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Use unanimous in a sentence

Definition of unanimous:

  • (adjective) acting together as a single undiversified whole;
  • (adjective) in complete agreement; "a unanimous decision"

Sentence Examples:

Against the proposed oligarchical change, the repugnance of the assembly was alike angry and unanimous.

He left them worn, divided, and impoverished; he has found them strong, unanimous, and rich.

They were all but unanimous, not merely in supporting the association, but in deprecating the severance.

He was crowned with loud and unanimous plaudits at least a dozen times during the representation.

Were they even objectively lawful, they are sins in him, according to the unanimous determination of casuists.

The unanimous decision of the councillors was in favor of acceptance, as fulfilling a Prussian patriotic duty.

The press was unanimous in its condemnation of the work itself, not of the garbled version.

This compliment had the special value of being practically unanimous, while yet by no means undiscriminating.

The highest obstetric authorities, summoned from all parts of Italy, were equally far from being unanimous.

Modest as this request was, it was rejected by an almost unanimous vote of the foreign ratepayers.

This unanimous demonstration of affection on the part of his loving subjects, seemed pleasing to the potentate.

The rest of the stokers' mess could not come to a unanimous decision concerning the tall recruit.

The nation is unanimous in its cry for a pure state, a clean country, and an uncorrupted people.

The German woman's movement has declined to attend the congress, by unanimous resolution of its Executive Committee.

This is the unanimous opinion of all the judges concerning the state and condition of the Nabob.

Parker's first volume of Canadian stories was published about three years ago, and was received with unanimous praise.

He is since dead, and the people are not unanimous in raising his daughter to the queenly station.

Parker's first volume of Canadian stories was published about two years ago, and was received with unanimous praise.

Considered in the light of his evilness, the unanimous conclusion was that he had killed Timothy Brown.

That turning away of the clan, yesterday, in cool or angry repudiation had been less unanimous than it seemed.

The newspapers were almost unanimous in condemning the Government for sending mounted troops out against unarmed women.

The movement was unanimous, and the very ones thus decried accepted this opprobrious epithet as a distinction.

The voice of history is unanimous on this point, nearly all the Fathers testifying to the use of formularies.

There was a unanimous groan at this, and much reproach; after which, in his preoccupied way, he explained.

Brigadiers and battalion commanders were unanimous in praise of the smoothness with which the machinery worked from behind.

It tottered, fell to the floor, and crashed into a thousand pieces amid the almost unanimous applause of the audience.

The election was all but unanimous, and no poll was demanded by the candidates defeated at the hustings.

The numerous inhabitants whom we have cross-examined are unanimous in asserting that the German troops were not fired upon.

At the fourth performance the author was called from his box to receive the unanimous plaudits of the house.

All, however, are unanimous in admiring the sprightliness of the dialogue and the ingenious and varied perverseness of the heroine.

Bibliographers have been unanimous in praise of the energy exhibited by the great critic in undertaking so vast a labor.

Stones fell from deadened hands and the threatening growls and cries were lost in a unanimous gasp of alarm.

Wheezed the plethoric banker, when the junior doctor of the consultation of three informed him of their unanimous opinion.

They had preferred that way, being good walkers, and having, moreover, a unanimous disinclination to see themselves on donkeys.

There was a pervading, unanimous shudder, gathering up into it all the little minor shivers of the wet bathers.

For nearly two thousand years the verdict of the civilized world respecting this great conqueror has been unanimous.

When the unions were merged into a national body Hughes was the unanimous choice of the husky stevedores for leader.

A like unanimous consent could never be realized, and in seeking to obtain it, men would become stupid and maddened.

On the point as to the claim of irreligious opinion to similar consideration, the national feeling cannot be called equally unanimous.

Cromwell York, who had obtained the unanimous opinions of three eminent corporation counsel upon that very point, smiled tolerantly.

English people know that the Swedish nation is practically unanimous in supporting the Government in its policy of strict neutrality.

A few further questions brought only unintelligible replies from the Swede, and the verdict was speedy and unanimous.

Four hundred-odd famished forms, just from breakfast, suddenly galvanized by that unmerited blow, roared forth a unanimous indignant: "What!"

Political partisans and religious bigots may condemn the work, but impartial critics are almost unanimous in their praise of it.

He was unanimous too, I should add, in perceiving immediately that the actress had been disconcerted by his roar of amusement.

The Second, Third, and Fourth "Lives" are unanimous in stating that the Saint was captured by the Irish Scots.

Chairmen of the various committees were unanimous in asking that word be spread broadcast that mere sightseeing visitors were not wanted.

"Certainly," said Edmond, "if the people were unanimous in their exertions to extirpate them, the best part would have been achieved."

However, I should not despair of seasonable remedies, had I the art to prevail with you to be unanimous in right measures.

The unanimous opinion was that it represented a man covetous, haughty, sensual, in short, disfigured by all possible ugly traits.

They explain the fairly unanimous support which her ablest public men have given to the general principle of national Federation.

This, as already stated, was easily answered by the almost unanimous reply of all the many Norwegian valleys I traversed.

We have already spoken, quite fully enough, of the manner in which the unanimous remonstrance of the Scottish bankers was received.

And being a mettlesome young man into the bargain, he rose by unanimous consent to command a native company of the troop.

As to this the testimony of Poor Law Inspectors and all who have studied the vagrancy question at close quarters is unanimous.

The Council do not care much; they follow the Governor and Bigot, and both being agreed, their verdict is unanimous.

Yet the Greek historians seem unanimous as to the proposal: the Persians might be expected to maintain silence on such a subject.

A unanimous shout of bravos arose from the group standing nearest him, and a murmur of satisfaction ran through the salon.

A unanimous verdict of guilty brought in by that gum-chewing small-headed jury merely would petrify these women's belief in her innocence.

Nor was it like any other abetting of domestic insurrection, for the opinion was unanimous that the father would give in.

Some of us perverse "conservationists," upon whom the unanimous Alaskan press delights to pour scorn, lament the trees more than the troops.

The public opinion of the colonies was already too much debauched to sit in unanimous moral judgment on this crime against humanity.

The chiefs who had been in the late expedition were unanimous in deprecating any further attempt to contend with the white man.

Sickening at the fearful spectacle, I gladly follow the colonel and his men, who are unanimous in their indignation at the outrage.

A unanimous cheer was the reply to this kind speech, and we formed in sections and marched by him at a quickstep.

It is the almost unanimous verdict of the inexpert that the lead lines very seriously detract from the beauty of early windows.

Then indeed it did my heart good to hear the great unanimous roar of execration which went up from the multitude as I came out.

On the whole, after careful consideration, they have come to the unanimous conclusion that it is inexpedient to try experiments in present circumstances.

It has been your unanimous wish that I should occupy this chair as your Grand Master, and you have this day installed me.

With one unanimous voice they all swore to recommence the war, on the same spot where they had just sworn to maintain peace.

This order was universally approved; it interpreted the unanimous wish of all civilians not to provide any pretext for German brutality.

His renown secured for him the unanimous call of the court, the clergy, and the people, to the archbishopric of Constantinople.

Antiquaries are far from being unanimous in their conjectures as to the purpose intended to be served in the erection of these remarkable stones.

There was some cheering as the central party came into view of the enclosures, but it was not very unanimous nor invigorating cheering.

It therefore becomes a small part for us to perform in signalizing the honest writer and leader by giving him our unanimous support.

And then, as if at a signal, a vast, protracted, unanimous bawl poured up into space, a spout of sound, like a gigantic, invisible flower.

The stupefied silence that followed was at last broken by old Pierre, who spoke the unanimous verdict of the whole party.

Several ladies, who are great blushers, are unanimous in regard to solitude; and some of them believe that they have blushed in the dark.

The virulence of the Hungarian press has diminished, and the papers are unanimous in advising against this step, which might be dangerous.

Here again your own experience must step in, or your belief, which may in this matter rely upon the unanimous account of all psychoanalysts.

By a unanimous uprising and public mandate the Federal and State authorities were compelled to condemn and confiscate these stolen public lands.

We are next confronted by a unanimous tendency to make the kings, i.e. the communities personified in them, appear as Romans from the outset.

Those who enjoyed the personal acquaintance of the Emperor are unanimous in the opinion that he was less of a poseur than most men.

As no man can bear long the unanimous disapprobation of his fellows, no nation can long set at defiance the voice of a civilized world.

Irish public bodies which a year or two previously were the obedient vehicles of Party manipulation were now unanimous in denouncing any form of partition.

A strict vigilance was maintained over the herds in question, but all reports were unanimous that they were contentedly occupying their allotted range.

A unanimous decision was made to stop the war, take the very highest tribute from the Libyans, and send them an Egyptian garrison.

Reports of prisoners are unanimous in describing the effect of the artillery fire of the Teutonic allies as more terrible than the imagination can picture.

It is not, then, either unreasonable or unjustifiable that among workmen the sentiment is almost unanimous that the State stands invariably against them.

Their aim was, by the employment of the strongest means possible, to excite the lethargic Italian patriots to unanimous revolt against the oppressors.

As she paid no attention to their surliness, they took sudden panic and fled in a fright, chattering at one another in fine unanimous complaint.

Being told, and discovering that the two timekeepers were unanimous in opinion, she smiled a little, and went on into her own room.

These emblems of his handiwork were received by the convention with deafening shouts, as a prelude to a unanimous resolution recommending him for President.

Stamper himself was a volunteer in the Spanish-American War, it makes the adult population of the family about unanimous in the matter of patriotism.

Even those Presbyterian ministers whose scruples the Comprehension Bill was expressly intended to remove were by no means unanimous in wishing it to pass.

It is sometimes safe to defy an indifferent majority, but he is a fool who throws himself before the Juggernaut of roused and unanimous public opinion.

At the Sunday-evening meeting the secretary's report is read to all, and thereupon discussed; and whatever receives general or unanimous approval is carried out.

Remember too, that the reports of the Council must be unanimous, and the unreasonableness of the objection to the provisions cited will appear.

It seemed indeed as if the war was off, and the whole archipelago unanimous (in the native phrase) to sit still and plant taro.

The coal strike has brought concretely before us the disturbing fact that modern society is so involved that we live virtually by unanimous consent.