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Definition of valor:

  • (noun) the qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger (especially in battle);

Sentence Examples:

Scottish valor prevailed; and the king of Scotland, elated by success, sent for his prime minister.

Your familiarity with our American history will serve you well; much of it was made by Irish valor.

The Americans fought bravely, but the extraordinary praise bestowed upon them for their valor appears misplaced.

He had been a soldier, and in the Mexican war won distinction by his skill and valor.

The disciplined valor and determination of the Spanish, however, were slowly causing the buccaneers to give ground.

At length, however, the stern obstinacy of the Russian yielded to the enthusiastic valor of the French.

Forty of these men were of high rank (denominated kinsmen of Darius), and distinguished for personal valor.

An incident occurred there which I shall not fail to relate, to show the valor of those islanders.

The bewitching girls had before them the evidence of his valor, and into what a garden he stepped!

The veteran frontiersmen knew the valor of their enemy, and his wonderful skill as a forest fighter.

These Spaniards had learned their lesson of valor in the north, and they had learned it well.

The Dorian mode was considered bold and manly, inspiring valor and fortitude; the Lydian, weak and enervating.

It has been taken, no doubt, out of one of the adjoining parishes, since the formation of that Valor.

Here it was not a conflict between disciplined valor and barbaric hordes, but between Greek and Greek.

When the Castilian mountaineers beheld the valor of the English yeomanry, they would not be outdone in hardihood.

His career had been a remarkable one, signalized by great valor, and the most extreme vicissitudes of fortune.

He miscalculated the strong position and personal valor of the rival with whom he would have to measure swords.

The Portuguese attacked the ship with great energy and valor, although with little plan, and defeated it.

Shall the crown of valor be withheld by a free people that was once bestowed by a Scottish king?

He fought against the Romans with much valor, and they passed encomiums on his great military skill.

Arrows, lances, stones, in showers from the battlements, then could not stop the valor of the people.

The English, with very pardonable vanity, attributed the conquest chiefly to the valor of the naval force.

The most indispensable one, according to his idea, is valor, without which all the rest will prove nugatory.

He had before that experienced great vicissitudes of fortune, and had given proofs both of valor and talent.

It is a shame for you now to lose ingloriously what but a short while ago you gained by your valor.

For all other dangers we have craft and valor; but against this one no bravery or statesmanship can avail.

Out of what book did this corps of savage dragoons learn that discretion was the better part of valor?

Valor of the highest order on both sides marked the conflict, and for a time the scale seemed equipoised.

The catalog of the cardinal virtues for chivalry included courtesy, valor, class loyalty, self-denial, munificence, and hospitality.

In encounters with guards and patrols he displayed the keenness of a detective and the valor of a gamin.

They brought it away with them to hang it here with the trophies of Irish valor of a thousand years.

When we are to have dealings with a man, we prize the good faith and valor of soberness and gravity.

The quondam hero thinks with alarm of his borrowed valor, and turns pale at the sight of his scars.

We often read nowadays of the valor or audacity with which some rebel attacks a hoary tyranny or an antiquated superstition.

Emerson's "atom in full breath" and "scrap of valor" would apply to him even better than to the titmouse.

Frenchman against Frenchman, their valor was equal: the one side fighting to save, the other to reconquer, their country.

How feelingly he touched on the sorrows of war; how enthusiastically he extolled the valor of his Vermont boys!

Discretion is certainly the better part of valor in knavery, and while most crooks are daredevils, Jake was discreet.

After eating, he gave an account of himself and his travels, crediting the Americans with some valor and marksmanship.

You have defended your capital like a brave warrior, and a Spaniard knows how to respect valor, even in an enemy.

The atoms, which are in such a continual flux, notwithstanding their minuteness, have a certain essential valor and independence.

Temple listened sedately and admiringly, and thanked Heaven for having given her this prodigy of valor and learning.

Winfield advanced with hesitant valor and frowned fiercely at the dazzling glare that beat upward from the footlights.

A part rushes on with desperate valor and reaches the low stone wall which serves for a Union breastwork.

In fact, American annals are so replete with trophies of Celtic valor that it would be vain to narrate them all.

Nor should I complain of their response, for they went behind their batteries with the cool valor of buccaneers.

I say nothing against his valor, but there is more of the German or Frenchman in him than the Pole.

The scepter of their monarchs was adorned with this flower, its three petals representing faith, wisdom, and valor.

I adjudge to you the prize of valor above all the knights of my court, as what is justly due to you.

The royalists attacked with their usual valor; and, after two hours of hard fighting, the confederates were totally defeated.

The Spanish commander was filled with admiration at this display of valor; for he could admire valor even in an enemy.

We were compelled to retire, defeated not by superiority in valor, but by famine and the rigor of a Russian winter.

The French found themselves too busily occupied elsewhere to attend to this center of Spanish valor until months had passed.

Caesar had a remarkable method of eulogizing his own generalship by praising the valor and strength of the vanquished foes.

What trials of valor and responsibilities beyond their years comes to "The Musket Boys" is told in an enthralling manner.

Fierce and terrible it raged for days, and many were the deeds of valor performed by both Iranian and Turk.

They killed numbers of Peruvians, but all their valor could not check the resistless force of the patriotic army.

All Irish valor and chivalry, whether of soul or of body, have been directed for a thousand years to this same end.

And what of the unfaltering followers, whose valor supported their brave leaders and helped to create many a splendid record?

The German officer captured expressed his unbounded admiration for the valor of the French troops, which he described as superb.

He had been scared, going in; well, who hadn't been, except a few greenhorns brave with the valor of ignorance.

And in so far as a cosmopolitan could feel elated, I was proud, for a moment, of the valor of my division.

There is something charmingly boyish in his enthusiasm over his own manly valor and his confidence in its "electrifying" effect.

The captured women become the wives or concubines of the warriors and thus represent, as it were, trophies of their valor.

A war opportunely breaks out in which, after prodigies of valor, the Moor is converted and baptized, and the wedding follows.

The combat then grew hotter; but those from without maintained their ground with great valor, until their ambuscade arrived.

He knew that human prudence and valor could do no more than had been done to retard the progress of the besiegers.

The Germans had held them well, but no human agency could have prevailed against the unfaltering valor of the Allies.

She said that you had a dash of what romanticists call valor, but that you never saw an inch before your nose.

He gives this sentence to show the change of verb: "Fame or the emoluments of valor were (was) never to be his."

The thirst of riches, and the consciousness of success, redouble their valor, and valor is of more avail than arms or numbers.

The guns were speedily turned upon those of our 'misguided brethren,' who forgot that discretion was the better part of valor.

He invites suspicion and ridicule who struts to the front, while his hatband plays a sweet symphonic tribute to his valor.

It was only natural that the Whigs should profit by the glory gained by Whig valor, no matter in what cause.

The provinces were protected by his presence from the inroads of the barbarians, who either dreaded or experienced his active valor.

They met the Swedish king, but in spite of their valor they soon succumbed to an attack made by an enchanted cow.

By the besiegers and besieged of Lille, some of the most brilliant feats of valor were performed that ever illustrated any war.

The German professor approached the tree, anxious to take from it the papers that were to prove the valor of German soldiers.

It is through men of this type that the work of civilization has been accomplished, "men of present valor, stalwart, brave iconoclasts."

The artillery, now so splendid, was then only remarkable for its cumbrous carriages and the obstinate valor of its men.

The knight would be only a hardhearted warrior, oppressing the poor and miserable, and only interesting from his deeds of valor.

It was my little boy, who, half abashed at his presumption, drew himself up, and sought refuge from shyness in valor.

Quickness of hand and rude, primitive valor counted here, but it was otherwise in the insidious conflict with the human schemer.

He loved to hear stories of the wealth and greatness of his progenitors, of their splendid housekeeping, their loyalty, and their valor.

This carefully regulated comradeship between youths and maidens was encouraged with a view to stimulating the young men to deeds of valor.

The last of his iniquities arose from a valor that lacked its better part, an absurd mixture of Falstaff and bantam rooster.

These idle disputants overlooked the invariable laws of nature, which have connected peace with innocence, plenty with industry, and safety with valor.

They, however, thinking prudence the better part of valor, decamped ignominiously, and the enemy remained master of the brave man's life.

There was not one officer who did better than another, there was not one man who outdistanced his fellow in valor.

The dashing fighter outranks the tactician and takes precedence over the engineer when the people's plaudits for valor fill the air.

Nothing was ever more seasonable than this supply, purchased by Billy's valor; for before that, we were all as ragged as young rooks.

Against the German-led Turks twelve miles of precarious "front" with a back to the sea is all Anglo-Colonial-French valor has been able to achieve.

His superb valor and unfaltering devotion to duty throughout reflect the highest credit upon himself and upon the United States Naval Service.

There dwells no Canadian on his native soil whose heart does not swell with pride at the valor of our forefathers in that war.

King Arthur's party is overborne more by numbers than valor, for I must say I never saw so few men do so well.

By his extraordinary valor and intelligence as an officer in the Sultan's service, he rose rapidly to the command of the Turkish army.

The Greek hero bravely attempted to fight this new enemy, but his valor and his weapons were powerless against such an attack.

Realizing that discretion was the better part of valor, Captain Moore threw up his hands promptly, at which the desperado grinned wickedly.

Over the mellowing canteen he had given stray hints of even other campaigns which his skill had illumined and his valor adorned.

They were not mere machines for destruction, dressed up in uniforms, caned into skill, intoxicated into valor, defending without love, destroying without hatred.