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Use Wishy washy in a sentence

Wishy washy Definition

  • lacking in commitment, certainty, or support

Sentence Examples

Annie is rather sentimental and wishy-washy in her compositions.

It was the most wishy-washy concoction that was ever put on paper.

Well, the whole trick consists in pilfering his originality, and dishing it up with the wishy-washy sauce of the School of Arts!

The old lady and I had fully discussed the wishy-washy coffee question, when mine host returned.

They have stimulated me so far to produce two lectures of wishy-washy generalities.

Even in that day the Sunday-school library largely bought trash—the kind of wishy-washy, mock-pious stuff turned out by hack-writers at the rate of several volumes per day.

He is like an over-shot mill, one everlasting wishy-washy stream.

He had no patience with what was artistically dissolute, luscious, or decorated more than in proportion to its animating idea, wishy-washy or sentimental.

Neither does she belong to that miserable, wishy-washy, downhill class that sooner or later fetches up in a poorhouse.

I thought the other orations were so wishy-washy.

Anything outside that range of thought was to them heresy, treason, or wishy-washy sentiment.

With all due respect to your feelings, that affair is ended, and you’re not the wishy-washy heartbreak kind of girl.

Its views are Liberal-Conservative, and wishy-washy; its principal concern to remain in office.

Don’t be wishy-washy.

You're not the kind of blonde who'll get wishy-washy or fat.

Although written with a purpose, it is noticeable that his books are not of the wishy-washy type.

It is really extremely interesting to notice how blue brought up close to the throat and then a bow of the same in her hair intensifies the blue in the eyes, making even the pale, wishy-washy orbs a deep violet.

Sometimes one or two strangers were asked to coffee, for this household was an old-fashioned one, and gave you good coffee rather than wishy-washy tea.

A man with a feeble, wishy-washy expression holds by each hand a fierce, but subjugated tiger.

You make a natural sympathy appear wishy-washy sentimentalism.

I am led to believe by column upon column of wishy-washy twaddle in the morning papers, that Henley Regatta has actually taken place.

Sentiment is wishy-washy, isn't it?

None of the wishy-washy tittle-tattle interested me, in fact.

Then suddenly the Bristol in the nose began to cough and sputter, and the controls went wishy-washy in his grasp.

Not himself, poor wretch, but his wishy-washy music!

He was a half-witted, wishy-washy fellow.

Just why a man who knows men, knows how wishy-washy they are as individuals, should be influenced by a demonstration from a mass of them, is hard to understand.

It turned out, on inspection, to be no more than a moral tale, feeble, wishy-washy and irritating.

What must a young man be, thought she, who could prefer maundering among the trees with a wishy-washy school girl to such fun as this?

Wishy-washy chicken!

I can’t abide the wishy-washy tastes of the present day.

You're free of that damned wishy-washy Morton blood.

Such wishy-washy coffee with no sugar.

What with their tea and their coffee, their lemonade and ginger beer, and other wishy-washy, sour stuffs—why, the very thought of them’s enough to cause an involution of one’s suggestive organs.

I have known for years that the little souls craved something more than the wishy-washy stuff that is given them in the name of ‘juvenile reading’—Heaven forgives the criminals!

And if you choose to step in, I will make you a cup of tea, not wishy-washy, I assure you, but as good as ever was brewed.

What wishy-washy stuff!

Learning from the wishy-washy literature that their face is their fortune, and so, reading what happened to others, and how perfectly lovely and romantic it all was, they are ready for the wiles of the first gay deceiver.

I suppose we all know that wishy-washy stuff, so there is no need to go on with the quotation.

You are too strong and brave a man to be treated in the wishy-washy way a woman’s treated.

If you are a Coffin, you were sawn out of no wishy-washy elm-board, but right heart-of-oak.

[From Westward Ho! Or, The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth by Kingsley, Charles]

Those are the epithets the wishy-washy always hurl at the strong; they put me in the small and truly aristocratic class of men who do.

He's such a weak and wishy-washy little nonentity!

You will find nothing negative or wishy-washy in the Great Book.

Floods is a feeble word; a Highland spate is but a wishy-washy figure wherewith to represent the deluge.

It is an open question whether they will suffer more by our protectionist greed or by our wishy-washy sentimentality.

The wishy-washy sentiment would appeal to her, and she's of that partly educated type which thinks a Latin tag imposing.

You know you ain't dictated to unless you is 'wishy washy'.

She was a wishy-washy person, sentimental, vapourish, altogether feeble, and she intensely admired Ida Palliser's vigorous young beauty.

This is the right sort of thing—no wishy-washy snivelling about a wounded heart and all that kind of stuff, but savage sarcasm, the lava of a volcanic spirit. 

The man who said he loved his customers was not some soft, wishy-washy dreamer who gazed soulfully into his customer’s eyes.

I hate these wishy-washy love stories and would-be funny scenes.