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Use vie in a sentence

Definition of vie:

  • (verb) compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others

Sentence Examples:

Can the Japanese vie with this?

Poverty and uncleanliness vie with each other in San Carlos.

Sometimes this Anglo-Irish phrase means to vie with, to rival.

Travelers vie with each other in praise of their enchanting loveliness.

For such effects, no pigment can vie with Prussian blue.

For vividness or picturesqueness of expression none could vie with him.

Political venality, patriotic dishonor, and personal vice vie with each other.

The Egyptian carpets on the floor vie with those of Isfahan.

"The behemoths vie for the privilege of dismembering me out of hand!"

The inhabitants vie with the Japanese in the manufacture of lacquered ware.

We riot in prodigality, we vie with each other in material accumulation and expense.

The inmates vie with each other in showing complaisance to the "candidate."

They may well vie in ugliness with the devils of our forefathers.

These are forms of flying in which aviators constantly vie with one another.

Sky and sea vie in the production of larger expanse of undimmed blue.

Alas, it is not given to all to vie with your Lordship in affairs.

For cleanness and neatness, they will vie with the most tasteful whites.

Ivy, saxifrage and wild roses vie with each other in concealing the ruins.

Roses and wisteria seemed to vie with one another in beauty and luxuriance on the walls.

The jewelers are especially numerous, and vie with the best in London or Paris.

I have had many falls, but no other to vie with that in utter unexpectedness.

Hebrews, Arabs, and Crusaders vie with each other in the poetic beauty of their nomenclature.

On each side of the large middle avenue, gay parterres vie with one another in brilliance.

One rancher would vie with his neighbor in generosity in the matter of unbranded calves.

Here in the evening the favorite reclined, watching the peonies vie with the sunset beyond.

For in what other profession could thousands of tyros hope to vie with the experts?

I know Hungarian peasants who in wealth can vie with the agriculturists of any country.

They vie with each other in the tidiness of their gardens, their porches, and verandahs.

All ranks in the two Fusilier companies seemed to vie with each other in deeds of valor.

Joseph caressed his nose, a nose which for gaudiness could vie with any floral display.

He and his colleagues had no salon which could vie with those of the Whig grandees.

The oaks seem here to vie with the beeches, in size as well as in loftiness and straightness.

They seemed to vie with each other in daring and the venturous exploits they would undertake.

In plastic mastery of language only two Greek writers can vie with him, Plato and Homer.

And he, in turn, gave such a potlatch that nothing but tradition can vie with it.

Tenor, contralto, baritone, and bass vie with each other in performing dangerous feats of vocal agility.

Poe's "imitators" who have amounted to anything have not tried to imitate him but to vie with him.

All Brazilians were eager to vie with each other in the expression of entire satisfaction with my exertions.

Cacti of various kinds vie with one another in producing the most brilliant flowers, odorless but gorgeous.

It was reduced to a gentle whinny that seemed to vie with the boudoir-built notes of the robins.

Copious and harmonious, it may vie with the Italian in melody and softness, especially when it is sung.

This place, as far as earth with heaven may vie, I dare to call the Louvre of the sky.

The heliotrope climbs up its support with eagerness and its blossoms vie in hue with the blue skies.

They were the natural result of the vogue of the mysteries proper, with which they vie in prolixity.

And sent to vie with the variegated carpet of the Turk, and glow upon the arabesque towers of Barbary!

Exotic plums have greatly enriched our horticulture, giving us fruits that vie with the peach in size and lusciousness.

The dancers chant weird songs, break the ranks and vie with each other in their antics and peculiarities.

She was exceedingly young, and she was called upon to vie with the picked comedians of her day.

Armorers began to vie with one another to produce magnificent and elaborate armor; many and strange were the results.

Of course a German noble, a 'Barbarian,' cannot vie with him in gifts of jewels, rare fruit, and foreign flowers.

It is a peaceful spot where exotic plants flourish luxuriantly, and vie with all sorts of flowers in wanton growth.

The moment one of them descries a prey, the whole flock vie with each other to obtain possession of it.

From dewy morn till dusty eve the large gray babblers vie with the crows in their vocal efforts.

She had espied on her journey many a nook and sheltered dell, but nothing that could vie with this!

Stage managers and stage machinists and property masters vie with one another in producing more and more realistic illusions.

The Turkish and German officers, indeed, seemed to vie with each other in expressing their readiness for the fray.

The blackthorn began to show a breaking of pale blossom upon its branches and the hawthorn to vie with it.

The planter of a small colony in North America presume to vie with the conqueror of the great Mexican Empire?

She was an old woman of many wrinkles, kindly wrinkles which seemed to vie with one another to express placidity.

In vain do females of other countries attempt to vie with them; in articles of tasteful fancy they still remain unrivaled.

A great German library resembled a great Roman library; they could vie with each other in the possession of books.

Churches of all confessions vie with one another in the frequency and heartiness and picturesque equipment of their religious services.

They would merely have taught mankind to vie with each other in working the hair off their calves and shins.

Every Eastern potentate appeared to be trying to vie with all the others as to the gems he wore in his turban.

Peddlers with pushcarts lit by flickering flames, vie with each other in their array of gaudy neckties and bargain shirtwaists.

Desmond, too proud to receive favors without returning them, tried to vie with this reckless spendthrift, and found himself in debt.

We can show a peasantry of heroes, and fill our armies with clowns, whose courage may vie with that of their general.

The soldiers will vie with one another in displaying their intrepidity, and it will not be too late then to declare war.

What hope was there that the German intruders into the lands of the Mediterranean could ever vie with this great achievement?

Even those who had shown dislike previously to the exquisite Epicurean, began now to crowd around him and vie for his favor.

Among the singers in the July gloaming, one alone, were he able to vary his notes, could vie with the Toad's harmonious bells.

I have long wondered how any Germans are left; for, in truth, their virtues vie with their vices in hastening their destruction.

The only ambition of these creatures seemed to be to vie with one another as to who could snap the huge "black-snake" the loudest.

With the firm conviction that all your friends will try to vie with you in your good housekeeping, Very affectionately yours, Jane Prince.

Defeated and disheartened, they retreated northward, leaving the fortified towns to vie with one another in throwing open their gates to the conquerors.

All was quiet and serene up there, and the stars seemed to vie with each other in brightness and were fulfilling their allotted destiny.

There are five hundred Walloon bowmen now who know how to shoot straight, and some musketeers who vie with the Spaniards for precision.

His back is the very incarnation of poignancy, while no bird that flies can vie with the whiteness and plumpness of his breast.

People vie with each other in the costliness of their furs and sleigh equipments; a complete set sometimes costing as much as a hundred guineas.

Comrades vie with one another in cutting the widest swathe, women bestir themselves in their wake so as not to be distanced by the mowers.

They seemed to vie with one another in grace and litheness; their eyes, enlivened by the violent exercise, shone brighter and with more fire.

The early American samplers had, of course, their ancestry and inspiration in English samplers, with which I think they vie in interest and attractiveness.

He declares that they are quite superior to anything architectural around them, and "might yet vie with the finest remains of Greek and Roman architecture."

This island metropolis has two or three weekly papers of opposite sides in politics, which vie with each other in gross personalities and scurrilous abuse.

Silently the young knight stood there, with the better part of him going out to vie with the silvery moonbeams in tenderly caressing her.

Said the boy, contemptuously, as his glance rested on Harry's shoes, which certainly did not vie in polish with those operated upon by city bootblacks.

The heads of governments all declare that they all wish for peace, and vie with one another in the most solemn protestations of peaceful intentions.

Given competition, any line would vie with the others in mirrors and gilded furniture; but if there is none, why on earth spend a penny?

In vain did the loyal ingenuity of the Flemish towns through which he passed vie with each other in solemnizing his arrival with costly festivities.

Nor were the waves alone in their cruelty, for the winds reveled in maddened fury and seemed to vie with them in spreading ruin and desolation.

The force of suggestion brought to bear on him was too overwhelming, and he strove boldly to vie with the rest in foulness of tongue and thought.

The macaws, chained by the leg, and the screaming parrots vie with each other and with the monkeys in the amount of noise they make.

In fact, every one seemed to vie with every one else in weaving a civic chaplet to the commander of the "San Jacinto" for his lawless deed.

The convalescing country could not be expected to vie with the intellectual development of England and France, but her progress was in the same direction.

No vermilion can vie with their lips, which are continually sending forth the most bewitching smiles, as if expressly to display teeth as white as alabaster.

As the Asiatic hordes fled behind their panic-stricken king, the Greeks, looking round their limited horizon, could see no power that might vie with them.

She saw herself surrounded by a band of appalling figures, each seeming to vie with his fellow who should display in his appearance the greatest terror.

Certainly not; and yet we are not jealous when others love them, and father and mother sublimely vie with each other in adoring and fondling them.

In minuteness of particularity and detail it may vie with almost any story which human industry has collected, and human simplicity has ever placed upon record.

There is not a people in the world who can vie with the Irish in their indifference to real benefits, and their intense delight in mock ones!