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Definition of virtuosity:

  • (noun) technical skill or fluency or style exhibited by a virtuoso

Sentence Examples:

The early toccatas might be called ventures in virtuosity.

This band was distinguished in musicianship by versatility, virtuosity and brilliancy.

While virtuosity is not essential for quartet playing, good musicianship is very necessary.

The rhythmic and instrumental virtuosity of this music has an immediate kinesthetic effect.

This was not merely created by money or correct habiliment or athletic virtuosity.

What incredible virtuosity of the Unknown Creator had brought these unthinkable beings into multiform existence?

It is fair to say that similar precocity in other children has not always resulted in virtuosity.

Thompson, who was again expectorating into the fire with a display of virtuosity that was almost uncanny.

Frequently of diabolic cleverness, gibing, amorous, convivial, they show the virtuosity in rhyme of their many makers.

Everything is expressed there, and wondrously well expressed, yet one is quite unconscious of any display of virtuosity.

With drums and fifes, Wagner marches at the head of all artists in declamation, in display and virtuosity.

And yet this virtuosity, though it is French in character, is free of the French manner, as indeed of any mannerism.

In all these and countless other ways are revealed the accuracy and virtuosity of intellect that distinguish this brilliant Frenchman.

Arthur's supernatural nature doubtless suggested the second movement, with its elfin airs, its flibbertigibbet virtuosity, and its magic of color.

In the purely sensorial field we have the well-known virtuosity displayed by the professional buyers and testers of various kinds of goods.

Fifteen years later, Rose wrote another charming composition in a similar vein, Holiday for Trombones in which virtuosity is contrasted with lyricism.

In those days the age of artistic vagrancy had not yet come to an end, and virtuosity concerts were still flourishing most vigorously.

The scherzos are original conceptions quite distinct from the accepted type; they have bold outlines, variety of mood and demand virtuosity in their performance.

It is another phase of orchestral virtuosity, of intellectual strain, but with more of poetic energy than in the symphonies of the French or other Germans.

It may, however, become dangerous and kill individuality as it has done with those favorites of our public, whose virtuosity I despise more than mere crudities.

It is not virtuosity that is needed in the makeup of the teacher of beginners, but rather sound musicianship, as well as the comprehension of the child psychology.

In the structural part of conversation, dogmatism, his touch is firmer and more impressive; in its constituent material he can on his own subject display a pleasing virtuosity.

Each tries to outdo the others in sexual enormities, and the virtuosity of these gentlemen in this domain is only surpassed by their ignorance and incapacity in all others.

His broad, weighty manner was transformed first into extravagant virtuosity and then into pettiness of style during the last thirty years of his life, when he became senile.

Withal, he survives by something better than mere virtuosity; for his simplicity and sincere enthusiasm, sundered from the prevalent affectation of his contemporaries, ensure him a place apart.

Elaboration of drapery for its own sake, or in order to display virtuosity in modeling, shows lack of true sculptural vision, which always has its eye on the naked form.

In the main the tendency of art is always to reduce and simplify its conventions, thus necessitating an increase of virtuosity in order to obtain the same effects of shapeliness and rhythm.

In spite of their full richness of melody, his earlier compositions had something too glaring, overladen, and trivially pleasing; they were too much influenced by his virtuosity to please for themselves.

It is doubtless true to say that this enlargement resulted from the technical improvements in orchestral instruments and from the increase of instrumental virtuosity, but the converse is much more true.

Not because his sentiments had a foundation in the slightest degree funereal, but because he could perform "The Dead March in Saul" with more virtuosity than any other piece except "The Hallelujah Chorus."

Everything had been rehearsed with infinite care, and in all five movements the rendering was a display of virtuosity such as only a very rare combination of favorable circumstances would allow one to hear.

Virtuosity took the place of aesthetic spontaneity; while there is undeniable beauty in the new achievements, they generally lack the vigor and sincerity of earlier periods when the principles of technique were less well understood.

Attaining a marvelous degree of virtuosity in the use of the keyboard at an early age, he later found this of the greatest advantage in working out his ideas, and, further, in actually trying their effects upon auditors.

In the first, as regards the writing, virtuosity asserts itself, and in the third, contrapuntal skill; but in the second, the greatness of music makes us forget the means by which that greatness is achieved.

Of the four ways in which a musician may shape his practical career, teaching, conducting, playing and composing, Schumann chose the last two as being most congenial to him, aiming particularly at the greatest possible virtuosity.

To discover the points at which, in a particular composition, this fury of inspiration fell upon him, is to get a little closer to the secret of Swinburne's astonishing virtuosity, and is my excuse for the following observations.

We are credibly informed that the problems of involved steps and tricky tempo, exacting requirements of agility and expression, are met with a laugh; that, while great virtuosity is naturally rare, real elegance of execution is the rule.

Apart from a few noblemen whom the smell of blood or the need for financial advice moved to approach the other clan, the aristocratic group remained effectively faithful to its principles of separatism and its arrogant virtuosity.

This was his palette, from which he drew his surprising effects and on which he played with his consummate virtuosity; it is to this that he owes his legitimate renown, greater even in England that it is in France.

We have been given much, of late, of that virtuosity of foot and leg which is usually called dancing; and that is excellent among us here, quite the contribution of the American, so singularly the product of this special physique.

Now, despite all the mental virtuosity with which Liszt develops his ideas, a virtuosity as astounding, and possibly as deceptive, as the physical virtuosity for which he is more famous, the ideas themselves are for the most part commonplace.

As a specimen of his virtuosity, what do you say to the little feat of playing the running passage at the end, two pages long, and which was written for both hands in unison, in octaves instead of single notes?

The entire press praised her virtuosity, artistic feeling, and nobility of countenance, but above all they expressed admiration for her gift of revealing the innermost beauty of the grand musical works in which she lived and felt so profoundly.

After the professional virtuosity with which this physicist grasped and disposed of all the points unsettled by Mayer's program and more besides, what especially strikes us is the consummate critical lucidity of this young man of twenty-six years.

At the end of the verse the dancer floats softly round the circle of spectators, with coquetry in her eyes, extorting applause by a quick virtuosity of steps and pirouettes, which have little relation to any living and real passion.

The Swiss Keller and Meyer and many Germans, Austrians, and Swiss of our own time have attained considerable virtuosity in this form; but many of their products would have to be called little novels rather than short stories in the technical sense.

After I had finished, he sat down and played the whole piece for me, a thing he rarely does, introducing a magnificent trill in double thirds, and ending up with some peculiar turn in which he allowed his virtuosity to peep out at me for a moment.

There are kinds of virtuosity in any art which affect the whole of its future; painting can never be the same again after some painter has used line and color in a manner that his predecessors had not fully developed, music makes a new demand of all musicians when one of them has once increased its language.