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Use verbatim in a sentence

Definition of verbatim:

  • (adjective) in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker
  • (adverb) using exactly the same words

Sentence Examples:

"Senile decay," I admitted, "may have paralyzed most of my faculties, but as a repeater of messages verbatim, I am faithful as a phonograph."

I'll take it verbatim and put it into typewriting, free of charge.

He then presents his conclusions which I shall here include in full and verbatim, because of the fact that these findings should prove of great importance, especially in the light of Freud's theories of infantile sexuality.

The following specimens, transcribed verbatim from the originals, with the remarks made as nearly as could be remembered immediately after the exercise, will give an idea of the ordinary operation of this plan.

He was endowed by nature with a logical mind, a vivid imagination and great practical common sense; and a memory so tenacious as to enable him to repeat a sermon almost, if not quite, verbatim, a year after he had heard it delivered.

She had succeeded, however, in making a copy, verbatim except for occasional improvement in the grammatical form of a sentence, or now and then the omission, for brevity's sake, of something unessential.

It is especially important to call attention to the fact that any attempt at verbatim memorization should follow a very careful thinking through of the whole selection to be memorized.

How long do children in your classes seem to be able to work hard at verbatim memorization?

In support of their views they quoted long passages from memory, and whenever I indicated vaguely any text which I needed, they at once supplied it verbatim, so that the big folio Bible served merely as an ornament.

People in hypnosis have been known to repeat verbatim whole passages from newspapers which they had never consciously read.

In the manual, and in other material that these men put together to teach the radiology course, complete excerpts were taken verbatim from four standard radiology texts.

And, farther, the orations delivered by opposing speakers in the great critical debates, might very well have been committed verbatim by a young orator; many of them are masterpieces of oratory in every point of view.

The word education means to educe, to draw out the powers of the mind; not the cramming into it of facts, dates and whole pages to be repeated verbatim.

He had learned the translation in the notes by heart, and quite failed to connect it verbatim with the Greek.

It was etiquette at their councils for each speaker to repeat verbatim all his predecessors had said, and the whites were often astonished and confused at the verbal fidelity with which the natives recalled the transactions of long past treaties.

"I suppose you boys have verbatim notes of all that was said," he inquired, tossing the remark collectively to the group of pressmen.

Lake committed the substance of it to paper immediately after hearing it, together with some few passages of the narrative which had fixed themselves verbatim in his mind; I shall probably find it expedient to condense Lake's record to some extent.

The original letter, which was entirely his own, both in composition and handwriting, is here copied verbatim.

The following specimens, transcribed verbatim from the originals, with the remarks made, as nearly as they could be remembered immediately after the exercise, will give an idea of the ordinary operation of this plan.

Lesser echelons do not relish the task of repeating uncomplimentary words verbatim to a superior.

The spelling has necessarily been changed at times from the antiquated and almost hieroglyphic forms which would defy the most careful typography; but in general the orthography and punctuation are copied verbatim from the originals.

It leaped up on the wall beside him and the mocker, one that had been trained to remember and repeat messages verbatim, took a breath so deep that its cheeks bulged out.

One mocker was killed then; the speckle-faced mocker that could repeat messages verbatim.

Meanwhile, I prepared to have his statements reduced to writing by a stenographer, anticipating that it might be necessary to refresh my memory upon certain passages that I might fail to remember verbatim.

It will therefore be well to quote them here verbatim, and I do so the more readily because, apart from their historic importance, it is a pity that more Englishmen are not acquainted with this masterpiece of English prose.

I sent them a newspaper which reprinted the sermon verbatim, with a note saying that I trusted this expression of opinion on the part of their idolized preacher might mitigate their condemnation of the book.

They are in strong contradistinction to the ordinary method of proceeding then in vogue, and deserve to be repeated verbatim.

Some of the more important testimony is given verbatim interspersed with indirect summaries of the longer or less important speeches.

The whole of the trial scene is given nearly verbatim from the old chronicles and records; but the dryness and harshness of the law proceedings is tempered at once and elevated by the genius and the wisdom of the poet.

I quote verbatim, having merely Italicized three words to point my meaning more clearly.

The boys expressed their feelings in various ways, and David, who was most alive to the power of classical associations, delivered, verbatim, about one half of the first oration of Cicero against Catiline.

And from time to time somebody spoke out loud and clear an opinion pilfered verbatim from his master.

Fundamental principles should frequently be memorized, so that by numberless repetitions they may be permanently impressed upon the consciousness, and can be repeated verbatim as a guide in any concrete case where they are to be applied.

Some reporters, for instance, take the liberty of putting within quotation marks, as though quoted directly, whole paragraphs that they know are not given verbatim, their grounds for the liberty being that they know they are reporting the speaker with entire accuracy, and the use of "quotes" gives the story greater emphasis and intimacy of appeal.

For otherwise, there is all that is in the French play, verbatim, and something more, as may be seen in the last act, where what is dully recited in the French play is there represented, which is no small advantage

A verbatim account of all questions and answers pertaining to the above investigation is affixed hereto.

As long, then, as the letters are not altered or edited, but produced verbatim, I may, I think, feel assured that I am doing nothing which is even remotely discourteous to the writers.

The narrations occupied about an hour in their delivery, and were replete with interest, but too long to be incorporated verbatim into these veracious records.

Others, who drudge at the dull verbatim, are like timorous attendants, who dare not move one pace without their master's leave.'

Therefore, I shall be compelled to give the substance of the report in my own words, only giving verbatim now and then a few scientific phrases which are not fully intelligible to me, or susceptible of circumlocution in common language.

On now tardily reading this chapter I find that, as any reader will readily perceive, it distinctly anticipates, almost verbatim in parts, what I have tried, with far less success, to say in the foregoing two paragraphs above.

Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this booklet under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a permission notice identical to this one.

Why, you never used to think that your brain was going wrong when you were a schoolboy, and every word of the lesson that you knew perfectly and said verbatim to a schoolfellow dropped out of your mind.

A verbatim report would make rather uninteresting reading, and I have taken the liberty of trying, by greater fullness of explanation, to make up to the reader for his not having seen the moving apparatus.

Beginners, at least, should continue to use the complete Record Booklet both because of the accuracy of procedure which it fosters and because of the advantages of having a complete verbatim record of the responses.

He cast a critical glance over the leaded columns, for the weekly newspaper had given practically a verbatim report of the evidence, and there was a vivid description of the scene in the schoolroom, with its dramatic close.

The inquest had been held late yesterday afternoon, too late for more than brief mention in the evening papers, but this morning the papers had carried a full and practically verbatim report of the proceedings.

I got out my diary in which I had recorded verbatim our conversation about the ugly preacher, whose face became illumined into beauty, by the inspired glory within.

My paper, on "The Holy See and the Scottish Universities," was very well received, and the local newspapers did me the honor of reprinting it verbatim next morning, while the Scotsman devoted a leading article to it.

Gladstone verbatim than to summarize his speech as he proceeded on his rapid, animated, and unhesitating way.

It seems not impossible that the words taken down verbatim by some old parliamentary hand in the reporters' gallery would seem cold or tawdry without the soul and grace which animated them, and which haunted Horace Walpole for long years afterwards.

The Aphorisms were collated, and re-copied fairly some years before the death of the author: these are printed verbatim as he intended they should come before the public.

Yet whether the book were profound philosophy or exquisite poetry or the trashiest of rhyme and fiction, he was ever afterwards able to recall its whole scheme and even to quote lengthy portions of it verbatim.

Sir, I am surprised to find that the expressions which displease you most in my letter of the 26th instant, are those which I transcribed verbatim from one which you volunteered to write to me in 1837, and of which I enclose a copy.

Of this I had a proof by finding the articles they contained, verbatim in the gazette, a treachery of which I had in vain attempted to prevail upon the ambassador to complain.

Not only were his words taken down verbatim, but his various attitudes while speaking were photographed by the instantaneous process, and engraved,' twelve illustrations being given in the interview.

It contains what appears to be a verbatim report of the opening day's inquest, which seems to have created a rare stir, judging by the scare heads and space allotted to it.

The eyeglass was raised to the Baron's thin nose, his small eyes glittered, his lips were pursed up, and he replied, in words as exact as if he had studied all the details of the catalog verbatim.

Seemingly unused to this off-hand style of translation, and patriotically anxious to do full justice to the original, he read so slowly that I had time to put down the narrative nearly verbatim.

To an unusually long description of the horrible affair was appended what purported to be the confession of the malefactor, made to the clergyman in attendance, and reported verbatim.

A verbatim translation from the Greek with notes on the Mystical or Arcane Sense.

He, in common with nearly all the officers and crew, had read the semaphore verbatim.

To ensure the completeness of the present Edition, it has been carefully reprinted verbatim, without abridgment or interpolation from the genuine old editions of John Bunyan.

Never did I so heartily regret my ignorance of the art of stenography as now; for a verbatim report of all that was here said, would prove the richest and most amusing part of this narrative.

Let her eye rest on the envelope of one which she had received a week or a fortnight previous, and she could repeat its contents almost verbatim, certainly not missing one of the loving phrases aforesaid.

Now this happened; it wasn't my words verbatim, it was reworded.

Several of the instruments we shall have occasion to cite are written in Latin; but to show our fidelity, we shall transcribe them verbatim, and for the sake of the English reader, translate them literally into our own language.

Had that debate been on prison reform, on Sabbath observance, the early closing saloon law, on any other subject, there would have been, in the next day's papers, overflowing accounts of verbatim report, more columns of editorial comment, and the picturesque features of it would have ensured the attention of the cartoonist.

I insert a verbatim copy of the handbills with which he deluges the highways and byways of American cities and towns.

I wish that I could repeat it verbatim, for Irish humor loses its bloom if it is not faithfully rendered; but my memory only retains the incidents, and, here and there, a phrase of his story.

There are next, twenty-two quotations agreeing verbatim or nearly so, with the Septuagint, but even in sense differing from the Hebrew text.

These, for the most part, were translations of Greek and Arabic writings, often made verbatim and without credit.

The monitors themselves can then be stenographers, taking verbatim dictation.

This nightmare struck him so much that he wrote it down at a later date, and we think we are bound to transcribe it verbatim; for whatever the history of this man may be, it would be incomplete if we omitted it.

It has been the intention in all cases to acknowledge facts and suggestions borrowed from such sources, whether quoted verbatim, abridged, or developed.

This is a long record, because I took verbatim notes, but I propose to inflict it all upon the reader, in accordance with promise to report unverifiable and possibly absurd matter, just as it comes, and even to encourage it.

The two fragments are now brought together and printed for the first time complete, the first half from Dr Zach's text, and the latter half copied verbatim direct from the original autograph manuscript, Brit.

Having washed the board clean, caught every drop of water, and then drunk it, he would come to us, and deliver himself of the following harangue, and as we heard it two or three times a week for years, I have an almost verbatim recollection of it.

He could repeat almost verbatim the twentieth and twenty-first chapters of the "Decline and Fall," not that he had memorized it, but had grasped the whole meaning from repeated readings of that wonderfully comprehensive work.

They are printed, the preface states, from a verbatim report, with only verbal alterations and corrections of some redundancies consequent upon extemporaneous delivery.

As the lectures were generally read, and not delivered extempore, the process resulted in an almost verbatim report of the actual words of the lecturer.

The statistician and the poltroon and the verbatim reporter have killed the orator.

Fourthly, a relation of that story of Jonas verbatim as it was delivered to me in writing by a Gentleman that was then a passenger in the ship.

The following is copied, verbatim, from these cards prepared for the cook and chambermaid.

There are no verbatim reports of his talks extant, and if there were they would give the reader no proper idea of the man, because the grotesqueness of his language would probably be the most striking feature of them.

The second edition shows each sermon with a separate pagination, but appears otherwise to be a verbatim reprint.

The letter is so remarkable for its neatness and beauty of penmanship, as well as for its pathos, that I copy it verbatim: U.S.

For I was in prison the whole of the time, and the study of the verbatim report was my daily avocation.

In this we find, within parentheses, the most important part of the summary, followed by the decision of the cardinals, in almost verbatim translation from Italian into Latin.

We, the undersigned, by examination and comparison, have satisfied ourselves that the following statements are verbatim reports, written under the dates which they bear, by American citizens who have spent from six to thirty years in Eastern Turkey.

This led to a mild remonstrance, upon which the saddler wrote us a remarkable letter, which it is a pity we cannot present verbatim.

Those he used to extract verbatim, and gave to his domestics, or send to the commanders of the armies, the governors of the provinces, or the magistrates of the city, when any of them seemed to stand in need of admonition.

This, as I give it, is a verbatim translation done by Pundit himself, so there can be no mistake about it.

The following Operation Order and the details of the attack are taken verbatim from the War Diary, the official record, and are very complete, but a few prefatory words are necessary to make them intelligible to the general reader.

The portraiture, the best brief biography of Wayne, has been reprinted verbatim; citations and bibliography have been omitted.

In reporting speeches, addresses, lectures, and sermons, the newspaper man either takes long-hand notes and writes out later what he wants to use, or writes a long-hand verbatim report of such parts as he desires.

Some are quoted verbatim, and some are abridged, from the most approved writers on this subject.

The text, then, is reproduced verbatim, including marginalia, chapter headings, and running heads, altered only by the use of modern orthography for the sake of clarity.

If the latter, it must have been very much shorter than the second edition, and can scarcely have contained more than the first nine chapters (perhaps verbatim) and an account of the visions, locutions, etc., contained in chapters xxiii.

Two, at least, of these histories, are no longer extant in their original form, but only as they have been quoted verbatim by later historians and closely amalgamated.