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Use wishy-washy in a sentence

Definition of wishy-washy:

  • (adjective) weak in willpower, courage or vitality

Sentence Examples:

Wishy-washy stuff!

What wishy-washy stuff!

"What wishy-washy is this?"

It makes me feel wishy-washy.

Sentiment is wishy-washy, isn't it?

He was a half-witted, wishy-washy fellow.

Nelson Haley's character was not wishy-washy.

"You make a natural sympathy appear wishy-washy sentimentalism."

You're free of that damned wishy-washy Morton blood.

I hate these wishy-washy love stories and would-be funny scenes.

Any other character is wishy-washy; it is goody, not good.

You will find nothing negative or wishy-washy in the Great Book.

You're not the kind of blonde who'll get wishy-washy or fat.

I thought the other orations were so wishy-washy, it didn't seem possible mine could have been any more so.

It is an open question whether they will suffer more by our protectionist greed or by our wishy-washy sentimentality.

Neither does she belong to that miserable, wishy-washy, downhill class that sooner or later fetches up in a poorhouse.

Annie is rather sentimental and wishy-washy in her compositions, willowy maidens in the moonlight with garlands of flowers.

Simultaneously, German army discipline in the Prussian tradition, never known to be wishy-washy or weak, was sharply stiffened.

I'm no wishy-washy creature, to be your wife one moment and something you can't bear even to look at, the next.

I am faint; and I want good ale to give me heart, not wishy-washy tea to take away the little strength I have.

The wishy-washy sentiment would appeal to her, and she's of that partly educated type which thinks a Latin tag imposing.

His pale, wishy-washy eyes were swimming like lazy summer seas, though what blissful visions they beheld were beyond my imagination.

He had no patience with what was artistically dissolute, luscious, or decorated more than in proportion to its animating idea, wishy-washy, or sentimental.

Well, the whole trick consists in pilfering his originality, and dishing it up with the wishy-washy sauce of the School of Arts!

And if you choose to step in, I will make you a cup of tea, not wishy-washy, I assure you, but as good as ever was brewed.

Give me, say I, your humming beer, with a body to it, in place of all the wishy-washy wines of the Frenchman or the Spaniard.

A nice wishy-washy smearing it would be if that assembly room were allotted to him; and he was doing plenty of dirty things to get it.

Those are the epithets the wishy-washy always hurl at the strong; they put me in the small and truly aristocratic class of men who do.

What must a young man be, thought she, who could prefer maundering among the trees with a wishy-washy school girl to such fun as this?

Just why a man who knows men, knows how wishy-washy they are as individuals, should be influenced by a demonstration from a mass of them, is hard to understand.

And when you've once had recourse to the stimulant of bodies, you're like a man who's accustomed to strong liquors, and to whose vitiated palate simple drinks seem flat and wishy-washy.

The third volume of your collected writings "Hector Berlioz" affords another proof of this devotion, which is highly to be valued in contrast with the far too general wishy-washy absence of opinion.

The plan has been adopted to economize in men and money; but its weak point seems to be that, as the ministers have to please all denominations, the teaching is apt to become wishy-washy.

My stomach and bowels were in an unsettled, surging, and wishy-washy condition, the gastric processes so completely disturbed that my stomach was no stomach, and felt simply like a bottomless pipe that ran straight through me.

I believe the people want this war to settle once and for all whether that wishy-washy King or us is going to direct the universe, and if the people want it, it's my business to see that they get it.

Learning from the wishy-washy literature that their face is their fortune, and so, reading what happened to others, and how perfectly lovely and romantic it all was, they are ready for the wiles of the first gay deceiver.

To see the youngsters attacking a joint of roast beef is a conclusive proof that the boy who sings like a young seraph is, nevertheless, far from being the wishy-washy individual that he is often represented to be in some poems and sentimental novels.

What a lesson is Napoleon's life for the sickly, wishy-washy, dwarfed, sentimental "dudes," hanging about our cities, country, and universities, complaining of their hard lot, dreaming of success, and wondering why they are left in the rear in the great race of life.

He who would retell the Arthur stories must be wary here, so difficult is it to put together any series of the adventures that will at all represent the material, and constitute a whole, without using the scarlet thread of guilty passion, or substituting for it something "nice" but wishy-washy.

To leave her money was admirable, but to influence a weak girl's mind with his wishy-washy German philosophy about the better life and such rubbish, as he evidently had done during those excursions with her, was conduct so shameful that she found no words strong enough to express her opinion of it.

The brewers next had their say, and declared that their ales and stouts stood a chance of being washed out of the market by the light beverages from the other side of the water, and that these and wishy-washy wines were ruining their trade, and undermining the constitution of the people.

Not the adulterated, wishy-washy maple syrup that is sold, as a rule, even in the best grocery stores of the cities, but the real, luscious maple syrup that is taken from the running sap in the first warm days of February, and refined in great kettles, right under the trees that yielded the sap.

This does not include the class of articles which are made by careful study of books of reference and form a new setting for fragmentary information, such as is often lost if not rearranged; but what can be said in favor of the sort of work where a standard recipe forms the basis for a wishy-washy story?

She was fond of music, and whistled like a bird, but she had no piano and did not know one note from another; and she did not care for books, which was fortunate, as their wee library, all told, did not count a hundred volumes, most of which, too, were Miss Lydia's, and were as weak and wishy-washy as that poor little woman herself.

And I have met with young girls of something the same stamp as yourself, who ran away from home duties to visit in the slums, and because they despise men of the world, lavish all their love and adoration on a wishy-washy curate, who very often encourages them, and then gives them the slip in the end, sending them back to their homes sadder and wiser women.

For there will stand the victims of this sort of literature, who began in their tender years to enfeeble their minds with the wishy-washy flood of commonplace prepared for them by dull writers and commercial publishers, and continued on in those so-called domestic stories (as if domestic meant idiotic) until their minds were diluted to that degree that they could not act upon anything that offered the least resistance.