definition

  • (noun) the tip of a toe
  • (verb) walk on one's toes
  • (adjective) walking on the tips of ones's toes so as to make no noise; "moving with tiptoe steps"
  • (adverb) on tiptoe or as if on tiptoe; "standing tiptoe"

Sentence Examples

She tiptoed away.

He rose on tiptoe.

He tiptoed forward.

He stood on tiptoe.

I walked on tiptoe.

We tiptoed through.

He walked on tiptoe.

You dance on tiptoe!

He entered on tiptoe.

She rose and tiptoed over to me.

She stood on tiptoe to kiss him.

Tiptoeing, she came to the sill.

Dan tiptoed nearer to his spouse.

She tiptoed in to pat the pillow.

Everybody was on the tiptoe of expectation.

She tiptoed across the kitchen to the door.

She tiptoed over and received the offering.

She scampered off on her tiptoes, giggling.

Flynn tiptoed softly about, preparing dinner.

She tiptoed in with the least possible noise.

They tiptoed at the fringe of the circle, heads back.

Helen stood on tiptoe and put one arm around his neck.

I had to stand on tiptoe to make the young man see me.

Treading on tiptoe, he made his way from room to room.

I think we better tiptoe across it, but we mustn’t run.

They tiptoed into the big, gracious, lamp-lighted room.

Everybody was consequently on the tiptoe of expectation.

He stole out on tiptoe, and I was alone with my patient.

The Girl's eyebrows fairly tiptoed to reach his meaning.

His lordship stops, and steals to Tweeny on his tiptoes.

[From The Admirable Crichton by Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew)]

Distinctly, he could hear tiptoeing steps on the iron stairway!

Softly she tiptoed behind a clump of sagebrush and peeked over.

Cupid in ecstasy tiptoes about and clasps his hands in delight.

[From Poems of Progress and New Thought Pastels by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler]

He was on tiptoe with delight because he had eclipsed Corneille.

She raised herself on tiptoe, and Joshua stooped and kissed her.

Hugh sprang on his tiptoes to receive it and gave a mighty shout.

She raised herself on tiptoes and whispered something in his ear.