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Use vulnerable in a sentence

Vulnerable Definition

  • susceptible to attack; "a vulnerable bridge"
  • susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation; "vulnerable to bribery"; "an argument vulnerable to refutation"
  • capable of being wounded or hurt; "vulnerable parts of the body"

Sentence Examples

Be it dog or cat, here is for a trial of his vulnerability.

On the contrary, they offer vulnerable spots to the stings of pain.

She was horribly wounded in the most vulnerable part of her spirit’s anatomy.

A faintly ironic resignation is no armor for a vulnerable heart.

My lord was at once more vulnerable and more scrupulous.

He had solid defenses built up all round the vulnerable boiler and engines.

In addition, the submarine has what is termed a strategic vulnerability.

Most particularly I want to learn their points of the greatest vulnerability.

She had pierced his armor at the one vulnerable spot.

The handling of the story is more vulnerable.

The house has only one vulnerable point, the doors and shutters.

You are vulnerable tonight, she told herself, wanting to ask him to stay.

A full energy charge hit the tyrannosaurus in its most vulnerable spot.

All of a sudden I felt tired, vulnerable, helpless, and all alone.

All that was needed was to find the vulnerable spot.

All the European empires are becoming vulnerable at every point.

At last the vulnerable spot in her son's heart was found.

Between these two things is his void and vulnerable place.

He felt vulnerable, and changed the conversation.

He had a deceptive air of vulnerability that always disappeared in a crunch.

I am told the most vulnerable spot of a ship is just forward of the mainmast.

I know where he is vulnerable.

I never realized that she was alive, vulnerable, sensitive.

It touched her one vulnerable spot—her love.

It was a point at which he always felt himself vulnerable.

It was so vulnerable.

Naturally it hit him in that most vulnerable point, his theory of Popular Taste.

No vulnerable spot seemed to have escaped him.

Not vulnerable.

Our vulnerability is in our extensive seacoast.

Pete was too valuable and too vulnerable.

She had touched his vulnerable point?

She had touched the vulnerable spot in every man’s heart.

She looked so small and childish and vulnerable, almost pitiful.

Silly or supreme, all are vulnerable.

Something tells me they are vulnerable in ways we haven't guessed at.

That's another vulnerable spot.

The attack was therefore diverted from this vulnerable point by moral means.

The blow was well directed and it struck a vulnerable spot.

The fate of the bandits had touched no vulnerable spot in her.

The latter was a vulnerable foe.

There is always some vulnerable point in the strongest armor.

They a foolish tribe, and all are vulnerable in their vanity.

They wear brilliant, if vulnerable, breast-plates.

This class is becoming painfully conscious of its vulnerability.

Truthfully, they both were grand masters at never allowing vulnerability.

We can study the characters of our enemies, and learn their vulnerable points.

Without senses, the adversary becomes impotent and entirely vulnerable.

Women in moments of physical exhaustion are most vulnerable.

Yet she is vulnerable!

You are vulnerable in your memory, in which you have stored it.