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Use wiggle in a sentence

Definition of wiggle:

  • (noun) the act of wiggling
  • (verb) move to and fro;

Sentence Examples:

Only a convulsive wiggle intended to cover the undefended position of the school books.

Every year seemed to add something to the big collegian's wonderful strength, and now the astounded Frenchman found himself unable to wiggle.

Whenever they have an inclination to quarrel she jumps between them and wiggles the yellow ear at the giant and the green ear at the dwarf, which fusses them both so that they promise to be good and rush off to get her a saucer of milk.

The space in the forward vestibule was narrow and cramped, and with the strain of the dragging car to make the pin stick, it took two of them lying flat, waiting for the back-surging moment and wiggling it for slack, to pull it.

By some sort of muscular contraction, he could wiggle these ears at will, and would do so for a penny, a whistle, and upon one occasion for his brother Rudolph's dead rat, so devised as to dangle from string and window before the unhappy passer-by.

Then his mother nursed him, and as the new milk warmed his stomach he gained sufficient assurance of his footing to wiggle his tail and to butt the feverish caked udder with his velvety muzzle.

If you'll hold out your first and second fingers and wiggle them in the friendliest way you know how, you'll see how the Red Admiral moved his feelers just then.

It would have brought her such sadistic pleasure to watch him squirm around in iconoclastic ideas the way a convict had to adapt to prison or a mouth to the wiggling substance of hideous tasting Jello.

When she finally found a five-cent piece, a tear had wiggle-waggled down her cheek and fell, splotching the back of her glove.

He finds his way into all branches of the service, and I have even seen a dignified colonel wiggle his shoulders anxiously.

All were very sleek and shiny with the wet; and they had a fashion of suddenly and violently wiggling one or the other or both of their little ears in ridiculous contrast to the fixed stare of their bung eyes.

Pretty soon the dogs made a row up the gulch, and as the howls and yells and promiscuous uproar came nearer I knew they had started a bear and made him get a wiggle on.

He started to catch the rabbit, but those two brave hedgehog boys grabbed up a lot of mud, and plastered it in that snake's eyes so that he couldn't see, and he had to wiggle down to the pond to wash it out.

If I had not seen his legs wiggling futilely in the air, and drawn him forth, dripping, he would have drowned, as the butt was too solid for his struggles to dump, and he couldn't make a sound for help.

Lane descried his sister Lorna in the throng, and when she and her partner came round in the giddy circle, Lane saw that she wiggled and toddled like the others.

For mannerisms, a spy has by practice to be able to show an impediment in his speech one day, whereas the next a wiggle of an eyelid or a snuffling at the nose will make him appear a totally different being.

That is what the poor little fellows were trying to do now, only to be driven back and kept moving wildly by the muskrat, who lifted himself now and then from the water, and wiggled his ugly jaws in anticipation of the feast.

"They'll wiggle through legislation to prevent export of raw salmon," MacRae suggested; "same as they have on the sockeye."

His tail was lashing to and fro, and his whiskers were wiggling up and down.

Bleated the goat, wiggling his whiskers and smacking his lips.

Kurt wiggled it into the backside of his computer and spun down the thumbscrews, hit a button, and then his desktop was up on the wall, ten feet high.

The cute redhead sprinkled a wiggle-finger wave at him, and he nodded at her, the tips of his ears going pink.

He gnashed his teeth and wiggled his tail and even cried big round tears.

The goats bleated and squirmed, wiggled and bucked, but nothing dismayed the boys, and they kept on until the two goats were harnessed up tight and strong to the cart, and then the fun began.

Nip, the dog, coming suddenly around the corner of the box, did not know the Elephant was there until a draft of wind swayed the Elephant's trunk, making it wiggle to and fro.

All this while the Stuffed Elephant had been trying to wiggle out of the snowdrift.

The minute I come down to hard-pan she wiggles away like a scared tadpole in shallow water.

Just for a minute it tickled me to see old Turk getting such a wiggle on him, but the next moment my mirth turned to seriousness, and I tried to cut him off from the other cattle, but he beat me, bellowing bloody murder.

Says Sister Martha, so shocked her white frizzes almost stand up and wiggle.

Not you; wiggle yourself back, matey.

I mutely goggled my question at him, wiggling my hands like guppy fins, but he brushed me off with a solemn mysterious smile and backed through the curtain.

The pundit looked at the figs through the glass, and behold, they were covered with crawling, wiggling, wriggling, living life!

He added, wiggling the nosegays in front of their noses.

Ben Jonson once said: "A busy woman is a fearful nuisance," and it's more than likely that he had in mind some fussy dame whose nervous fingers were everlastingly picking at things and continually on the wiggle.

He was proudly aristocratic, lordly, dignified, jealous, mentally wiggling and spiritually jiggling.

I had some hopes of her at first: but when I talked to her tightly, and closely I could make nothing of her; she was wiggle waggle, and I could never persuade her to be categorical.

The assistant wiggled his controls gently and the beaker jiggled back and forth, a few inches off the floor.

By-and-by, rising to his full height in the saddle, turned and wiggled his fingers at the frenzied Red and made several other signs that the cowboy was in the humor to appreciate to the fullest extent.

If the paste is fresh he eats it, and wiggles his polonaise as much as to thank us, and goes away refreshed.

"I've been trying for five minutes to get my tobacco pouch out of my pocket, and every time I move a finger one of your bold desperadoes wiggles a gun at me, and the other buccaneer draws a bead on my unoffending head with that ferocious pin."

They were not killed, at least not all of them, for they were still wiggling their legs and antennas; but they were evidently benumbed, or some of their backs were broken, and they were fastened so securely in the fissures that they could not escape.

Wiggle here interrupted the excited bard (just as I was about to break out into four lines so pathetic that they would drive you into hysterics).

The transportation magnate wiggled a disgustingly fat finger at him, "I'll arrange for that part of it."

The female clowns, all of whom were burdened by excessive avoirdupois, wiggled their hips and shoulders as they marched in a sort of Oriental shimmy.

Later, she told that in her terrible mortal fear, she had made efforts, quite beyond what is humanly possible, to at least wiggle one finger, when one after another came by to hold her hand for the last time.

He gave the coolie his instructions, as the sampan occupied by the red-faced man was all the while endeavoring to wiggle closer.

The things she whispered then were exactly those which Brent would have given the riches of the earth to have heard her say to him; and Mac replied with all his doggy eloquence, furiously wiggling his body and making futile attempts to lick her face.

He sniffed the air distrustfully, as he wiggled his shoulders to free them from the clinging, damp shirt.

Instantly they jerk hard, and two big white albacore, from fifteen to thirty pounds, come wiggling up on to the stern of the boat.

Stan wiggled over against the slats on the side of the cart and poked a hole to look through.

"I'll radio in for an ambulance," the officer said as he helped Stan wiggle out of his soggy clothes and into the electrically heated blanket.

I moved my finger with such extreme rapidity I could feel her vagina beginning to contract on my finger; she wiggled herself to and fro.

He screwed his face into tremendous contortions, wiggled his feet as much as he could, worked his jaws, trying desperately to convey his meaning.

He was breathing fast through his nose, making the booger wiggle.

Charles stared at it dumbfounded, and jabbed at it furiously, his thick eyebrows knotting and wiggling as he struggled with the demons that had possessed his most personal of devices.

"Sport" was perched upon the upper bunk, his chin on the fiddle, his tongue protruding from his mouth, and wiggling to and fro in time to the music, while on his face was a look of solemn intensity, as if his life depended on his efforts.

One German could have wiggled over the top here and stood in this doorway and captured all four of you single-handed, or he could have rolled a couple of bombs down that hole and blown all of you to smithereens.

There were the fires, over which fresh fish were broiling on sticks; and, if you lingered, you saw the fish taken alive from tubs of water standing by, dressed and spitted and broiling before the wiggle was out of their tails.

And what is more, if on this planet one is not permitted to express one's instinctive and natural admiration for a beautiful woman, then all I have to say is that it is a lousy planet and I wiggle my toes at it.

Even their shysters won't be able to wiggle out of this one.

Before the copilot could wiggle free, O'Malley was up forward with the other pistol.

"I'll just shake it, to see if there is any milk inside," he said, and he held it up to his ear, and wiggled it to and fro.

Cried the other young Minnows, wiggling their front fins at her.

He couldn't even wiggle when we tied him on the toboggan, but he'll be full of beans in a few days.

Just then Carlito picked up a long, thin snake, which had wiggled across the ground in front of him, and, swinging it around and around by its tail, sent it whizzing through space.

Breathed the slangy Miss Stone, wiggling in her chair.

It was a feature of his engaging foolery to pretend that the wiggle was produced by rubbing the stomach, and a circle of us youngsters sat around him, rubbing our expectant stomachs, waiting for the miracle.

A fragrant paste, also, was spread on the tip of the little finger, which, when wiggled inside the nostril and inhaled, was good for wet feet and snuffles.

Just before he reached our company, a student major, in a frenzy of apprehension, came up and gave us one final adjuration not to wiggle.

Here and there about the edges of the playground an old mother bird sat on a tussock and looked down on the wild unconscious play, wiggling her tail in satisfaction and anon stretching her neck to look and listen watchfully.

I'm afraid we can't offer you a very large one, but it wiggles most picturesquely.

The drummer's laugh at what he supposed was intended for a joke was checked in the middle by the tragic earnestness of the questioner, who with a wiggle of his thumb beckoned him mysteriously to inspect the legal papers.

"If you could possibly wiggle a little firewood up this way and Phil will get the grub out while Dave puts the blankets and things away, I'll see if we can't have a light collation in the shape of breakfast."

Again the Unwise old head was cocked to one side to catch the answer but all the blue porpoise did was to wiggle his tail in the air, as he butted one of his brother porpoises in the stomach.

I'll wiggle the thing out in a jiffy ... now, a towel, please.

Following behind one of them, I found the progress both vile and painful, even after his wiggle-waggle advance had swabbed up the worst of the slime and uncovered the longest of the spikes lurking to ambush the seat of my trousers.

It was only when the coxswain, in English probably too idiomatic to convey its full meaning to a German, expressed his lack of sympathy with this ingenious proposal that he screwed up his nerve to tackling the "wiggle-waggle" mode of progression.

As they reached the place they saw a man attired in an automobile suit, with big goggles on, wiggle out from the mass of hay.

The infuriated beast was struggling and wiggling to get free from the grip the professor had of its tail.

When Jerry and Bob had pulled Professor Snodgrass up as far as possible, by means of the rope, the naturalist rested his elbows on the edge of the shaft and wiggled the rest of the way out by his own efforts.

He was wiggling so that his christening robe was most off him.

Some animal in this legless state found on its body some slight excrescences or warts, which aided materially its progress as it wiggled along, and thus it acquired the habit of using these convenient warts.

The next instant the snake had uncoiled and was wiggling straight for the professor.

The sprockets must have little or no end play, especially the intermittent, or it may cause the picture to wiggle sideways.

She waited a minute, then lifting her loose frock, wiggled round and round in her efforts to unfasten her petticoat.

"If I just unlace this one, you can wiggle your foot out as easy as pie."

Perhaps the manner in which he wore his hat intensified the irritation, for the flapping brim rested on both ears, and the two little velvet ribbons which hung from the silver buckle in front wiggled and fluttered with every trivial breeze.

Younger specimens have, as yet, no power over the direction of their progress; the wiggling of the tail simply produces a gyration, with the yolk as pivot.

Besides, who wants to have to swim for it, with his clothes on, and all them nasty wiggling moccasin snakes awaiting to bite a fellow?

I don't know which one got it, though I think it must have been the brown drake from the contented way he wiggled his tail for some minutes afterwards.

While the other ducks went foraging around for crickets and angleworms, the one that had swallowed the frog squatted on the shady side of the stable and crooned to itself and wiggled its tail as if it were the most superior duck in the country.

I have noticed that, when it is feeding, a calf always wiggles its tail, and it has occurred to me that there may be some connection between this and its bunting.

Polly was looking sorrowfully at a rent in her pretty gauze gown, and Button-Bright's fox head had stuck fast in a gopher hole, and he was wiggling his little fat legs frantically in an effort to get free.

I felt so queer and glad that something in me whizzed like the wheel, and while my father was not looking, and everybody sat up to the fire asking questions, I slipped over and tried to hug it around the cranks that he wiggled with his feet.

On his first hunting trip, Hilltop saw the seals far off, wiggling and scratching themselves with their flippers.

The dog was doing his best to wiggle out, his eyes flaming fiercely, his snarling jaws showing two rows of capable teeth, as he eyed with disfavor the faint figure of the man who was already climbing on the boat.

Captain Joe wiggled his stumpy ears, agitated his excuse for a tail, and turned a wrinkled nose to the north.

Alex placed the belt about his own waist and watched the Mexican wiggling away.

And it really was funny to see those wiggling little crawdads squirm themselves out of sight in the sand in such a jiffy!

In less time than it takes to tell about it the whole group was up on the flight deck and hastening to their planes as they strapped on helmets and Mae West life jackets, and wiggled into parachute harness held out by mechanics.