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Unruly Definition

  • unwilling to submit to authority; "unruly teenagers"
  • noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline; "a boisterous crowd"; "a social gathering that became rambunctious and out of hand"; "a robustious group of teenagers"; "beneath the rumbustious surface of his paintings is sympathy for the vulnerability of ordinary human beings"; "an unruly class"
    synonyms:rambunctious, boisterous, robustious, rumbustious
  • of persons; "the little boy's parents think he is spirited, but his teacher finds him unruly"
    synonyms:ungovernable, indocile, uncontrollable

Sentence Examples

What an unruly cub!

She is unruly, reckless.

Mobs of unruly larrikins.

[From The Gutenberg Webster's Unabridged Dictionary Section X, Y, and Z by Project Gutenberg]

How hot and unruly it is.

The unruly are miserable.

You are an unruly person.

A pair of unruly children!

I am obstinate and unruly.

An unruly tongue, you know.

The boy is wild and unruly.

The heart, at times, is unruly.

The Chagres is an unruly stream.

"He may prove an unruly customer."

He was a most unruly boy at school.

Wars teach unruly nations to reflect.

I cannot tolerate such an unruly element.

The Indians now became daily more unruly.

The Bedouin were very unruly about the packing.

Their business was to conquer the unruly beast.

Sex was naturally the most unruly element of all.

The city was too sunk in depression to be unruly.

There is no excess or extravagance or unruliness in her.

There are too many unruly horses for me in that camp.

Some men were unruly; others were disposed to plunder.

It was a hard and unruly crowd to manage on the start.

Civil life wrought little change in their unruly temper.

Of course the unruly and the insubordinate would cry out.

I will inform the Prince of his servants' unruly behavior.

This was an unruly infraction of the provisional agreement.

The horses that had run the farthest away were the unruly ones.

The garrison towns suffered from the unruly behavior of the soldiers.

He could govern, with almost despotic sway, a race unruly as the winds.

The town of Hippo was very unruly, full of heretics, schismatics, pagans.

She came upon him this morning chasing two unruly heifers out of the brush.

No American cowboy ever placed lasso more neatly on the horns of unruly steer.

In 1834 hundreds of lives were lost in the violent pressure of the unruly crowd.

I grasped her with strength that might have need to hold a plunging, unruly horse.

Having proved his power, he made an example of the most unruly, and pardoned the others.

His drawbacks were the carping relatives of his late wife, and his four unruly children.

New blood is so devilishly unruly; it's all the time boiling in my head like soda-water.

It might have been successful, too, if Tom had not allowed his unruly tongue to upset it.

She managed the house, managed to the wild, unruly girls as no one had managed them before.

She could see Allan’s tall figure, his clear blue eyes and his thatch of unruly blond hair.

He was a very grateful, but unruly patient, as he had never been accustomed to remain quiet.

He liked the clear rich olive of her sun-kissed skin, and the warm unruly brown of her hair.

The men are described as being of an indifferent good stature and bigness, but wild and unruly.

When she returned her eyes were brighter, and she had regained the mastery of her unruly nerves.

To successfully hunt a fox, to jump fences cross-country like an unruly steer, is no child's play.

The following day was spent in consulting his staff and trying to reorganize his now unruly militia.

Under its influence I became very irritable and unruly, and would take no back talk from the keepers.

Evidently he had no mind that his old landlord should suffer from the claims of his unruly son-in-law.

He must calm the suspicions of his jealous master, and he must quell the turbulence of an unruly people.

You whispered it very circumspectly, but the unruly sibilants in your tones somehow spread into the open.

Of course, when men wanted the franchise, they did not behave in the unruly manner of our feminine friends.

She began to drift into the public kindergarten in the mornings, to help Miss Malloy with the unruly babies.

The Constantinopolitan mob showed itself more courageous and not less unruly than the Roman mob of elder days.

She looks like him, you know—long, lean, blonde, with a shock of unruly curly hair, and a shy, contagious smile.

Two ropes would be put about the neck of each animal, with a slip noose, so that he could be choked if too unruly.

She buckled sandals, read fairy tales, brushed the unruly heads, and listened to the wavering prayers' day after day.

Sometimes she is so sweet and docile that I think I'm teaching her to be a civilized person, and then she flies off at a tangent, and she's as unruly and intractable as she was at first.

A lady, carefully educated in the doctrines of the popular theology, had been very much distressed by the unruly behavior of her only child, a little imp who had scarcely learned to talk.

She watched how she had driven the cattle back up the coulee, with little rushes up the bank to head off an unruly cow that had ideas of her own about the direction in which she would travel.

And he judged it fit to do whatever he thought would improve the disposition of the soldiers of Cassius, for they were difficult to manage: in the camp being unruly for want of discipline, and towards the enemy having a feeling of cowardice by reason of their defeat.

The Prince, however, had not come on a mere visit of pleasure, and although he was detained longer than he had expected by the delay of his forces to muster at the appointed place, he spent much time closeted with the Earl, talking over the situation in Wales, and making plans for the subjugation of the unruly sons of the mountains and marshes, who were for ever causing trouble in the west.