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Use xenophobia in a sentence

Definition of xenophobia:

  • (noun) an irrational fear of foreigners or strangers

Sentence Examples:

What in the West they esteem as national sentiment, in the East they consider xenophobia

Or maybe it's sheer xenophobia.

This intuition, it seems, is based less on statistics than on plain old xenophobia.

Acute attacks of xenophobia often caused riots in the city.

Actually, the modern state was established on a foundation of artificially fanned antagonism and xenophobia.

They often encounter xenophobia and discrimination, sometimes made worse by racist politicians.

I suffer from agoraphobia and xenophobia.

In the near and paranoiac past of most countries in transition, terror-filled xenophobia was both a wise survival tactic and an indoctrinated instinct.

The traveler will not find it easy to acquire the necessary first-hand data, while the other is warped by his congenital xenophobia.

This xenophobia is a remarkably constant feature of eighteenth-century satire on "taste."

Paranoid xenophobia was replaced by guarded wariness.

Competing influences, paranoia, xenophobia and adverse circumstances all conspired to fracture the religious landscape.

This insuperable obstacle to combined action was the natural child of Chinese xenophobia.

While sympathizing with van Gogh in his xenophobia, I cannot accept that because certain artists did not appreciate certain forms of art, no artist can understand another whose form is alien to him.

The imperial government found itself pledged to the fulfillment of a policy which collided directly with the xenophobia engendered by ideological control.