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Use vulnerability in a sentence

Vulnerability Definition

  • the state of being vulnerable or exposed; "his vulnerability to litigation"; "his exposure to ridicule"
  • susceptibility to injury or attack

Sentence Examples

They are vulnerable.

Most of us are vulnerable.

It was his vulnerable point.

She felt so cruelly vulnerable.

It was too vulnerable to attack.

I trust it was a vulnerable spot.

He felt very naked and vulnerable.

It was too exposed and vulnerable.

You've touched my vulnerable point.

Attack the enemy at vulnerable points.

Can't find a vulnerable spot anywhere.

A battery is then extremely vulnerable.

He was attacked on his vulnerable side.

She always strikes the vulnerable spot.

I tried him, where man is most vulnerable.

She looked as vulnerable as a soft kitten.

The boy exposed his vulnerabilities.

The bride was touched in a vulnerable spot.

The most vulnerable spot was thus presented.

We were vulnerable, so it's game and rubber.

For she had become so vulnerable, so exposed.

There is a class of arguments less vulnerable.

Its enzyme system is its vulnerability.

No vulnerable spot seemed to have escaped him.

This is the most vulnerable point in class work.

You know where even the best men are vulnerable.

Fortunately the bullet struck a vulnerable point.

He felt vulnerable, and changed the conversation.

He knows where I am like to prove most vulnerable!

An orbit-ship under fire was completely vulnerable.

And ships are more vulnerable than our thick walls.

All that was needed was to find the vulnerable spot.

I was expert at it, and I found the vulnerable spot.

She had pierced his armor at the one vulnerable spot.

It soon passed, for they had their vulnerable places.

The heart is always a very vulnerable point in women.

Our vulnerability is in our extensive seacoast.

Keep their computer systems easy to use—and vulnerable.

The blow appeared to fall in the only vulnerable place.

No State could have had a more vulnerable frontier line.

She put anger into her voice, knowing he was vulnerable.

The gateway was vulnerable to third-dimensional weapons.

Between these two things is his void and vulnerable place.

The scars on the vulnerable parts beneath them were cruel.

The blow was well directed and it struck a vulnerable spot.

The vulnerable, variable quick of the man was inaccessible.

The former, however, is far more vulnerable than the latter.

The more dominion is extended the more vulnerable it becomes.

The room a candle makes in the darkness is a vulnerable room.

They were too conscious that they themselves were vulnerable.

We will no longer be vulnerable to our earlier methods of attack.

The liquid depth of the mountains reinforces vulnerability.

They afford a very vulnerable target for simple sabotage activities.

Perhaps it was their only vulnerable point, they guarded it so well.

The animal is vulnerable only in the stomach and between the thighs.

The rudder was about the only vulnerable portion of the ship indeed.

She could not feel brave in his presence, only vulnerable and afraid.

The egotism of youth is merciless, measureless, endlessly vulnerable.

We have seen that all the criticisms have decidedly vulnerable points.

They were completely vulnerable to unrelenting and devastating attack.

And the underparts of the monster might even be vulnerable to his spear.

On the other hand, a frigate or a sloop-of-war is vulnerable throughout.

She was no more sincere and no less vulnerable than the rest of her sex.

In fact, it would invite attack as a very vulnerable point in their armor.

She was horribly wounded in the most vulnerable part of her spirit’s anatomy.

Why, men are like soft-shell crabs, so tender, frail, and vulnerable are they.

The Japanese had resumed fire and their targets were the vulnerable transports.

The nose of the bear is very tender, and is the only point vulnerable to blows.

Each participant in the Civil War was vulnerable to the propaganda of the other.

With the hair, she looked less skinny, a little older, a little less vulnerable.

His eyes ran over the keys as if searching for the vulnerable, for the vital spot.

Such a madness is destructive, and here was something more vulnerable than herself.

She had proved that the hardest and coldest natures are more vulnerable to this powerful weapon than others.