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Definition of acuteness:

  • (noun) a sensitivity that is keen and highly developed; | a quick and penetrating intelligence | the quality of having a sharp edge or point

Sentence Examples:

His acuteness, however, showed itself also in savage moods as unsparingly, sarcastically, and maliciously destructive.

What shall we say in the case of pursuits less dignified, yet, notwithstanding, requiring acuteness!

In another compartment, Jules and Marie Victor sagely exchanged their lightning glances of Parisian acuteness.

His works, which are written in Greek, illustrate his learning, his acuteness, and his eloquence.

There is a great deal of acuteness and cleverness under that simple exterior and wild rusticity.

And yet it combines penetration with intrusiveness; acuteness, coolness, and logical courage with its soberness.

Every sense was intensified to the acme of its acuteness; while the powers of volition were inoperative.

As a pleader Clerk was distinguished by strong sense, acuteness, and the most profound reasoning.

The modern Athenians, with all their acuteness, are said to be rather susceptible subjects for quackery.

Less distinguished for learning than acuteness, he confined himself to brilliant elucidations of his author's text.

The acuteness of annoyance about this deadened, for a time, the sick anxiety at her heart.

In the schools of the Nominalists he pursued with acuteness and success the science of sophistry.

Corpulence and slovenliness are generally among the more prolific sources of a want of acuteness in feeling.

He had no patience for long argument, no acuteness for delicate precision, no fangs for recondite research.

At that time, notwithstanding the great learning and acuteness of the proposer, the alteration was rejected!

All her senses appeared to have acquired an acuteness, an exquisiteness that made them susceptible almost to pain.

She unmasks his selfishness with admirable acuteness; she exposes his unromantic egotism, with delightful sauciness.

His artlessness was boyish, and so were his acuteness and his transparent but somewhat belated good-sense.

Posterity has generally regarded that disquisition as proving Livy's patriotism more strongly than his impartiality or acuteness.

They express the acuteness of the suffering from the poverty disease, so apparent in every civilized country.

"Yes, Madam," replied one of my auditors, with an acuteness truly Italian; "but this Prince is our father-in-law."

The latitudinarian philosophy, the analytical acuteness, the skeptical toleration of Erasmus were alike strange and distasteful to him.

His wit and his folly, his acuteness and maliciousness, his merriment and reasoning, are now over.

It is feeling, acuteness of feeling, which has given that countenance its expression, that character its moroseness.

Now this result was not unpremeditated or accidental, but strictly owing to the acuteness of the general.

It varies in individuals between a passion for discovering similarities and an intent acuteness to every shade of unlikeness.

It will be said, however, that we in our civilized life, have no need of any such acuteness of sense.

Besides his humor and acuteness, besides even his profundity, I find in him an exceptional power of individualizing.

It is written with perspicuity, and discovers his controversial acuteness, with becoming caution, in handling that delicate question.

Well, in premature senility the symptoms are the same as in senility, only mental acuteness is not so impaired.

His acuteness, his wit, his logic, and his surliness, form, altogether, a curious portraiture of an English politician.

One of the mediums, with whom I experimented, appeared to have an exceptional acuteness of vision in reference to the effluvium.

I have seen rolls of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries which are masterpieces of method, perspicuity, concision, and acuteness.

Wilkins, the author of one of our first Sanskrit grammars, are highly creditable to the acuteness of the Scotch judge.

Living in that strange world of acuteness to which men of the high hills are habituated, they listened, alert.

They are remarkable for elegance and perspicuity, and their learning and acuteness cause them to be still highly prized.

The Indian shows no want of acuteness in detecting the characteristic vices, whether real or imaginary, of the civilized world.

As a Hebrew philologist he holds high rank; and as a constructive critic he is remarkable for acuteness and sagacity.

His wit and his folly, his acuteness and his maliciousness, his merriment and his reasoning, are alike over.

The annotator seems to combine all the acuteness of the needle with the straightforward bluntness of the railway buffer.

The emotions of the night, the restless rebelliousness, had lost all their acuteness and seemed only a blurred memory.

A breed of large and powerful dogs, with long, smooth, and pendulous ears, and remarkable for acuteness of smell.

And there is no doubt that our modern judges are superior in talent, adroitness, and acuteness to those of former days.

The jealous derision that has gone up from some observers endowed with less acuteness of vision is neither dignified nor just.

The acuteness and length of the uterine curve determine the height to which the pessary will lift the uterus.

Discrimination, sagacity, shrewdness, sharpness, brightness, astuteness, acuteness, cleverness, perspicacity, ingenuity, penetration, insight, judgment, intelligence, mother wit, quick parts.

With an acuteness which aroused the admiration of the young corsair, who was trained to similar plots, she explained hers.

The remaining books are incomparably inferior, and are marked at times by mere acuteness of reason and thoroughness of legal knowledge.

Above all, perhaps, had he been accredited for intellect in his acuteness in negotiation and the simple force of his oratory.

With his characteristic acuteness, Frederick thus spoke of the two greatest generals against whom he led the Prussian armies.

The driest of human beings will boast of their sense of humor; and the most perplexed, of their logical acuteness.

My apprehensions had reached the climax of acuteness, when they were suddenly relieved by some words from the Spanish wolf.

Cunning in other ways, it would be strange if the tomtits did not display acuteness in the selection of nesting sites.

He also noted the acuteness of the senses during hypnosis, and that verbal suggestion would produce hallucinations, emotions, paralysis, etc.

Physically, he was defenseless and inert, but all of him beyond the flesh was galvanized into quicksilver acuteness and determination.

That issue was concerned with a question of paternity, whose acuteness happened to be contemporaneous with that of the present European crisis.

But it was his face which attested the acuteness of the sneering observation of the unworthy giver of the royal accolade.

The Southern people have all the acuteness of the Yankee, with a genuine bonhomie which brightens the most ordinary incidents of life.

A creditable motive led Herbert to adopt what might be called a compromise, and which was not lacking in a certain acuteness.

Was Margrave really the most innocent and serviceable of human beings, kindly affectionate, employing a wonderful acuteness for benignant ends?

His details were eminently singular and curious, and evinced the acuteness of his penetration, as well as the steadfastness of his courage.

A kind correspondent has sent me, from personal knowledge, an admirable pendant to stones of Scottish child acuteness and shrewd observation.

They display at times an acuteness of observation and a pungency of wit which is heightened by the quaint mode of expression used.

He handles metaphysical problems with the unembarrassed ease of Plato, with all Cicero's accuracy and acuteness, and more than Cicero's profundity.

But he soon discovered, by considering the fortune of lawyers, that preferment was not to be got by acuteness, learning, and eloquence.

They have never considered the innumerable and irrefutable facts of animal life which no acuteness of analysis and pure thinking can ever explain.

Every subject, according to Adams, was discussed "with a moderation, an acuteness, and a minuteness equal to that of Queen Elizabeth's privy council."

Archie felt an exhilarated acuteness of brain: the situation had only to be put before him for him to see the answer to it.

There is no moral turpitude in such acuteness of feeling: it has been, and may be, combined with many good and great qualities.

Their forefathers have lived on the sea for thousands of years, and their senses have been developed to the greatest acuteness and perfection.

Whatever they had among them before, whether of learning or acuteness, was commonly obscured and blunted by coarseness, and inelegance of style.

Whatever they had among them before, whether of learning or acuteness, was commonly obscured and blunted by coarseness and inelegance of style.

On account of the acuteness of sense activity at this period, this is also the time for memorization of fine passages of prose and poetry.

Copley was not wrong in her estimate of Dolly when she adjudged her to have plenty of "wit;" otherwise speaking, resources and acuteness.

I regard it as one of the advantages of the acuteness of modern scholarship to have cleared away much rubbish and removed many an excrescence.

He exclaimed, stupefied by the revelation of his own lack of discernment, he who had prided himself on his acuteness, especially as to women.

He was an Irish adventurer, possessed not only of uncommon courage and acuteness, but of real literary talent and a genial and charming humor.

In respect also to Intellectual Powers, there is among most people a conviction that severe reasoning, comprehensiveness, and logical acuteness belong pre-eminently to man.

The Master had been remarked among his contemporaries for sense and acuteness, as well as for his reserved, pertinacious, and irascible character.

Their minds are acknowledged, by all who have known them well, to be fully equal in strength and acuteness to those of civilized men.

They are marked throughout by unflagging industry, by novelty and acuteness of observation, and by reasoning power of a high and varied kind.

The suppurating mumps is to be distinguished by the acuteness of the pain, and the sensitive, irritated, or inflammatory fever, which attends it.

He utterly routed the remnants of a still earlier philosophy, furbished up with all the knowledge and all the acuteness of Sir William Hamilton.

Besides which, we English have a peculiar national quality, which the Indians, with their characteristic acuteness, soon perceived, and described by an opprobrious name.

Stiles had rare opportunities for observation, of which he has availed himself in a manner that is highly creditable to his acuteness and good sense.

The rule seems to be that the degree of acuteness or violence of an attack of typhus was inversely as the habitual poor condition of the victim.

But how close these are to pain is visible from the acuteness of the pangs of hunger, or the painfulness of prolonged positions of restraint.

Yet, even in human beings, and not alone in a fortunate convalescence, do we see startling illustrations of the possibilities of this form of sensorial acuteness.

Tom was possessed of a simian acuteness that had led him to discover poor Rita's secret before she herself was fully aware of its existence.

Though rather below the middle size, he did not seem little; and his large dark eye and countenance bespoke great sensibility and acuteness.

For all inquirers, like pointers, have a sort of instinct, sharpened by training and practice, the power and acuteness of which astonish the unlearned.

In judging the availability of a piece of news or the advisability of a certain line of editorial policy his mind worked with great rapidity and acuteness.

He took a class in the Sunday-school, and his freshness, acuteness, humor, and deep knowledge of the Scriptures, made him far more than an ordinary teacher.

After a while his prodigious acuteness struck me more than even his histrionic powers, and I began to ask myself what Old Bailey barrister it was.

With an acuteness of consciousness more harrowing than delirium, he faced this thing that had come upon him, grabbing all his courage to endure the ordeal.

His qualities, from his earliest years were quickness and acuteness, unchecked and insatiable curiosity, retentive memory, and busy reflection; his mind was never still.

Weak human faculties, long strained by daily communing with grief, would fall into idiocy were their acuteness not blunted and their perception rendered dull.

I thought I was dreaming when I heard a young woman in her position reasoning with more acuteness than Minerva displays in her colloquies with Telemachus.

We have, too, philosophy far more profound than ever was scattered over the syllogistic pages of Abelard, full of knowledge and acuteness as they undoubtedly are.

Exclaimed the young creature who had been the object of the serenade, and whose faculties, spite of her confusion, had lost none of their acuteness.