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Use unravel in a sentence

Definition of unravel:

  • (verb) become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of
  • (verb) disentangle
  • (verb) become undone; "the sweater unraveled"

Sentence Examples:

She cried merrily, unraveling the knot dexterously.

The fronds form tangled mats difficult to unravel.

Unravel the mystery while I unfasten the boat.

To untwist; to unravel, as the end of a rope.

Some loose end that would eventually unravel the pinwheel!

Unraveling bookkeeping tangles was always a revel to me.

His puckered forehead unravels its entanglement of crisscross wrinkles.

To unravel this synonymy is a task of great magnitude.

Dudgeon determined to give up trying to unravel the middle classes.

What you want me down here to unravel this tomfoolery for?

His mind was preoccupied with unraveling the mystery of Rita.

At last, the secret of the Egyptian cat might be unraveled!

It is a long and complexly rich story, only partly unraveled.

It would take much time to unravel the intricacies of Danish politics.

Here is coincidence childishly introduced to unravel the simplest of dramatic knots.

Unravel this, and your day's work is done, your team may then unharness.

For three days the Philistine youths tried to unravel it, and failed.

The whole subtly interwoven web of the Lanier conspiracy first shall be unraveled.

One cannot possibly unravel the confusion of these beliefs, especially among the peasantry.

These crossed and re-crossed each other bewilderingly, like the fibers of an unraveled rope.

Ever are such mysteries best and soonest unraveled by the eventual unraveling of themselves.

That is a mystery which the most unflagging watchfulness cannot enable her to unravel.

Her reply bemused and enticed him farther, for he could not unravel it.

The Neapolitan chemists, of course, are very eager to unravel this secret of their forefathers.

Then followed confusion, through eleven turbulent reigns that the annalist has failed to unravel.

In a modest way, helping to unravel the mysteries of the machines, she aided computerization.

It is a big task to unravel all the secrets of this great German organization.

Introduce a dozen or a million bodies, and complications arise that only Omniscience can unravel.

He loved to unravel their machinations, to contrast their underground conclaves with their open appearance.

All grammarians have found a difficulty in the word like, which they were unable to unravel.

It took her a little time to unravel what was said amidst such a babel of voices.

He was not fitted to unravel difficulties in his episcopate, and scarcely suited to these times.

The action was not easy to unravel, and the following conclusions were unverified by any eyewitnesses.

Before attempting to unravel this seeming paradox, the equipment of the Japanese archer should be examined.

Inexplicable contradictions arose to bewilder our researches which no ingenuity could unravel and no credulity reconcile.

I should have been completely bewildered by the whole thing, but Quinn seemed to unravel it.

The interlacing lines out of which it was woven began to unravel again, and it grew shapeless.

It would, however, be a hopeless task to unravel the descent of the various races miscalled Tartars.

To make a strong fine line, unravel a good silk handkerchief, and twist the threads into a whipcord.

Can the theosophists unravel this mystery, or see aught in it that verges upon the mystic philosophy?

Young Craig was foully murdered, of that I am confident, and I intend to unravel the mystery.

It had indeed perplexed her, and she was glad to unravel her impressions to this understanding listener.

To us who are striving to unravel the mystery of ancient Egyptian history this information will be invaluable.

The rest is clear, and there is no need to unravel any further the imposture of the theory.

The united skill of the sailor and herself would not induce unraveled cordage to supply the need of thread.

Even after the girl confessed herself a confirmed liar she told more untruths which were peculiarly hard to unravel.

He described Prince Louis Bonaparte to his father as the predestined necessary man who alone could unravel the situation.

Making no further effort to unravel the puzzle which only beclouded my faculties, I began my wary ascent.

Everybody admired her laving persistence to unravel the fate which had overtaken her husband in the Arctic regions.'

The masters were then sent aloft to help the midshipmen unravel the snarl, but they succeeded no better.

Annoyed with pretenders of various classes, Ross and his nephew did not relax endeavors to unravel the mystery.

Unravel a few threads of the suspected fabric and place them in the mouth and masticate them thoroughly.

The very time he was spending in unraveling this mystery belonged to Tyke and was paid for by him.

We are not sure that this fact may not help us to unravel the mystery which perplexed the merchants.

We meet with so many inconsistencies so closely interwoven that the tangle may well seem beyond our powers to unravel

In this predicament he bethought himself of seeking aid to unravel the mystery, and he hastened up to arouse his companion.

I shuddered as I paced the floor, but how could I unravel the mystery, the mystery that perplexed me?

After weaving and upon drying these materials set in place, making the basketry firm, strong, and resistant to unraveling.

Those who understand Russian script will be able to unravel the process by which we were thus disguised and lost.

It costs an immense quantity of time and trouble to make a reputation, but to unmake it is as easy as to unravel wool.

He would have grabbed and smoked opium, hashish, anything which could for an instant unravel the tangled skein of care.

This extraordinary procedure greatly exasperated the police, who could not unravel the mystery of where the women came from.

Each evening I saw unbelievers arrive with all sorts of articles to triumph over a secret which they could not unravel.

Leaving science to unravel this problem, it may be said of the dingo that he is a good-looking but an ill-behaved animal.

He unravels and untwists the threads of humanity, tied and rolled in a skein in his soul; he does not break them.

She is everlastingly at her weaving, but does not unravel her web at night that she has woven in the daytime.

A man may have wonderful knowledge, that may unravel the mysteries of the Bible, and yet be as cold as an icicle.

For he saw that the method itself was impotent, and could never reach or unravel the themes of his agonized questioning.

After all, these milestones of the centuries afford us little data by which to unravel the mysteries of the past in Ceylon.

I condescended to live among thieves and murderers in the hope of unraveling, by their revelations, that secret which entirely absorbed me.

The new scientific instruments made it possible to collect data in all parts of the world that was needed in unraveling scientific mysteries.

I hoped that I was on my way to find my real father and unravel the mystery that surrounded my strange babyhood.

There is no telling how much such information, promptly communicated, might have affected plans of these sleuths in unraveling such complicated villainies.

Michael began to feel that his classical analogies were enmeshing the original idea, involving it already in complexities too manifold for him to unravel.

They were enabled, by such speculations, to unravel, in a great degree, the scheme of the universe, before so seemingly entangled and perplexed.

She merely remembered his seeming distraction and threatened suicide; and only bewildered herself by her endeavors to unravel his mysterious conduct.

We picketed our tired horses, piled our packs under a cottonwood tree, and were soon trying to unravel the mysteries of an extinct race.

What experience has the race of orioles had with cloth, that any member of it should know how to unravel it in that way?

Thus learned men seeking to unravel mysteries, for want of sagacity and full knowledge, may become the apologists of sorcery and witchcraft.

It indicates the fact that the fundamental Russian idea should be something more easy to unravel, more evident, more mighty than other contemporary ideas.

Knowledge of this or that fact in his life may uncover the roots of something that strikes, or unravel something that perplexes us.

The whip had a knot on the end of it, to keep it from unraveling, and this knot hit the German in the eye.

The building was water-tight, and he had calked every crevice with unraveled rope until Iris's apartment was free from the tiniest draft.

A number of old ropes, some of them tarred, some knotted, are cut into lengths; you have to untwist and unravel them inch by inch.

Ed stood at the brink of the stream fishing, his partly unraveled sweater tied around his waist, giving a Spanish touch to his appearance.

I stood there surprised, perplexed, and even a little frightened, surrounded by new and curious emotions, which I did not even try to unravel.

In this situation I could distinguish voices and expressions, and ultimately unravel the import of a conversation interlarded with oaths and similar ornamental flourishes.

Occasionally a hitch occurred that threatened to get the threads of preparation into an ugly knot; but it was ever unraveled without the Gordian treatment.

This annual alteration in forms, and sometimes even in the principles of law, introduced a confusion, which persons engrossed with other occupations could not unravel.

Others, again, where a little truth and a great deal of falsehood were probably intermingled, nobody now living can pretend to confirm, or contradict, or unravel.

One elderly dog, appropriately called Bruin, had lost his tail in that way; some former Eskimo master had found it simpler to amputate than to unravel.

Evidently, though, his process of mind can be no different from that of the actual analyzer, who must unravel what to him is a real mystery.

At every turn my jealousy twits me with my disgrace; the more my mind ponders over it, the less can I unravel its miserable confusion.

Also in washing, be careful not to move the hands in circles, or the hair will become entangled and knotty, and very difficult to untwist or unravel.

While he was thus lost in vain endeavors to unravel the tangled topographical skein which perplexed his imagination, he heard footsteps advancing along the street.

He was also expected to see that the dispatchers understood their duties, and to unravel any knotty point which any of them might not understand.

Speed does not constitute virtuosity, nor does the ability to unravel the somewhat intricate keyboard puzzles of Bach and Brahms make in itself fine piano playing.

When she got unraveled and that head emerged, framed in all those aluminum and tinware bobby pins, the nearest girl gave a wild-eyed half shriek.

The complexities of Japanese Buddhism are incalculable; and those who try to unravel them soon become, as a general rule, hopelessly lost in the maze of detail.

In short, we shall unravel before you a crime which, for cleverness of conception and adroitness of execution, has never been equalled in the history of this community.