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Use upholster in a sentence

Definition of upholster:

  • (verb) provide furniture with padding, springs, webbing, and covers

Sentence Examples:

Inlaid canopies project over upholstered wall seats.

Carved and Gilt Frame, upholstered with Embroidered Velvet.

Soft mortals indeed are we of civilized and upholstered lands.

In the newly upholstered parlor a queer unrest sickened her.

Everything ornately upholstered, everything carefully finished, everything remarkably reserved.

A brown upholstered bench ran around the brown, wainscoted walls.

Upholstered wicker chairs with footstools in front stood about invitingly.

The furnishings of the salon were Victorian, the upholstering well-worn.

These berths, or sleeping shelves, are two feet wide and upholstered.

You're going to offer her a gilded cage, an upholstered cell.

Is sturdily constructed of oak, golden finish, upholstered with imitation leather.

Maple and reed body, cretonne lining, upholstered and with binding.

The room is furnished with chairs and sofa, upholstered in horsehair.

It contained a small upholstered bed, with a pavilion of red serge.

Once enthroned within its upholstered depths I watched for strange occurrences.

The seats in the parterre were mahogany chairs upholstered in blue damask.

They upholstered him, enameled him, manicured him, sugar-cured him, embalmed him.

Come and look out of the upholstered window upon gardens of azalea and amaranth.

It is upholstering the hills, decorating the woods, and refurnishing the fields.

Upholstered furniture, beds, clothes and wash should be cleaned in a disinfecting place.

For furniture upholstering there is nothing more elegant and durable than mohair plush.

The furniture, of gilt wood, upholstered in the same material, was admirably finished.

Caning was retained, but seats were covered with a squab cushion, or upholstered.

The grotesquely carved furniture was upholstered with crimson silk striped with gold.

The room, cozy, well-furnished and upholstered in pretty cretonne, was in great disorder.

What would he do with a damask-covered table, or a gilded inkstand, or an upholstered window?

There was strange Spanish furniture upholstered in perforated leather and again displaying much gilt.

An overstuffed couch of generous proportions and upholstered in a nicely woven imitation of Flemish tapestry.

Her apartments are a perfect series of catafalques, and seem to have been upholstered by an undertaker.

His father was a respectable and wealthy Athenian citizen, a manufacturer of cutlery and upholstering.

There were also a table and swiveled armchairs, upholstered in gentian-colored cloth, with gold borders.

Too bewildered for speech, Kathleen rested her head against the upholstered back of the limousine.

They are luxuriously upholstered, and harmonize with the rich carpets which cover the floor.

The rich effect produced by a heavily upholstered palace car is due to the mohair plush.

This statement, from a man snugly ensconced in an upholstered chair, must be regarded as magnanimous!

I thought he had an upholstered look in his glossy clothes, reminding me unpleasantly of horsehair furniture.

He could upholster furniture, make wax flowers, paper walls, embroider with hair, and paint plates.

It knows how soft the pupa's flesh will be and upholsters the bedroom with velvet.

The place has indirect lighting, banquettes and chairs upholstered in red leather, and air conditioning.

Insistent clocks and schedules keep that way, and the upholstered but rigid routine is a soporific.

The chickadee, Emerson's favorite bird, uses a few feathers in its upholstering, but not its own.

The rest of the furniture is upholstered in saddlebags with antimacassars over the sofa head and armchairs.

The furniture was of white and gilded wood, with voluptuous curves, upholstered in heavy embroidered silk.

The furniture was upholstered in cloth of gold, with the royal crown embroidered upon it in scarlet.

Several luxurious chairs, fashioned like chaise lounges and upholstered in white fur, squatted invitingly about the floor.

The silver was everywhere thickly encrusted with diamonds and the seat was upholstered in white satin.

The monumental swivel chair had disappeared, and in its place was one of wicker, upholstered in cretonne.

There were a hammock and a number of upholstered chairs, each with a doily on the back of it.

Chairs were massive, the frames were carved and gilt, and the seats and backs upholstered in tapestry.

Opposite, on the other side of the chancel, stands a richly carved episcopal chair upholstered with blue velvet.

Each guest made himself comfortable, in this room upholstered with Flemish tapestry and furnished with old oak chests.

The furniture was upholstered with a wisteria pattern, except a few chairs which were cane-seated, with silvered wood.

An elegant coach, with a prancing pair of bays, passed by, carrying in its upholstered depths a young lady.

These may be covered with green baize or enamel cloth, or upholstered in silk or damask to match the room.

Elaborate, carved, or upholstered furniture is unsuitable in a sick room, but if it must be used it should have washable covers.

Pillows, beds, stuffed mattresses, upholstered furniture, etc., should be cut open, the contents spread out and thoroughly fumigated.

They had learned to revel in many courses, radiantly upholstered parlors, and a close acquaintance with the hotel register.

Cochrane even noted the extraordinary feel of an upholstered seat when one weighs only one-sixth as much as back on Earth.

To begin with, the framework is ornately carved, and it is hung with rich silken curtains and sumptuously upholstered.

An upholstered priest coming out to say mass is generally a sickening sight, so wicked and ugly in look and costume.

Bed clothing consisted of Indian blankets and moccasins answered for shoes, while curtains, carpets and upholstered furniture were unknown.

She was asking, as she lolled artistically in the silk-covered easy chair in her pretty room, upholstered in carnation pink.

The furniture was of dark walnut, upholstered with bright yellow satin, smooth and shining as the inside of a buttercup.

Grant rented a cabin to a gushy, heavily upholstered woman, and we picked up our conversation where we had left off.

The ballroom chairs of Marie Antoinette style are upholstered with silk, and the massive candelabra are of the choicest Venetian glass.

They are roomy and comfortably upholstered, and the windows are curtained, or provided with louvre shutters to keep the sun out.

Although the rooms were richly upholstered, there were corners suggestive of a Bohemian life, and in which one scented the mummer.

The straight-backed chairs upholstered in yellow and brown silk stood close sentry under the prints, in their antimacassar uniforms.

The room, with its chintz-covered lounge, rag carpet, Dutch clock, and chairs upholstered in haircloth, seemed more sacred on Saturday.

They pay ten and fifteen dollars for a washstand and bureau when an upholstered box would do for the present.

Do you wonder that churches built, lighted, or upholstered by such processes as that come to great financial and spiritual decrepitude?

An exquisite Persian rug of dull blue covered the floor and the rich mahogany furniture was all upholstered in blue velour.

A landau limousine, dark blue, beautifully varnished, nickel-plated, and upholstered in cream-white leather, came gliding gracefully through the press of vehicles.

There were Oriental rugs and deep armchairs, upholstered in Turkish, and a broad divan with wonderful silk rugs thrown over it.

It is a sturdy mahogany article, oddly upholstered in sailcloth, including the bolster, with a couple of blankets hanging over the back.

The majority of the men were playing faro, roulette or keno, and the others sat in softly upholstered chairs and talked.

On each side of the table were half a dozen chairs of early Victorian design upholstered in leather that had once been green.

There was a plain sofa of forbidding angles, and a scantily upholstered chair which insisted upon nobody's remaining longer than necessary.

The American captains had received the Japanese officers with great respect, had served them wines, and seated them in upholstered armchairs.

Patrick are suspended from either side, and the crimson draperies and upholstering of Irish poplin give the apartment an attractive color.

In the days of its glory it had been upholstered right merrily, and around its flat top had dangled a blithesome fringe.

The furniture was upholstered in crimson plush, which had been the latest thing in decorations at the time of the Franco-Prussian war.

The walls had not been decorated in many years, upholstered furniture had assumed a moth-eaten appearance, and the entire room seemed spiritless.

They were upholstered with "bladder wrack," a most soft cushion, and in each box a white whale lay on these pneumatic cushions.

The old gentleman had the satisfaction of stretching himself in beautifully upholstered chairs and dropping cigar ashes on highly gilt tables.

He lowered himself heavily into the Turkish toweling which upholstered the movable cushions of the willow chairs by the front windows.

The chairs, ten straight-backed, and two easy by the fireplace, of which one was armless, were upholstered in saddlebag, yellow and green.

There were deep chairs upholstered in gay cretonne, cretonne with parrots and poppies and birds of paradise glowing against its yellow background.

There was a plain sofa full of forbidding angles, and a scantily upholstered chair which insisted upon nobody's remaining longer than necessary.

The Dublin cars had been smart affairs, spick-and-span with bright paint and clean upholstering, every buckle on their harness polished brightly.

Cousin Park gave me an upholstered embrace and I made for the horsehair sofa, that seemed friendly and yielding in comparison with Cousin Park.

Furniture hardware and accessories excavated at Jamestown include hinges, locks, drawer pulls, chest handles, escutcheon plates, upholstering tacks, hasps, and finials.

The oak floor was overlaid with Persian rugs; the windows were draped in green velvet and the chairs were upholstered in the same.

Special quick excursion trains and upholstered charabancs had been provided for the comfort of our country cousins of whom there were large contingents.

All upholstered furniture should be taken out, covered with a cloth, and thoroughly beaten with a rattan, shaking the cloth as it becomes dusty.

The furniture was rattan and plush, upholstered and plain, and was crowded together with a few writing tables scattered here and there.

The upholstering is red velvet, and the frame, which is of oak, bears traces of gilding upon it, and is studded with copper nails.

The proscenium, the tier upon tier of balcony and of gallery, the dozens of upholstered boxes, the exquisitely decorated ceiling had not been touched.

Prose rushed in upon him in the shape of a small square body, upholstered in gray satin, which trundled its way resolutely towards him.

There was a large flat-top mahogany desk in the center, with a sofa and several upholstered chairs, evidently for use as well as ornament.