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Use wishful thinking in a sentence

Wishful thinking Definition

  • the illusion that what you wish for is actually true

Sentence Examples

We assume that humanism will take the path of social and mental hygiene, and discourage sentimental and unreal hopes and wishful thinking.

He commanded them violently, "Stop wishful thinking and start working!"

Is she for real, or a figment of your imagination, wishful thinking?

The front page of the Star is not the place to express wishful thinking.

Don’t let wishful thinking keep you from facing reality, my dear.

Aren’t you indulging in a little wishful thinking?

Do you really believe that, or is it just wishful thinking?

I was not sure, thought it might be wishful thinking on my part.

It was all wishful thinking.

Had it been imagination, wishful thinking?

He laughed and accused me of wishful thinking.

None of this is wishful thinking.

It is nothing more than the arbitrary decision and wishful thinking of human beings to believe that the fate is on the side of good.

Some people have thought that some wishful thinking would be good enough, and, unfortunately, it isn't.

That might be wishful thinking, they wouldn't know until they tried to prove it.

Much of this was wishful thinking.

This is contrasted to happenstance decision-making based on impulsiveness and wishful thinking.

"Is that to be wished, think you?"

"Just a little wishful thinking!"

Wishful thinking, he told himself.

A written-only notation attached to bug reports. wishful thinking.

After all our wishful thinking with panaceas and doctrines, we come back to the same conclusion.

All dreams and wishful thinking.

Alone like this, he dared to face his fate for a moment and admit to himself that, all wishful thinking aside, it really began to look as if he were going to live forever, or at least for a very long time.

Dreams were supposed to be wishful thinking, primarily, but he couldn't live in them very long.

However, for the present, it was just so much wishful thinking as far as Dawson was concerned.

I hoped that I was correct; maybe it was wishful thinking, but I claim that right.

Intellectually, he knew it wasn't true, but his emotional needs, coupled with wishful thinking, had hamstrung his intellect.

It could have been wishful thinking, but it seemed to him that she was a step or two closer than she had been before he had taken his eyes off her to open the can.

It's wishful thinking and we cannot permit such daydreaming in our precarious condition.

Seemingly, she had indulged in wishful thinking.

Something brought about by intense concentration and wishful thinking?

Subconsciously he knew that this, at the very best, was wishful thinking.

The child ego state is the source of fun, humor, creativity, wishful thinking, and irresponsibility.

The idea that faxes did it, all by themselves, is rather wishful thinking.

The queen was so glad to hear this, that without thought she agreed to grant his wish, thinking more of the lost lady than of what he might demand.

The studies cited do not, of course, exhaust the recent scientific literature, but they do fairly exemplify the results of concrete, impersonal investigation, as distinguished from the results of popular "wishful thinking."

Then he'd see about pushing on up-arc until the fuzzy streaks stretched to forty or fifty degrees—perhaps even ninety, if he could allow himself the luxury of wishful thinking.

There were reports of deer on Avenue A, so I brought a rifle, but we never saw one; and if you want my opinion, those reports were nothing but wishful thinking.

This impression was generally discredited, people were surfeited with optimism; they felt our reports were wishful thinking.

This was wishful thinking.

We both knew what I was saying was perilously close to wishful thinking, but nobody in the room was under oath.

We cannot have stabilization by wishful thinking.