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Use vile in a sentence

Definition of vile:

  • (adjective) causing or able to cause nausea;
  • (adjective) morally reprehensible

Sentence Examples:

"Wisdom and goodness to the vile seem vile," And thus at this may laugh the scoffer.

A vile so-called literature, a suggestive perverse art and an obscene stage panders his sensual curiosity.

Some vile punsters called it an attempt to put a Kid glove on the iron hand of Nature.

For fear of offending the frightful fugitive, the vile vagabond ventured to vilify the venerable veteran.

While boys screeched forth, in chorus vile, "I'll lay the toff don't catch 'is tile."

Now, it is very necessary that we should not flinch from seeing what is vile and debasing.

He cried out vile insults and mingled words of an unfortunate commonness with others of extreme rarity.

Or had she yielded to maternal solicitation, and become the wife of the vile caitiff after all?

A vile and infamous debauchee, Pieter de Roose, an habitual seducer of children and girls, does all the harm.

"I am vile and perfidious since I suspect others of vileness and perfidy," she told herself to.

Nor did his hands, Courageous to attempt all glorious deeds, Disdain to cleanse the vile Augean stalls.

Patching blushed as he thought of the vile pandering to popular taste of which he had been guilty.

Soon that depraved vagabond, the French trader, with cheap trinkets and vile whiskey, made his appearance.

Upon first landing, the stranger finds himself almost nauseated by the vile smells which greet him.

Have they not seen vile schemes prosper, and the schemers enjoy their ill-gotten power for years?

Vile and pusillanimous is he who will submit to the yoke of another, when he may be free.

I mixed with the vile rabble of soldiers, conjurers, and extortioners with which she was surrounded.

He opened them with trembling fingers: the whole plot burst upon him, foul, damnable, unspeakably vile.

Really, it is difficult to find anything so vile, so inept, and so useless as a Spanish politician.

Contrary to law, they brought in their vile stuff and sold it both to breeds and tribesmen.

Rodolphe, who has shown himself so vile, gives to her a last proof of egoism and cowardice.

The promenade or gallery outside, which might be very pleasant, was bespattered all over with vile expectoration.

There is nothing certain in this vile state of existence: I could philosophize extremely well this morning.

Why not suppose it was a vile calumny by which some enemy tried to envenom his existence?

According to this vile traducer the priests are devoid of all honor and all the moral virtues.

The streets are narrow (thirty feet wide), dirty, and unpaved; in the wet season they are vile.

Here and there his story was touched with moments of beauty intermingled with strings of vile curses.

Drunken crowds of fashionably dressed men caroused about the streets, hurling vile names at persons they met.

Shall it dare to desecrate, with its vile presence, the new territories that are now emphatically free?

In spite of his griminess and the vile odors, I had some very pleasant conversation with him.

He is cruel, false, greedy, untruthful, and vile; yet out of his wickedness wondrous good shall come.

And you do not intend making any efforts to discover the vile perpetrators of this shameful machination?

I found my fate in the person of this vile Frenchman, who never since has quitted me.

Today I had locked myself up alone with a riotous drunkard in a vile flat in a notorious Parisian street.

Polytheism, originally vile, and unwarrantable, was rendered ten times more base by coming through their hands.

The vile practice of yellow newspapers and chauvinistic politicians is almost the only experience of it we have.

There is a strength in mysticism, a fact which the vile Rasputin was not long in finding out.

Everything vile, dirty, rotten and iniquitous has been brought to bear against it because it reveals man's cussedness.

"I hope," said Chaytor, with vile sanctimoniousness, "that my dear mother will live till she is a hundred."

We reached the top of the hill, having passed the Italian customs, equally vile with the French.

The usual way to do this is to fling vile epithets, to call opprobrious names, to make shameful charges.

Gaudily painted transparencies allure the unwary to the vile concert saloons in the cellars below the street.

Hedge as a vile adulteress and impostor, unworthy to become his wife, even if you had no husband living.

Yet how often they tie us to unions which have come to be unholy, vile, full of all uncleanness.

Meanwhile, Dick suffered exasperatingly from the heat, confinement, vile air, want of sleep, and lack of exercise.

Instead of vile convicts there were respectable married men with their families, the guaranty of honorable living.

Was ever a place of prayer turned to such vile use since the Temple became a den of thieves?

It is inconceivably vile ... they never visit anywhere but for the purpose of plunder and oppression.

His little craft came on, manned by as vile a mob as ever mutinied or built a wrecker's fire.

Yet here again the methods of the Russian Empress were less vile than those of the Prussian King.

The diffident passion in his voice for once destroys that vile constraint, dissipates that idiotic sense of bashfulness.

Our room, a little over seven feet high, was hung with a vile cheap paper sprigged with blue.

I was likewise enraged on my own account that so vile a use should have been made of my hospitality.

This villain became at once the cynosure of every eye, and stood confessed the vilest of the vile.

He had a squeaky voice and spoke a vile patois, but it sounded like no language I had ever heard.

The heart must be callously vile, which can bear to be stabbed with the words of abused confidence.

His right hand, slashed off by his vile butchers, remains, as I have said, unburied to this day.

Although I scorned to adopt such a vile practice, I shot a two-year-old buck, while Hogarth shot nothing.

Fully two days more steaming brought us thither to that vile haunt of malaria and all things unlovely.

Yesterday this man was a vile, debauched drunkard; surely that does not make him fitter for heaven!

Alas, I fear to contemplate what may have befallen her as a result of such vile and foolish conduct.

Confide your interest to me; I will not betray it, providing you do not again assume that vile cockade.'

The atmosphere fairly reeked with the smell of sweating animals, perspiring humanity, rotting garbage, and vile sewage.

And in the Melanesian Hades the ghosts of the wicked have nothing to eat but vile refuse and excrement.

Christophe was struck by the number of vicious faces, prowling rascals, vile beggars, painted women sickeningly scented.

Dark matted hair clung to the damp forehead and there was a sickening odor of vile liquor in the air.

What is this vile body that it should be any longer withheld from the touch of the unbeliever?

Drinking himself drunk like a sot, or hoodwinked by a cunning, unscrupulous woman for her own vile ends.

The Greek philosophers regarded it as based on an ideal homosexual love, and not as a vile form of prostitution.

The commissariat arrangements, into which as a matter of course he would be prone to inquire, were, he declares, vile.

The sight of this lovely creature almost lessened my aversion to the vile fratricide and his unlawful passion.

Do you know they call us thieves, liars, murderers, and every other vile name their tongues can form?

You serve that vile fiend in human flesh, that royal strumpet, that wanton at whose name men spit?

He may unselfishly devote himself to what is petty or vile, as he may to what is generous and noble.

Up to this time the English loss had been small, for the shooting of the Zulus was vile.

Vile as was this system of extortion and misrule, but a single voice was raised in protest against it.

The islanders retreated into their cottages and lay, patiently enduring, till the vile wind should pass away.

"I was bewitched" she cried "by shameful charms;" And things most vile she vowed she could declare.

Curses on that flaxseed and that vile drug which made these fields so hard for these little feet.

When he is ill affected, however, he represents pettifoggers, cunning vile persons, thieves, messengers, footmen, and servants, etc.

In comedy, nothing was so sure to please as mean buffoonery, vile ribaldry, and unmannerly jests of fools and clowns.

It was a vile, stuffy hole, reeking, like the forecastle, with a stale fishy odor, uncleanly and shabby.

I can scarcely believe that I ever loved a woman so vile and despicable, so depraved by sin as yourself.

They were shabbily dressed, cultivated vile manners, were gloriously illiterate, but they had originality of feeling and thought.

The language of the vast multitude was vile in the highest degree, and songs of a libidinous nature were chanted.

We grow coarse with coarseness, vile with reviling, and brutal with the brutality of those who surround us.

It is surprising how tenacious mankind often are of their ancient customs, be they ever so vile, unseemly, or heathenish.

Meanwhile, Simon continued by every vile means in his power to maltreat the child committed to his guardianship.

I feel even more abashed at the incredible audacity, I should almost say sacrilegious madness, of the vile old creature.

True, some women love strong drink, and some are vile; yet the vast majority are utterly opposed to intemperance.

"We know that we are vile and depraved, but are not those slaveholders, a little worse than we are?"

A vile odor permeated the hot air exhaled by the crowd of dirty and perspiring people. Andrea felt stifled.

Plainly now the shouts and vile threats of the drunken marauders came to the ears of the single listener.

You see, my dear good friend, so it is, and not as stupid or vile wretches (lumpen) may have told you.

A younger son of the poorest noble would famish rather than earn his livelihood in an employment considered vile.

"It's a vile night, gran'," he exclaimed; then espying his two newly-arrived guests, he assumed a more cordial tone.

"My soul rises indignant," exclaimed a member, "at the avaricious and moral turpitude which so vile a conduct displays."

She makes such a fuss over me, stuffs me with pills, and makes me drink that vile sassafras tea.

The Albanians are vile shots, and no damage was done on either side, beyond may be a window or so broken.

A vile place, which has imprinted its own vileness on the face of everyone who lives within its walls.