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Use acclaim in a sentence

Definition of acclaim:

  • (verb) praise vociferously | To express great approval
  • (noun) enthusiastic approval

Sentence Examples:

A titter acclaimed him.

The legionaries acclaimed their decision.

The Herne rooters broke out in loud acclaim.

The man was canonized by popular acclaim.

This important step was heartily and even uproariously acclaimed.

As she prances along the thronging citizens acclaim her enthusiastically.

The public greeted acrobats with louder acclaim than any poet.

He had rather been looking forward to public kudos and acclaim.

Elizabeth burst radiantly into the room and was received with joyous acclaim.

The white man who kills a hippo is immediately acclaimed a hero.

With one acclaim, a forest of right hands Rose through the hurtled air.

"Preparedness" gains a more ready acclaim than better schools or the extirpation of disease.

Well then, Scotland met Burns, on his first sunburst, with one exulting acclaim.

Adams was, without a dissenting voice, acclaimed the most desirable and most homelike.

She was rapturously acclaimed by the public and a portion of the press.

She was acclaimed a champion at deck games, and unremittingly sought as a partner.

There would surely be others less benighted who must acclaim the shell's charm.

Strauss has been acclaimed as an explorer, a pathfinder in the wilderness of new art.

On the "bleachers" they applauded and acclaimed him, as did those in the shade.

And they began to revile the Master that they had acclaimed the night before.

The whole civilized world acclaims the noble character and good work of Clara Barton.

Thundering hurrahs on all the German ships acclaimed the victory announced by this retreat.

The wounded hero was lionized and acclaimed, and treated more like a martyr than an insurgent.

"And the king was about to lay the accolade on your shoulders and acclaim you knights."

The Dutch banners soon waved from the ramparts, cheered by the acclaim of the conquerors.

A great shout from the battlements and from the crowd below acclaimed the famous shot.

The "step upward" is never in the direction of superior work, but toward a more rarefied acclaim.

Instantly he is joined by his impatient companions, and the welkin rings with their loud acclaim.

Needless to say, they disappeared with amazing rapidity, the guests loudly acclaiming their toothsome merits.

John Dillon is acclaimed as a true Irish patriot, and we are denounced as the enemies of our country!

All past jealousies seemed forgotten forever, and the queen and the dauphin shared in the transporting acclaim.

He had bought the instrument under the idea that the extra legibility would be received with acclaim.

It was all very exciting and so whimsically odd that it was acclaimed a most successful surprise.

The moment thought of by the gunnery-lieutenant, the day acclaimed by the Prussian officer had come.

The priests were welcomed with acclaim, led to the Council Lodge, and presented with belts of wampum.

John has been acclaimed, simply in order that his critics may escape the gibe of being classically dense!

If they display unusual capabilities, they are intoxicated nightly with the deep, rich, moving roar of high acclaim.

And my stupefied brain acclaimed him a sorcerer, against whom unwittingly we had pitted our poor human wits.

The fishwives on the other side of the barrier acclaimed the acquittal, little guessing whom they were applauding.

He did not invent engraving on wood, as many enthusiasts acclaim; nor did he invent impressions of relief surfaces.

His realism is as gray as that of Chekhov, whose logical successor he has been acclaimed by Russian criticism.

Italian nationalists, German Liberals, French reformers, acclaimed the victory of the Radical executive as a triumph for their cause.

Brandishing their swords and shouting with loud acclaim the great body of troopers pressed forward to the service.

She had been acclaimed a great artist; everything she said, did, and wore was fulsomely praised and described.

And in the yell of frenzied acclaim which went up was mingled many an American as well as Mexican voice.

He heard the peons acclaim him, as gradually they began to understand that there was to be no more unhappiness.

The patriot acclaims in him the poet who has sung the myths and legends dear to the German race.

The birth of the play was duly celebrated with carousals, in which the author was acclaimed with generous admiration.

Acclaimed "Queen of Troubadours," her motley train swept through the cities of the coast and crossed the Spanish frontier.

Several new men came in from their brevet, cross-country flights during the morning and were loudly acclaimed, he said.

The men who had acclaimed him in 1537 were quite capable of crying out for his supersession at any time.

The theme of the Trio is acclaimed by a German annotator as the reverse of the first motive of the symphony.

They had met at a moment when she was enjoying the new, the intoxicating experience of a suddenly acclaimed beauty.

The people acclaimed the fleet and that aspect was so overwhelming, so constant, so omnipresent that it dwarfed everything else.

Its sustained harmony is never interrupted by those bursts of cymbals and fifes which some deaf people acclaim for brilliance.

Current democracy acclaims success more boisterously than do other social forms, and surrounds failure with a more reverberating train of echoes.

His personal appearance, hitherto unknown to thousands of those who acclaimed him in the streets, prepossessed them in his favor.

Neil sat down amid a veritable roar of applause, and Paul, totally unembarrassed by the praise and acclaim, smiled with satisfaction.

Such, in physical terms, is the arrangement of the garden, and when so described it seems undeserving of all the acclaim.

After due time the coffer was finished, and it was acclaimed the masterpiece of the great artificer who had made it.

There was no uproarious demonstration; but they laughed in the right places and acclaimed satisfactorily his finale on the giant violin.

The eager madrigal leads to a final blast (with acclaiming chorus of big rocking waves), echoed in golden notes of the horns.

No man could call himself Imperator until his own soldiers, the men under him, had publicly acclaimed him as such.

The churchmen were devotedly attached to the ecclesiastical claimant, the nobles were Portuguese before all, and Antonio was acclaimed the national sovereign.

The further conquest by Italy of her own territory and the annexation of Venice to the Italian crown were therefore universally acclaimed.

Acclaimed with such adjectives as valiant, strong, beneficent, applauded to the skies, whilst reams are written anent the glorious, victorious campaign.

Everybody was proud of the accomplishment on German soil and joyfully acclaimed Zeppelin whose lone ideas were now the ideas of a nation.

He had received in payment cash, debentures and preference shares, and his lawyers and his own acumen had acclaimed the bargain.

Fiercely competitive in his demand for approval and acclaim, he distrusts competition because he associates it unconsciously with an unbridled urge to destroy.

And they grow to judge fame and public adulation at its proper value and are not deceived nor unduly elated at popular acclaim.

It gave the bewildered listeners something to take hold of, and in return for this gift they acclaimed and continued to acclaim.

His friends, the students, crowded still more closely round the hackney carriage, shaking hands with him, applauding him with acclaim.

The trains moved slowly, for all the country had come to see the departing ones and to acclaim them with loud banzais.

He painted the queen, with her false teeth, false hair, and her infernal simper, and this portrait was acclaimed a masterpiece.

And while he did not live to see the success of the Impressionist group, he would have surely acclaimed their theories and practice.

Parliament acclaimed, the guns of the Tower thundered, and Captain Broke was made a baronet and a Knight Commander of the Bath.

Although the government disapproved of these works, it allowed the artists to exhibit them abroad and win considerable acclaim for Romanian art.

And while he did not live to see the success of the Impressionist group, he surely would have acclaimed their theory and practice.

He was, however, able to rise and enter the shop, but the hussars immediately with acclaim avowed themselves the soldiers of the nation.

"Those verses have been acclaimed by some of the best critics in the country as reproducing all the beauties of the old Hellenic poetry."

Men who have despoiled the widow of her mite and the orphan of his patrimony are hailed with the acclaim due to conquering heroes.

Australia echoed anew with acclaim of the "philanthropist hero" (it was now), and press and pulpit moralized and maundered afresh on the Hon.

He was acclaimed, feasted, and lauded everywhere, until he longed to fly to some retreat from all of this adoration of a simple young general.

Then follow lights and incense and hymns, and angels singing as befits the solemnity; apostles and patriarchs acclaiming her in inspired song.

As a work for symphony orchestra it has received universal acclaim for its attractive deployment of national Swedish folk song idioms and dance rhythms.

Later when he celebrated his victory and the acclaiming Greeks surrounded him, lutes, trombones, harps, viols and a horn united with the voices.

After his death, his wife was installed in his place by the universal acclaim of his followers, and she fully justified her appointment.

Howells acknowledges that he had some doubts as to the permanency of the vast acclaim of the American public, remembering, or perhaps assuming, a national fickleness.

Set them to make the heavens ring with Liberty's acclaim, and while they are busy with that, ye can filch all their rights away.

This was a misguided speech which the country received with marked disfavor while it acclaimed young Croghan as the sterling hero of the western campaign.

When Alexander placed the diamond crown on the Empress Elisabeth's head, radiant with beauty, they formed such a lovely pair as to evoke unbounded acclaim.

The Doge stood surrounded by the electors, and was acclaimed by the people below in the courtyard; a line of ducal guards kept the staircase.

He won distinction, but he did it by dint of granite merit, while disdaining the acclaim which comes as the vapid breath of the hour.

I placed myself at the head of a lawless band of malcontents, who acclaimed me as their leader, and we rose in mad rebellion against constituted authority.

As a last resort it now remains for you yourself to decide which of these strenuous and evenly-balanced suitors I may acclaim with ten thousand felicitations.

Even Cubist art, which in itself could make no possible appeal to recognition on its artistic merits, has been received with much publicity, if not with acclaim.

The clangor of bright steel about him and the thunder of their acclaim frightened the birds that rose in gay-hued clouds from the surrounding trees.

It was the entrance of a great man to a company where he expects to be acclaimed, for there was self-consciousness in the primness of his mouth.

The people in its present temper was not like to accept him as the Caesar, even if he could persuade the praetorian guard to acclaim him as such.

In fact, the Turkish pride had suffered cruelly from this intrusion of a European power, the more so that the natives of the land acclaimed it.