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Vindicate Definition

Sentence Examples

The cook is vindicated.

I must vindicate myself.

Independence Vindicated.

Outraged law vindicated.

He wants to be vindicated.

The cops were not vindicated.

The prophecy has been vindicated.

I wrote the letter in my own vindication.

Daniel soon vindicated the judgment.

I will be her vindicator and speak for her.

He had been unanswerable in his vindication.

The City publishes a Vindication of its doings.

And success had come to him as self-vindication.

He had vindicated the Power of the Press.

He will vindicate, and raise and glorify.

It is a clear vindication of a necessary policy.

It was a splendid vindication of your community.

In this he vindicates his claim as a poet.

It is his sufficient explanation and vindication.

This alone is enough to vindicate the act.

This arm shall vindicate a father's cause.

This right you may vindicate for your own.

I felt a little vindicated by his reaction.

The law is the law, and must be vindicated.

We, code less, will yet vindicate her code.

‘What could you do but vindicate your sex?’

He knows well how to vindicate their rights.

In another way the right will be vindicated.

The wage-earners have vindicated themselves.

I came here not to confess, but to vindicate.

Being a champion of truth I must vindicate it.

Her credit among women was vindicated at last.

He will still vindicate the majesty of His law.

I feel that my judgment is entirely vindicated.

The Senator says he has not vindicated Slavery.

We do not extenuate it; we cannot vindicate it.

Let us openly and boldly vindicate our teaching.

Public opinion had been triumphantly vindicated.

The birds of heaven shall vindicate their grain.

You've got to live to have your honor vindicated.

His character was vindicated, his business restored.

I knew you would vindicate yourself sooner or later.

The empire of rectitude shall one day be vindicated.

The words of the officer wounded me deeply, and I entered hotly on my vindication.

The result was a complete vindication of the several persons who had been attacked.

They were here to vindicate her honor, to place her upon the throne of the World.

'You are more interested than for my time I can be, in vindicating his character.'

Justice would have been vindicated by the expulsion of the intruder and his brood.

She realized abruptly that she had not yet vindicated her right to the joy of life.

He has thought it his duty to vindicate the truth which has been wantonly outraged.

He lost his case, but the nation was aroused and determined to vindicate its power.

The United States will soon appear in the field to vindicate down-trodden humanity.

Those who spoke in reply mostly vindicated the course pursued in the United States.

She arose almost to enthusiasm as she vindicated his character from so base a stain.

This is the principal reason why we vindicate the right to our own higher education.