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Use vicious in a sentence

Definition of vicious:

  • (adjective) having the nature of vice
  • (adjective) bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure;
  • (adjective) (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering
  • (adjective) marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful;

Sentence Examples:

This man, whom a contemporary historian calls the most vicious of all bipeds, was more rapacious than Louisa was dissolute.

Crowds no longer collect together in great and pestilent cities for purposes of court intrigue, of commerce, and vicious gratifications.

Melville gazed anxiously at the horse, which occasionally started, rearing a little and swinging his head in a vicious manner.

Real is not one to ape the follies of a vicious court, and have his dozen or two of dwarfs and buffoons.

The roof, lifted by a particularly vicious squall, had vanished, leaving a trail of violently eddying leaves and bamboo rafters.

Virtue forbid, that this favorite employment should be disgraced by impurity, indelicacy, or the communication of vicious and ignoble sentiments!

This diversity is vicious, and the effect of a dissatisfied and uneasy mind; whereas every wise man lives by rule.

A bullet shaved the top sandbag and buried itself with a vicious thud in the back wall of the trench.

Crowds no longer collect together in great and pestilent cities for purposes of Court intrigue, of commerce, and vicious gratification.

Up whipped the heavy hand weapon in a short, vicious arc that splintered jawbone with an almost crisp, wood-snapping sound.

Such, in truth, was too long the vicious principle of those monopolists of personal distinction, the mere men of elevated rank.

After him came a kingfisher clattering out a storm of invective and aiding his progress by vicious jabs at his rear.

Back of the train, the horsemen rode, heads lowered against the vicious slant, shadowy forms like drooping, dispirited ghosts.

They are idle, and become enfeebled and vicious, and their progeny, if indeed they have any, partake of the same characteristics.

Too often, as well, the huskies are vicious curs ready to skulk or snap or bolt or fight, anything but work.

I have ridden real vicious horses before father sold his racers, and this colt is gentle, and we are friends besides.

In such sections barrooms thrive, gambling dens flourish, and gathering places are afforded for lewd women and vicious men.

No one, apparently, had a good word to say for him, except those amongst whom he spent a vicious, depraved life.

He dashed about madly, looked very vicious, and reared right up on end, when the sailors barbarously hacked his tail off.

We have in ourselves the remedies which will neutralize the vicious poisons we have allowed to flow into and befoul our life stream.

Philip stopped in the middle of a particularly vicious paragraph of the "stabber," and looked up with amusement on his face.

A single false principle or vicious thought may debase a character otherwise blameless; and this is practically true of the Slave-Master.

We should have to ask ourselves how he came to prejudice his judges still further by intemperance and a vicious life.

He gave fierce stabs at the imaginary anaconda, his face gleaming with an ugly smile that was more vicious than triumphant.

He was a false man and a traitor, his life debauched and vicious, coming to a climax in luxury and adultery.

And how it warmed the cockles of our hearts to think that we were not vicious, narrow-minded heathens, such as these!

Altogether, this religion seems to have been as sordid, brutal and vicious as was the ancestral negroid stock of the Fijians.

It is forgotten how low the Italian race had fallen under puny autocrats whose influence was soporific when not vicious.

The wagon was equipped for the trail, vicious horses were gentled, and an ample mount allotted to the extra men.

That many indeed, says he, think corruptly of them, must be admitted; but this is the effect of vicious custom.

In all the histories, their depraved and vicious practices, their ferocity and their constant feuds, are a matter of record.

Time and again, Tom had had to combat enemy spies and vicious plotters bent on stealing the Swifts' scientific secrets.

Then, the more violent syndicalism proves itself to be, the more hysterically we bait it in the usual vicious circle of ignorance.

What gleaming eyes, what an array of threatening teeth, what reaching of vicious claws, what a wriggling and convulsed body!

The words were further emphasized by a vicious kick, which, missing its intended victim, did astounding execution on something else.

Even the soldiers of the Revolution, who survived the war, were mostly ruined for life, debauched, intemperate, vicious and vile.

The bloated face, the sensual leer, the restless, vicious eye, the sullen brow tell us what is going on within.

Was it because I was naturally vicious, or because I wanted to stifle a certain gnawing in my heart by my ferociousness?

If he had been a vicious young man, he would no doubt have gone altogether to the bad, and fallen among thieves.

He looked vicious enough with his disheveled hair and sooty face and the dirty jumper such as the under engineers wore.

Even Pete Ellinwood began to lose his heartiness as the Lass went down and stayed down longer with each vicious squall.

In the shade it was like trying to peer through thin milk, with the vicious, leggy little shadows skittering about restlessly.

Political talent and ambition, having no sphere for action, steadily decay, and servile, enervating, and vicious habits proportionately increase.

The healthy ruddiness of his cheek had darkened to a deep flush, his eyes looked vicious, and his mouth was set.

It seizes its victim without warning, and often rouses him from sleep with a vicious agonizing pain in the joint assailed.

There was a spit of vicious blue flame from the revolver, followed by a yell of pain from the giant stoker.

It can be shown, we think, that all the vicious classes simmer down at last to the same shuffling, shambling level.

"I wish I'd get a chance," he said, prancing about digging vicious holes in the glove, that looked like a chest protector.

It was not merely by the debilitating influence of vicious indulgence on the nervous constitution that this effect was produced.

Spanish soldiers may be cruel, but they do not appear to be vicious or corrupt in the way that soldiers often are.

Yet the whole neighborhood seethes with the worst kinds of criminality, and many of the boys are almost incredibly vicious.

Only the revolutionary class was destined to break the vicious circle wherein the Revolution was revolving and going to pieces.

There was a complete absence of vicious faces, at least faces more so than those of the great mass of peons outside.

All this is absolutely opposed to our present system, but our present system is wasteful, artificial, illogical, unsocial, and therefore vicious.

You aided and abetted a vicious and unscrupulous scoundrel in his villainy; and now you have looked upon the result of your works.

The sworn testimony showed a condition of affairs that would be a disgrace to the most ignorant, vicious and debased people.

The vicious bang of rifles, fired at comparatively close range, told of innumerable sharpshooters lurking around in the grass and shrubs.

Thieves and liars they will remain, until some system is established to overcome their heathen customs, and subdue their vicious natures.

He is exposed to the warring elements, to the vicious attacks of savage beasts and insidious parasites, and to the inroads of disease.

To keep their vicious inmates away from "our wives and daughters, and the streets which they are on," says the Inspector.

At last, as the tyro uttered a shout a little louder than usual, he gave him a vicious kick, bawling, "Hold your row!"

And each old man ended his discourse with a profane dictum that sounded like the vicious snap of a black-snake whip.

The demoralizing effect of accounts of criminal and vicious acts, when read by immature and morally unstable individuals, is generally admitted.

The few real workers who remained became disheartened because they were so few, and some of them were frightened by vicious crowds outside.

Their prose is soaring to the vicious affectation of poetry: their poetry is sinking below the flatness and insipidity of prose.

Near the house cheery and fragrant flowers gladdened the pretty beds in which no weed was allowed to rear its vicious crest.

At times the plane spun like thistledown in a vast and venomous flood that crashed into the windows with a vicious rattling.

He spurned the slanderer, kindly reproved the vicious and by counsel and example disseminated the principles of morality and religion.

The fish shows fight after he is in the tub, shutting his jaws with a vicious snap as he is being unhooked.

They did not wear toothpick shoes, lemon-colored or otherwise; these they left to the weak and vicious elements of an effete civilization.

The Doctor was charitable in philosophizing concerning coarse and vicious people, but he abominated their society and always avoided it if possible.

A normal psychic balance and a brain fed with blood that is insufficient in quantity or vicious in quality are physiologic incompatibles.

Just as some prisoners become insane as a result of their criminal and vicious life, some undergo mental degeneration to a degree not certifiable.

His high sense of virtue made even his own almost exemplary and unblemished life appear, in his too refined speculations, grossly vicious.

Vicious self-indulgence and selfishness are rarely satisfying in retrospection, whereas all courage and heroism and tenderness are a source of unending comfort.

This is a necessary preliminary to the escape of the German financial system from the vicious circle in which it now moves.

The whole world, disorganized by this vicious monkey, was deprived of sacred study and religious ceremonies, and was greatly afflicted.

Lucius Catiline was a man of noble birth, and of eminent mental and personal endowments; but of a vicious and depraved disposition.

They showed daily less and less of barbaric manliness; they were becoming from day to day more vicious, thievish, and beggarly.

I have heard of some of our Hungarian lads out in America who get so ill with homesickness that they either die or become vicious.

It is universally allowed that a syllogism is vicious if there be anything more in the conclusion than was assumed in the premises.

Among Fallacies of Ratiocination are to be ranked in the first place, all the cases of vicious syllogism laid down in the books.

The cleverness with which the Allied officers took advantage of the vicious practices of the submarine commanders bewildered them still further.

Now, although engaged in the same vicious employment, there was great difference in the actuating principles of these two young men.

Deputy Miller, collector of the king's customs, a drunken, vicious fellow, added to his unpopularity by attempting to browbeat the assembly.

One of the Manchus caught him by the pigtail, and, being, dissatisfied with his replies, gave that ornament a vicious tug.

Exclaimed the owner of the alpaca umbrella, petulantly, shaking the water from his garments and closing it with a vicious snap.

Better a single child properly reared by a happy contented mother than a dozen ill-fed, unkempt, dirty, vicious and half-baked hoodlums.

She was a wicked, vicious, horrible old woman, whose little, green pig eyes glowed poisonously through the rolls of facial flesh.

Another characteristic of civilized races is the separation of the vicious from the moral classes; they systematize the offenses against society.

The horses were rather gay, and some were vicious, while the young girl's eyes seemed to have an inspiriting effect upon the riders.

Similarly, a boy brought up in a secluded condition of purity and ignorance, finally developed into one of the most vicious of men.

Sleeplessness by night and fretfulness by day form a vicious circle, and attempts must be made to break it at all points.

A woman with a comely and mundane countenance passed us, holding in leash a wheezing, vicious, waddling, brute of a yellow pug.

If he talks of segregating some incurably vicious type of the sexual sort, he is thinking of a ruffian who assaults girls in lanes.

There was a vicious aching in his nerves, his muscles were flaccid and unstrung; a numbness was in his brain as well.

With this dualism and the recognition of the worthlessness and absolutely vicious nature of the material world is combined a decided spiritualism.

A bar-winged moose-fly, that vicious biter, chancing to alight at that moment on the calf's ear, she shook her lank head vehemently.

The Mexican native, in whose veins there is almost always a few drops of indigenous blood, is commonly indolent and often vicious.

The men of the place are as a rule entirely vicious, unlicensed and unprincipled; the women are unmoral and entirely without culture.