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Definition of voodoo:

  • (noun) a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
  • (noun) a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti); involves witchcraft and animistic deities
  • (verb) bewitch by or as if by a voodoo

Sentence Examples:

See also voodoo programming.

"That voodoo's coat of arms, I guess."

Probably the spring is a regular voodoo hangout.

I knew an old voodoo woman that ate cockroaches.

"I am not afraid of voodoo," said Simpson rather scornfully.

"You want to get back for the voodoo dance?"

"Well, and what will our voodoo priest try next?"

"Do you think there were any of the voodoo, there?"

The voodoo mysteries permeate through a population numbered by millions.

You fellows make a voodoo mystery of flight because it pays you.

This woman was speaking, beyond doubt, of the voodoo priestess.

More obscure than voodoo programming, which may be done by cookbook.

The voodoo priestess apparently possessed powers of divination that were inexplicable.

The impulse came from Percy Darrow and his idle talk of voodoos.

Did you know he carried the symbols of voodoo next his heart?

The mulatto launched into a prompt, energetic defense of the voodoo doctors.

The voodoo worshipers began to scatter in panic of this strange visitation.

I believed firmly in witches, ghosts, goblins, voodoo spells, and conjure doctors.

I've heard of Voodoo deviltry, and I've laughed at it with the others.

"It was not the voodoo sign, Mademoiselle," he said, turning to her.

Miss Carolina had deliberately gone to meet the voodoo and lift the curse!

It must have been that peculiar poison of the voodoo priests that was used.

How far are we from the voodoo and all the savagery of Africa?

"I don't know how many voodoo there was in the crowd," continued Norris.

We poked along for about three miles, and no sign of those voodoo cusses.

The voodoos and medicine men and the devil-devil doctors were the fathers of metaphysics.

On the ears of the frenzied voodoo dancers it beat like the summons of a tom-tom.

The assistant was lazily relating tales of voodoos, a glimmer of mischief in his eyes.

And I want to tell you of the bee I turned loose in one voodoo fellow's bonnet.

"I'll get a chance to see one of these old voodoo frauds, anyway," Jack told himself.

The author knows voodoo, and voodoo worshipers, and he most ably presents it in this story.

Then at last we sighted the towering, ragged mountains of the great island of the voodoos.

I could perceive that here was one, this voodoo priest, who was in the confidence of Duran.

Somewhere in those dark gorges bloody voodoo rites were probably being performed at this very moment.

The financial yields of the new religions are incomparably higher than is the voodoo man's gain.

"It was a sign, however, of something that suggested at once to me the connection of voodoo practices."

My heart thumped with the thought that here were some little ones being transported for voodoo slaughter.

"Yes," said Norris, "and I'm afraid we'll have a taste of some more voodoo doings before we get through."

I reckon she'd have called herself a clairvoyant nowadays, but then she was just a voodoo woman.

They possess several magic phrases, which are like the incantations of a voodoo doctor driving devils away.

A group of Americans once offered to pay for a voodoo supper if they were allowed to attend it.

"And we wouldn't be getting here at all, if those voodoo skunks had had their own way about it."

One of his old associates contrived to introduce into his food one of the poisons so well known to the voodoo.

"Of course, you know that voodoo means literally anything that inspires fear," remarked Kennedy after a moment's thought.

Recalling those stories of the poisoned food given by the voodoos to their victims, I denied myself, even of the drink.

He had recognized among the little things that Edward drew from his pocket on the road the voodoo's charm.

And you can't do it with a gun, because they tell me the president isn't afraid of anything except a voodoo priestess.

I asked, curiously, for, of course, I knew of the rites attendant upon voodoo worship, although I had never witnessed them.

I know that, but he went to see the voodoo woman to try and have her give him a line on the chest.

"Yes," said Robert, "when he gets the little one among the voodoo folks he won't have any more use for the basket."

Cookbooks, slavishly followed, can lead one into voodoo programming, but are useful for hackers trying to monkey up small programs in unknown languages.

His first act was to bore a hole with an auger in the cedar, insert the voodoo charm and plug the hole firmly.

And she told of a neighbor who had lost a child at the hands of the voodoo worshipers less than two months gone.

Then on the other hand, if dueling were too risky, we might have had him voodooed, had we lived back in the good old days.

Watching narrowly its effect he swung off into one of the genuine old crooning voodoo songs, once so common down South, now so rarely heard.

She laughed and said that the voodoo men were barefoot, and the seeds would give them sores that would disable them for weeks.

There wasn't less than a dozen of those voodoo cannibals there, in plain view of our perch, and we weren't three hundred yards from them.

By sheer force of will Lois refused to see him as sacrificing to the hoodoo or the voodoo of which her mother's letters had apprised her.

I had no doubt that a big voodoo ceremonial could mean nothing less than that there was to be the offering of the "goat without horns."

And then, if ever that skunk voodoo gives me an excuse, I'm going to find out what my old training in gunnery has done for me.

I meant to run for it, and elude the voodoos in the thick forest, so soon as the laden Robert and Carlos should have a good start.

The coming of those twenty dusky voodoos could have but the one explanation: Duran had brought them to hunt down, and destroy, the six of us.

One thing leads to another in talk, and it was not long till it became plain that our hostess was in no sort of sympathy with the voodoo.

"We got nearly everything loaded onto Carlos' little wagon, and Carlos was going to hitch up the donkey, when those voodoo skunks showed up," said Norris.

She knew that the open practice of voodoo was against all laws, and she had not really meant to do any more than frighten the boys off.

I have never found an account of a genuine instance of voodoo worship elsewhere in the United States, although it seems to have been common enough in the West Indies at one time.

"It was no accident, it was all on a program; only all the program was not carried out, as, I guess, there are some voodoos left that could tell."

Duran, after a time, inclined his head to a little box on the table, and presently it occurred to me that they must have the voodoo snake there as well.

The English of the ignorant classes look upon French very much as a clergyman does upon profanity, or as a missionary regards the muttered charms and incantations of a "voodoo" priestess.

Under the influence of the scene he began with the incident of the voodoo's "conjure bag" and in reply to queries showed where it had been inserted in the cedar.

As I stood there admiring the prospect and telling myself that no Voodoo devilry could find a home in this peaceful English countryside, I detected a faint sound of voices far above.

As for the Professor and the voodoo priestess, they were seated upon the floor, staring at one another for all the world like two spent wrestlers pausing to regain their breath.

The story ran that an attempt was being made to band all the natives possible together in this voodoo worship, and then at a given signal they were all to rise.

There was no news of any white child being held for sacrifice; but there had been passed word of a big voodoo ceremonial to take place either this night or the next.

Where voodooism prevails it has not only its adepts and votaries, but a large class who, full of terror, buy at exorbitant prices from voodoo priests charms against its spells.

I fell asleep to the music of the little cascade, whose continual plash kept from my ears the harassing song of the mosquitoes, who with voodoo thirst sought flaws in my citadel.

He had touched on the thing that was in my mind; for during Norris's and Robert's recital of their adventures, I was wondering where this white voodoo should be all that while.

Before undertaking his commission, he went to one of these voodoo "doctors," who had befriended him in more than one peril, and by the gift of a fat 'possum secured a charm to protect him.

In the voodoo practices, of which we have not any accurate records, the incantations that were pronounced by the priests, contain strange, magic words, scraps of ancient ritual, the meanings of which are forgotten.

This is the wizard, or medicine man, or voodoo worker, who does by prayer and spell what his employers would do with a club if it were not for the awkward institution of the law.

I was not far away when I observed your little difficulty with the voodoo woman, and being curious, half intending to interfere, I came closer, just beyond the heavy fringe of brush near the cabin.

And I was careful to tell him about the grown man who had been buried alive, and in the night disinterred by the voodoos who had torn out his heart and lungs to be devoured.

He turned and retreated the way he had come, nothing doubting that only by the virtue of a voodoo charm which he carried in his pocket he had escaped, for the time being, a plot laid for his capture.

I was bound hand and foot, while the cannibals, armed with spears, danced around me in a heathen ceremony, chanting a voodoo chant and reciting a rigmarole by which cannibals are supposed to make their human feast on a sacred rite.

It was decided to discharge our guide some way short of our destination, and start him back before he should find opportunity to tell anyone there of having led a pair of white boys across the island and into the region of the voodoos.

The six men, and the voodoo woman, at the cooking, were taken unawares, their two rifles confiscated, and they were lined up against the wall; Norris patting his rifle and winking, to accentuate what Marat was telling them in the French.

The range of Weird Tales comprises every type of fantastic fiction: from the occult to science fiction, from ghost stories to the supernatural, from voodoo thrillers to vampire tales, from werewolf yarns to reincarnation, and from the mystic to the physic.

Captain Marat, however, had got into talk with a mulatto, of whom he drew the information that the part of the city in which we had come upon Duran was a hot-bed of the city voodoo, whose practices were said to be of a moderate nature.

A cargo cult programmer will usually explain the extra code as a way of working around some bug encountered in the past, but usually neither the bug nor the reason the code apparently avoided the bug was ever fully understood (compare shotgun debugging, voodoo programming).

She said she then was convinced poison had been given him to put him in a trance, and that the voodoo worshipers had exhumed him a few hours after burial, and resuscitated him, to obtain the living blood for admixture with the rum, and to take the heart for a voodoo feast.

A stranger from the big world, seeing a very fat man crawling by the roadside with a lantern hung about his neck, making frantic dabs here and there, and hauling forth great worms that resisted and hung on valiantly and stretched like red rubber, might well have said that here was voodoo worship or a Dickey initiate gone mad.