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Use unassailable in a sentence

Unassailable Definition

  • immune to attack; incapable of being tampered with; "an impregnable fortress"; "fortifications that made the frontier inviolable"; "a secure telephone connection"
    synonyms:strong, inviolable, unattackable, secure, impregnable
  • impossible to assail
  • without flaws or loopholes; "an ironclad contract"; "a watertight alibi"; "a bulletproof argument"
    synonyms:bulletproof, watertight, unshakable

Sentence Examples

He is unassailable.

His logic is unassailable.

I am legally unassailable.

His position is unassailable.

Her argument was unassailable.

Is the reasoning unassailable?

There is the unassailable basis.

Ararat stands for the unassailable.

His prestige would be unassailable.

This camp was thought unassailable.

The boy’s logic seemed unassailable.

He is unassailable by mortal weapons.

That was unassailable feminine logic.

No syllogism can be more unassailable.

It is a firm and unassailable contract.

But his utter silence was unassailable.

She met it with unassailable composure.

But the beauty of marble is unassailable.

Her argument seemed utterly unassailable.

His good humor had appeared unassailable.

They are unassailable on ethical grounds.

As for me, I am undaunted and unassailable.

This instinct in him remained unassailable.

The citadel of his egoism must remain unassailable.

"Your reasoning is at once clever and unassailable."

After all this they returned unassailed to their homes.

Heath showed Lucy unassailable credentials and identification.

Her slightest wish had always been to them an Unassailable law.

The peace of it all seemed unassailable, the security unending.

He has always been top-dog—­bright, light, strong, unassailable.

It was based on a profound conviction and on unassailable facts.

The heroine is unapproachable in beauty, unassailable in virtue.

It is a veritable maiden castle—strong in virtue and unassailable.

Criminal justice is administered in a manner equally unassailable.

Within his sphere of governance his will was supreme and unassailable.

The position of the outlaws was a very strong one and almost unassailable.

She stood there wrapped in a gentleness more unassailable than any passion.

She stood already on the heights of loyalty and truth, steadfast and unassailable.

The evidence against him was perfect in every detail, and absolutely unassailable.

Her voice was calm and self-contained as ever—the unassailable dignity just as usual.

They were both unpopular, both prigs, but unassailably pre-eminent; and they were two.

She folded her shawl across her breast, a picture of virtue assailed, yet unassailable.

They have money, their children are charming, and their social position is unassailable.

Finally, there was an Irish pianist whose technique and good humor were alike unassailable.

Because his logic is inexorable, the unassailable truth he utters not lovely to all hearers.

The State had established as unassailable a case as might be built on circumstantial evidence.

The will to live is an almost unassailable fortress, and it will remain impregnable everlastingly.

When a man wants to write a book full of unassailable facts, he always goes to the British Museum.

Unassailable certainly is the thing that gives a newspaper the firmest and most valuable reputation.

Theodore Thomas once said that “popular music was familiar music,” and that is the unassailable truth.

And in the whole hierarchy of the Army there is no power more unassailable than that of a medical board.

The town is so surrounded by marshes and shallow pools, as to be almost unassailable in the rainy season.

Sarpi was a man of unassailable virtue and integrity, a tactful leader of men, and possessed of intrepidity.

Their report was that these ships were so covered by the batteries on Province Island as to be unassailable.

Darwin's views have had more influence in advancing Zoology than those of any man, and his fame is unassailable.

Every weapon they had, new or old, has been taken from them and added to the now unassailable Roosevelt arsenal.

The cabin could be approached only on the east and west sides, and was unassailable at its north and south ends.

Rising abruptly three hundred meters from the sea-level, the mountain offered a stronghold well-nigh unassailable.

Such it was as to nerve his arm, nerve his following to be his lovers, make him unassailable, make a devil of him.

Her point of view was so entirely sensible that he found himself hopelessly overpowered by its unassailable logic.

Some arguments are unassailable on account of their stupidity, and of such shelter I intend to deprive my witness.

These orders, presenting the united front of a corporation, were extremely powerful, and practically unassailable.

The conclusion of that work remains still unassailed, that the visible universe has been developed from the unseen.

He had taken, and he still keeps, his unassailable place in the affection, as in the admiration, of his countrymen.

I may be mistaken, but it appears to me that no science, not even geometry, is founded on truths more unassailable.

In his previous, always professional, meetings with criminals his position had been that of unassailable dominance.

Thanks to Lucy’s unassailable secrecy, she believed Jerry had small chance of learning what she did not wish known.

The bogey fault in the title was made good by the exchange of a few letters, and it is now absolutely unassailable.

To place this imaginary method of making types on unassailable ground, Meerman offered a modification of the theory.

It sufficed her to see that there was probability in the assertions, and womanlike she accepted them as unassailable.

To many persons his position has seemed logically unassailable; but it is difficult to see how this view can be held.

Until faith in these fundamental truths has been unassailably established, no basis for Christianity has been secured.

Slim emerged from that contest something of a hero and with his right and title to the left end position unassailable.

The faithful love unconsciously announces its fidelity, and men instinctively are aware of it, and leave it unassailed.

They were not powerful enough to indorse any new struggler for position; their own right of tenure was not unassailable.

Music already occupies an unassailable position in our daily activities, it will presently occupy a still greater place.

Perhaps this new wisdom of hers was, after all, a delusion, the old standards of her Calvinistic childhood unassailable.

And it is argued that this trait is unassailable because it flows from the inherent, immutable qualities of human nature.

He denounced those who, relying on their power or their piety or their nobility of descent, felt themselves unassailable.

To begin with, we have one certainty which appears almost unassailable, namely, that there can be no question of a crime.

The primary institutions, within which an embryonic World Order was destined to mature, had been unassailably established.

They liked Denholm, liked his resourcefulness, his unassailable good-humor, his gallant struggle on behalf of a bad cause.

In one generation an institution is unassailable, in the next bold men may assail it, and in the third bold men defend it.

The experiment has succeeded in its essential part, and as regards strictness of conditions I think it quite unassailable.

They have their House of Lords, they own the land, and will own it for many years to come, their position is unassailable.

The girl smiled with pleasure, but Clarke remained so unassailably serious that Serviss was moved to further deeps of audacity.

He had saved money in every year of his service; and for a man of his station was rich enough to be unassailable by the tempter.

There was something in this air which gave the inhaler the certainty of victory, the courage of battle and of unassailable youth.