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Unwary Definition

  • not alert to danger or deception; "the shrieks of unwary animals taken by surprise"; "some thieves prey especially on unwary travelers"; "seduce the unwary reader into easy acquiescence"- O.J.Campbell

Sentence Examples

A good shot whose main occupation is picking off unwary individuals of the enemy.

A kitten lying in wait to catch unwary birds and mice.

Again, Satan was pictured as a demon leading the unwary astray by the desires of this world.

All around and ahead were traps calculated to slyly catch unwary feet and trip them up.

Allowing umbrellas and sticks to protrude to trip up unwary passengers is another thing to be avoided.

Already the air was full of all sorts of fads and fancies that appealed to the unthinking and the unwary.

Asteroids: Tiny worlds floating around in space, put there no doubt to annoy unwary space ships.

Drawing in the unwary.

Faith is the harbor of the unwary into which the ship of ignorance tranquilly sails.

First to fall to the predator are the old, the diseased, the unwary, and the young.

He knows that the law is a cunning net for the feet of the innocent and the unwary.

He must beware of several faults of which the unwary are usually guilty.

He saw the Eurasian girls accompany in their best frocks to lure into marriage some unwary Englishman.

His plan was always to spin a web like a spider and await the blundering flight of some unwary fly.

I don't mean to meddle with your affairs; but young people are very unwary.

I knew nothing of the wickedness of men, of the snares set to entrap unwary young girls.

In a minute the four hunters had made a wide circle around the unwary animals.

It is a favorite design of Satan to temper vile with a show of good and thus lure the unwary into the trap.

It is a trick that sometimes avails to break an unsteady guard and to secure a clinch with an unwary opponent.

It is naturally very unwary and regards man with less suspicion than most of our snipes.

I’ve heard of these wily old bears doubling back on their trail and setting up an ambush for unwary hunters.

Lazarus sat like a spider waiting for unwary flies.

[From Miss Mephistopheles A Novel, (Sequel to Madame Midas.) by Hume, Fergus]

Lust or malice or anger will betray you at last in some unwary moment.

Men in uniform placed at the doors would act as a sign to warn the unwary.

Mice too were plentiful and unwary.

Now this chair was a specially prepared one, being kept by the thief as a trap for the unwary.

Oh that my severe experience could warn unwary beings like myself!

Out of every ambush these leap on the unwary reader.

She cried, her interest making her unwary.

She found him weak and unwary.

She goes out of her way to dig pitfalls for the unwary and the best have been known to succumb.

She suggested mystery, mystery which would appear to the unwary as Romance.

So the curtains hung till an unwary stranger would rest upon them with a hand's weight.

Sometimes a gang work together, so that it is with perfect ease they may relieve any unwary novice of his money.

Speeches for and against the candidates were addressed to the ears of the unwary voter.

The unwary footstep!

The unwary remark drew her mother's attention upon her.

The fellow was a little villain, but his arts may serve as a beacon to the unwary.

The first sign of unwariness would begin and end the battle.

The floor was polished oak, which was slippery to unwary feet.

The locality is the scene of many a small extortion into which the unwary occasionally stumble.

The painter cannot protect his copyright without registration, but this registration as it is now required is merely a pitfall for the unwary.

The sisters had hardly dared look at the chest or to signify their knowledge of its existence, at unwary times.

The traps are many, and the fools and the unwary are not a few.

The truth was, it was a base fraud—a snare to trap the unwary—chaff to catch fledglings with.

The woman has come out to meet him—like a bird-catcher who has been watching for the unwary bird.

There are pitfalls for the unwary in the conversations that pass across the store aisle.

There are pitfalls, many of them, waiting for the unwary.

There is only one narrow passage through the bar, and the unwary mariner frequently runs aground.

This is a beastly trade of ours, hunting down and trapping the unwary.

This is not a slave trading announcement as the unwary might suppose.

This monster's jungle is the city; its prey is the unwary machine that follows the trails called streets.

Truly there are pitfalls for the unwary in dealing with early books!

Was that a device to conjure extra sixpences and shillings from the unwary?

With fish so abundant and unwary, and fishermen few, fishing was easy.