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Use wuss in a sentence

Definition of wuss:

  • (noun) a person who is physically weak and ineffectual

Sentence Examples:

Goddard had been "took wuss."

I never see it blow wuss.

Wuss this year than ever before.

Looks like our garret, only wuss.

Tom went from bad to wuss.

He's wuss nor a mad bull.

Well, I ha' been in wuss places.

Indeed, and it might have been wuss.

He was tuck wuss in the night.

He's a darn-sight wuss 'n git out.

Well, you might be in a wuss place.

Barton's wuss, and not expected to live?'

That man war wuss nor a coward.

My dear, you might mike me suffer wuss.

"It's wuss this time," answered Peter gravely.

"They'll fight wuss than any wild critters!"

Don't ye make yourself out wuss, nor you be.

Sometimes it is better, and sometimes it is wuss.

"They give me a wuss turn than the stairs."

A burn is wuss nor a cut any day.

I reckon he hates 'em wuss 'n ever now.

A man is always wuss off when he drinks.

They are wuss this year than I ever seed 'em.

The better the character the wuss the man.

"Wuss and wuss," interrupted the testy old man.

Well, if I never 'ad them wuss than that!

The more doctors us got the wuss she got.

You've got good lungs, or you'd be a good deal wuss.

In fact, he says he never knew a wuss boy.

They hate him wuss than a lawyer does a peacemaker.

Wuss than the old carrier by a long way.

We shall make it wuss if we put our spoke in.

Might be wuss, an' might be a hull lot better.

Looks like to me that things git wuss and wuss.

A Blackfoot is wuss then a hound on a cold scent.

Let me suggest, however, that wuss is hardly correct English.

If the rate were up to fifteen I should be wuss off.

"Ye might be a good deal wuss off," sniffed her mother.

You might have wuss company than me, though I say it.

It couldn't make the thing no wuss, if it didn't make it no better.

They maybe won't be any better, but they can't be any wuss.

"Cousin Sam says you know wuss, Cousin Sim, and that will do!"

An' to make it wuss, Hotchkiss called his name more'n once before he died.

You have got the Apaches here, and they air wuss than the Comanches.

"Guess I ain't much the wuss for wear," declared Jake Kelly, sitting up.

Stranger, it'll be wuss than Tuscaloosa Sam's last tackle; and that wasn't slow.

Tarns with a meekness that admitted she could offer no defense, "only wuss!"

The chauffeur suppressed an instinct to spit disgustedly and said, "Yes, wuss luck."

I'm ten times wuss now than I was then, and you know it, Teresa.

Master looked angrier and angrier, and his wife only pressed him wuss and wuss.

If you make a row, so much the wuss for you, for I'll lick ye to fits.'

Doctor, that Brown fellow, by the mill, is wuss, an' his wife's took down, too.

Abe was wuss scared than ever when he found he had the man in his arms.

I tried to lick them, but lots of them could lick me an' rubbed it in wuss.

Just bear in mind that what this boy is, I was, only about a thousand times wuss.

This 'as gone on for two years, Tom getting wuss all the time and the Colonel more persistent.

A woman that loves as hard as she does would do a sight wuss than that if it was necessary.

"Well, it's a good deal the wuss for wear," answered the man, producing the blood-soaked and soil-stained headgear.

He tried to stay up but every day he got wuss and wuss 'til he got flat down in bed.

When I've had my say out, why, if you don't like it you needn't, an' nobody's a cent the wuss off.

"I'm wuss nor a chap buried," he said to himself, thrusting his hands into his trousers pockets and staring around him.

The more I soaked her the wuss she kicked, until finally she kicked herself out of the harness and ran sway.

Said Bruce, shaking his head to dislodge the tears that were starting in his eyes; "and he shall be none the wuss of it."

It's a dead man's cuss, and what's wuss, him as is cussed is dead and out of the way, and so it has to be worked out in the blood of his child.

If disappointment has left a sting, the right way is to show a sufferer it might have been wuss, or that if his wishes had been fulfilled, they might have led to something more disastrous.

And if it's English climate it is wuss still, because in Nova Scotia there is an end to all this at last, for the west wind blows towards the end of the week soft and cool and bracing, and sweeps away the clouds, and lays the dust and dries all up, and makes everything smile again.

At first my old mates tried to get me round, and made offers to me to take a share in their boats, or to make one in a fishing voyage; but I would not hear them, and in time they dropped off one by one, and left me to myself, and for six years there wasn't a surlier, wuss-conditioned, lonelier chap, not in all England, than I was.