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Use vibe in a sentence

Definition of vibe:

  • (noun) a distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively;

Sentence Examples:

Ally took a deep breath, not liking the vibes she was getting.

We had lawyers on tap at the start and the vibe was cool.

Then he told the three women that they had better not send him any bad vibes.

He was all sincerity now, his demeanor rapidly evolving to fit the current vibes of the scene.

Try to feel the vibes, she told herself, be a tourist and see the "New Japan" through fresh eyes.

You hear people talk about "vibes" and "energy" for big groups of people, but until you've experienced it, you probably think it's just a figure of speech.

Forced to desist by the negative vibes he was getting from most of the panel, he took refuge in assuming the victor's pose.