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Use wrangling in a sentence

Wrangling Definition

  • an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)
    synonyms:wrangle, haggling, haggle

Sentence Examples

The world is weary of the endless wrangling of the scholastics.

Do you never wrangle?

'What need to wrangle?'

Wrangle at the political meeting.

Wrangle had ceased to gain.

Wrangling with a woman was not to his taste.

A furious wrangle took place.

A long wrangle ensued.

A silly wrangle!

A wild wrangle ensued.

After wrangling for hours all retired to sleep.

At last the wranglings came to an open rupture.

At the same time he abhorred controversy and wrangling.

Before anyone could reply, the wrangling over the fares began again.

Between wrangling and disputing truth is lost.

Boys, don't wrangle so!

Congress was wrangling over the great slavery question.

Don't wrangle.

Great wrangling among counsel on account of this same query.

He became enraged, and they commenced a low, bitter wrangling.

He had not been wrangling!

He never caused trouble, never took part in wrangling.

He scarcely heeds their wrangling.

How can you bear to stay here wrangling with these fellows?

I don't see why you two should always be wrangling!

I was tired of this wrangling.

John were playing tennis and wrangling loudly over the score.

Leave the wise to wrangle.

Let us arrive at some arrangement without wrangling.

Let us not wrangle about words.

Make an end of wrangling.

No wrangling, please.

Over every counter there was wrangling from morning to night.

She tried to make time by wrangling.

So they fell to wrangling in a more unreasonable manner than ever.

The wrangling generals were unanimous on that point.

The wrangling voices within stilled themselves.

The wrangling was finished.

The air had been rent by incessant wranglings.

The days of wrangling wear away.

The horseman was too old a campaigner to waste time in wrangling.

The master carpenter was wrangling with the electrician.

There never would be an end of discord and wrangling.

There was a bit of a wrangle over the fare.

There was no wrangling in that family.

There was perpetual wrangling about figures and securities.

There's no use wrangling over it.

These early wranglings are now all but forgotten.

They wrangled for an hour.

They wrangled like kids.

They fell to wrangling again more viciously than before.

They have been wrangling over this question for at least forty years.

They rose and wrangled more loudly.

This wrangling has gone far enough.

Time was precious, and I would waste none of it in wrangling.

To hear Such wrangling is a joy for vulgar minds.

We wrangled frequently.

Where once reigned peace and quietness, existed wrangling and strife.

Why have you wrangled?