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Use wiener in a sentence

Definition of wiener:

  • (noun) a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked | penis | a person who is nervous or afraid to partake in certain activities

Sentence Examples:

They would not even make a fire for wieners or bacon.

It was the first time she had ever cooked wieners and bacon over an open fire on green sticks, and she was perfectly delighted with the experience.

Penny laughed, and with her arm linked in his, glided on to the fire where a group of noisy young people were roasting wieners and boiling coffee.

Some were toasting wieners and marshmallows; other only their own epidermis.

As the fire was lighted and the wieners set to bake on the end of long, green willow sticks, he began to enter more completely into the merriment of the crowd.

You'll be suggesting sauerkraut and wieners next.

How can bologna and wieners be prevented from turning dark and shrinking within a few days after making if exposed to the air?

He invited them in to supper, but the peanuts, the popcorn, the waffles, the lemonade, the cider and the wieners had been plenty for them, and it did not seem as though they ever wanted to eat a mouthful again.

The Indians got back to the tent along towards morning, and the cannibals went back with us, and we had to feed them on wieners, which was the nearest to roast dog we could get for them at that time of night.

He did not think of Stephanie, except as a man who knows he must spend the rest of his life in prison might think of a lush green field, or the cool swish of skis over fresh, powdery snow, or the sound of yardarms creaking against the wind on a small sailing schooner, or the tang of wieners roasting over an open fire with the crisp air of fall against your back, or the scent of good French brandy, or a woman.