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Use unwarranted in a sentence

Unwarranted Definition

  • without a basis in reason or fact; "baseless gossip"; "the allegations proved groundless"; "idle fears"; "unfounded suspicions"; "unwarranted jealousy"
    synonyms:baseless, idle, unfounded, groundless, wild
  • lacking justification or authorization; "desire for undue private profit"; "unwarranted limitations of personal freedom"
    synonyms:unjustified, undue
  • incapable of being justified or explained
    synonyms:unjustifiable, insupportable, indefensible, unwarrantable

Sentence Examples

An utterly unwarranted sneer.

His optimism was unwarranted.

The doubt proved unwarranted.

The suspicion is unwarranted.

The boast was not unwarranted.

This was unwarranted censorship!

Proclamations unwarranted by law.

A false accusation is unwarranted.

Her confidence was not unwarranted.

The blame, I felt, was unwarranted.

The affirmation is quite unwarranted.

He's noted for doing unwarranted things.

I must say your language is unwarranted.

Such an act would be cruel, unwarranted.

The statement is altogether unwarranted.

Nevertheless, he took unwarranted chances.

Extraordinary it may be, but not unwarranted.

Such an alteration is unwarranted by the text.

So all this storm of abuse has been unwarranted.

At first sight this seems unwarranted and unwise.

To say the least, the anxiety seemed unwarranted.

He found that the rumors were totally unwarranted.

“You are the leader of this unwarranted incursion?”

These criticisms, however, appear to be unwarranted.

The wages were sufficient and the strike unwarranted!

She quivered with the sting of unwarranted expectancy.

Nevertheless, our fears at first seemed to be unwarranted.

Brian came in hot haste to his father, eager to inform him of the unwarranted disappearance.

It disguised every possible expression except one of entirely unwarranted, extreme surprise.

A sad conclusion, and possibly a true—but a conclusion utterly unwarranted by these premises.

He concluded his interrogatories with this extraordinary and unwarranted one—"Are you pious?"

A state of things has been created over this country entirely unwarranted by the circumstances.

His first impulse was to resent the question as an unwarranted intrusion into his private affairs.

The older folk considered this treatment unduly drastic and an unwarranted loss of useful material.

She felt that she ought to resent his unwarranted interference; and yet oddly she did not feel resentful.

Not until he has outgrown old fears and relinquished unwarranted hopes will these beliefs lose their power.

The two Canadian, representatives refused to sign the award and denounced it as nonjudicial and unwarranted.

She felt that Irene's interference in a matter that was purely personal was unwarranted as it was intolerable.

Sure enough Roberta, becoming engrossed in the play, had forgotten to conceal her unwarranted knowledge of it.

The brutal truth of my unwarranted solicitude for the sick man would certainly cause friction, and might spoil all.

No one failed who was doing a legitimate business, only those collapsed who were engaged in unwarranted speculations.

Suddenly, his thinking metamorphosed: He faced, not a miserable, unwarranted forlorn hope, but the universe as it was.

Here an untruth is the indispensable weapon against unwarranted inquisitiveness, whose motive is hardly ever a well-meaning one.

She spoke with a little scorn in her voice, and that sort of decision which we use when we wish to crush down our own unwarranted hopes.

Many States, through their Legislatures, instructed their Senators to vote to expunge the unwarranted resolution from the Senate records.

Those who say and teach that death is as natural as birth are guilty of pure not intellectualism and are unwarranted deniers of the facts.

The supposition was not altogether improbable, although unwarranted by any observation he was able to make upon the man's figure and face.

Your noisy and unwarranted irruption into this room has so bewildered me that I no longer know whether I am standing on my head or on my heels.

He did not deny the abstract right of ecclesiastical coercion, but complained of its exercise upon himself and his friends as unwarranted and unjust.

Yes; that is what he said just now, when I demanded an excuse for his unwarranted action of adding all those extra appetites to my list of passengers.

From that time Virginia presented a bold front against the unwarranted pretensions and insolent assumptions of power on the part of the crown officers.

The slightest allusion to his clothing had the power to puzzle and frighten especially, as if it were something utterly unwarranted and incomprehensible.

She has taken no unwarranted liberties with the truth, and has succeeded in furnishing a story whose scope broadens with each succeeding chapter until the end.

I have purposely emphasized the distinction between the inference in this case, and that in the two preceding, to an extent which to many readers may seem unwarranted.

You have never even seen him, in the ordinary sense of the word, yet you speak of him in a way so unwarranted, so ridiculously untrue, that your manner might annoy him.

Perhaps their own cheers raised, for two days before the game the college was animated by a totally unwarranted degree of hopefulness that amounted almost to confidence.

Mary had taken a key, insisting that he should not come for her and seeming confident that she would not lack for escort; nor did the sequel prove her confidence unwarranted.

This unnatural solitude gave birth to gloomy forebodings in the hearts of the invaders, forebodings which were more than justified by the final result of that wholly unwarranted campaign.

When she had gone to bed Arnaud repeated a story brought to him by the juvenile Lowrie, under the influence of a temporary indignation at his sister’s unwarranted imposition of superiority.