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Definition of affinity:

  • (noun) a natural attraction or feeling of kinship | inherent resemblance between persons or things | a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character

Sentence Examples:

"In real life," she replied, "wives do not have affinities as often as some newspapers and plays would have us believe."

It and other similar marshlands in the southeastern sector draw into the state several species with more southern affinities.

Philologists have vainly endeavored to trace any affinity between the Chinese language and that of other nations, ancient or modern.

He did not know, learned as he was, that there is an affinity between two souls destined for one another.

It is directly proportional to the chemical affinity of the reacting bodies and inversely proportional to the so-called "chemical resistance."

It is overrated when we make the affinities of speech between two populations absolute evidence of connection in the way of relationship.

Work out his nativity, and see what stars were in the ascendant, and whether there are any affinities between us.

Dealing with stationary forms of life, such as plants, proximity of station is only strong presumptive evidence of genetic affinity.

Its greatness, permanency, inhabitants, degrees, seven typos of intelligences, unity, employments, transportation, sexual affinities, structural aspects, etc., uniquely portrayed.

He coolly informed his wife that he had discovered his true "affinity" in a woman he had installed as her guest.

I know now how rare are earthly affinities; that is, unions of souls that are destined to endure through all eternity.

Morgan finds evidence that the American aborigines had a common origin in what he calls 'their system of consanguinity and affinity.'

Yet ethnologists trust more to the shape of the skull in the study of race affinities than to any other proof.

There is little or nothing specially distinctive in the laws of consanguinity or affinity in their bearing on the marriage relationship.

However, Jane was not so taken up with her literary affinities as to lose sight of her own kith and kin.

In the frank sensuality of Sir Frederick's crimson smirk he could find no affinity to Lucia's grave and tender smile.

It is affirmed that natural selection is the operation of natural laws, analogous to the action of gravitation and of chemical affinities.

There was nothing in his character or purposes which owed affinity with any mood of this jocund and energetic people.

This is certain, that the flounders are descended from spiny-rayed forms and that they have no affinities with the codfishes.

Natural copulative affinity constitutes the bond of chaste affection that holds together a man and wife in harmony and love.

Natural philosophers discovered corporeal properties, the laws of attraction and repulsion, of chemical affinity, of fermentation, and even of organization.

The laws of motion, gravitation, affinity, and the like, are only expressions of the regularity and continuity of one infinite cause.

Consolidation in these cases is brought about by the action of chemical affinity on finely comminuted matter previously suspended in water.

Whether they have a closer affinity with them than with the general run of Indo-European mythology may be an open question.

The English and Italian songs bear a closer affinity to each other than is possessed by either towards the Swedish variant.

These produce various vibratory conditions in different masses, resulting in gravity or affinity upon one hand, and repulsion upon the other.

I have placed at the end of the chapter a few remarks with reference to the affinities indicated by the embryology.

The vernal and autumnal crocus have such an affinity, that the best botanists only make them varieties of the same genus.

By the term affinity I mean that enamored feeling which arises in the hearts of those of opposite sex for each other.

"For the rest, psychological affinities may exist coincident with and entirely independent of material or moral prepossessions, relations, engagements, ties."

Having observed that it has a greater affinity to lime than to potash, he directs us to proceed in the following manner.

It has a strong affinity for water, and combines with it in the evolution of lead and the formation of barium hydroxide.

German silver has a great affinity for oxygen, and shows its oxidation by a sickly yellow tarnish, instead of rust.

Iodine has an extensive range of affinity; with the metals it forms compounds termed iodides, of which several are used in medicine.

Sometimes a man succeeds to the chieftainship through the efforts of some kinsman or affinity who is a chief or head chief.

The modern appellation of the Walloons points to the affinity of their ancestors with the Gallic, Welsh, and Gaelic family.

It is wonderful how fond sportsmen are of law; perhaps there is an affinity between prosecuting a case and pursuing a chase.

They encamped here and there, but they were grave and religious, bearing no affinity to other nomads, and incapable of theft.

The carpets and wall paper had no affinity with each other, and both would have horrified an artist in home decoration.

For after all a man like Ginsburg and a titled plunderer of peasant lands are not without their bonds of affinity.

Some features of their speech clearly resemble features of the Indo-European family of languages, but other features would seem to denote Tartar affinities.

The process is founded on the affinity of odoriferous substances for fatty bodies which, when impregnated with them, are called pomades.

Its claims in that way are unique, whereas its affinities with strenuousness are less emphatic than those of the pluralistic scheme.

Almsgiving and charity may have no more affinity than the philosophy of Plato and the political conversation of a poll parrot!

He instantly made the astounding mental discovery that she was somehow not very happy, owing to a failure in domestic affinities.

The range and the breech-loader are closely allied, and the field and the table become merged in ties of mutual affinity.

It stands on the list intermediately between the two; its affinities being stronger than those of iodine, but weaker than chlorine.

They come to it about the level of the heather, but they have no such affinity for dampness as the tamarack pines.

It is the purpose of the present sketch to bring out a few of these affinities between Bismarck and the German people.

It is certainly allied to the Runts; nevertheless, from its close affinity with Carriers, it will be convenient here to describe it.

The real opposition to the ecclesiastical attitude was, however, that any affinity, as distinguished from consanguinity, should be a bar to marriage.

The force of crystallization, the force of gravitation, and chemical affinity remain in themselves just as incomprehensible as do Adaptation and Inheritance.

She has forfeited her claim to her name; and, therefore, with her own hand, has sundered the ties of affinity.

Such affinities have been asserted to exist in language, in culture, and in physical peculiarities, and I shall take these up seriatim for examination.

John's Wood will be found quite as prolific in "Spiritual Wives" and "Gothic" affinities as any creek or lake in the Western wilderness.

They wish to prevent our being mixed with them by affinity or consanguinity; that our blood be not mingled with theirs.

The laws which govern the material world are sketched in the books on natural science; such are gravitation, affinity, mathematical motion.

We are unable to state whether any affinity exists between their language and the other Mexican dialects, as no vocabularies have been collected.

Those will merely show the arrangement I had given the vocabularies, according to their affinities and degrees of resemblance or dissimilitude.

Among civilized peoples, on the other hand, relations by affinity are frequently regarded in the same light as relations by blood.

There is a species of elective affinity between certain lines of psychical development which at once unites them as they approach each other.

Gaelic is a Celtic language, belonging to an entirely different linguistic group from English, and having close affinities to Irish and Welsh.

Mere display left her with a sense of superior distinction; but she felt an affinity to all the subtler manifestations of wealth.

In many ways this is an important fact; yet it must suffice that we see the affinity of the doubter for society.

It has no clear affinities to any other tongue, the supposed resemblances to Dravidian and Australian being extremely slight, if not visionary.

Marsh, is not hopelessly wedded to fixed conclusions, and has by no means overlooked the obvious Scandinavian affinities of the English tongue.

There is nothing to show any affinity among the tribes, and there is none of the intricate relationship of the Australian systems.

The more these are cultivated by drawing from their parental affinities in the macrocosm, the more knowledge or power they take on.

And since cheese is only solid milk, and the Cheddar is noted for its beery smell, there is further affinity here.

It is easy to be inveigled by their titles, which suggest some affinity with the subject; or by the reputation of their compilers.

We also speak of the chemical affinities of different atoms and of the cohesiveness of masses of matter, both forms of attractive force.

We are ignorant of the mode in which even plants vegetate, how then be acquainted with that which has no affinity with ourselves?

Her tendency in this direction hints at the close affinity between the evolutionists of to-day and the idealists of a century ago.

Even the genus of the group that least resembles them was pronounced by Cuvier to have its nearest affinities with the opossums.

Adjoining parts which are not homologous sometimes cohere; but this cohesion appears to result from mere juxtaposition, and not from mutual affinity.

In other words, external characters give no certain index to the degree of vegetative affinity or of sexual affinity between two kinds of plants.

It is only when morbid deposits and chemical agencies overcome the integrity or vital affinity of the vegetable that fungous growth commences.

He had taken to Greek, in spite of his anxious parent, like a duck to water: his affinity to the Platonic Socrates is obvious.

The purple dye required no mordant, it fixed itself to the cloth in consequence of the chemical affinity which existed between them.

The philosophical affinities of the new science were not exhausted by the atomistic analysis of Democritus and the regulative method of Aristotle.

In some the toes are slightly webbed, and their habits are mainly carnivorous, indicating affinity with the flesh-eating and essentially aquatic Terrapins.

The affinity is still more evident when the amorous intoxication is only on one side, while the other plays the part of seducer.

Its affinity to some of the earliest known sharks, those of the middle Devonian, render it of great interest and importance to science.

She was forever having a "crush" on some girl or other, getting suddenly over it, and seeking another affinity with bewildering fickleness.

Palpable bonds of mutual interest linked the three first named; their common affliction might conceivably have been ascribable to subtle psychological affinity.

It is proper to add that no spicules, or other structures indicating affinity to the Sponges, have been detected in any of the specimens.

A few drops of alcohol will greatly assist the mixing of vermilion, umber, and similar colors which have no affinity for water.

When that task was over she had gone with comradeship to her brother, with whom she had a greater affinity of tastes.

I found from their manner that an extraordinary affinity, or sympathy, entered into their attachment, which somehow took away all flavor of grossness.

They were divided into three great masses, each bearing the name of that section of the Greek race with which they claimed affinity.

There is a pleasure in observing the natural affinities which, in foreign countries, draw close together these two branches of the Anglo-Saxon family.

In these latter the basic aniline dyes in solution are almost exclusively used, on account of their special affinity for the bacterial protoplasm.

Now it is plain from Kant's vindication of what he calls the affinity of phenomena, that he recognizes the existence of this presupposition.

It is difficult to decide which relative is considered the nearest, but the ties of consanguinity appear to be much closer than those of affinity.

It seemed, therefore, the easiest way out of the difficulty to conceive it as an inherent property of all matter, like gravitation or chemical affinity.

On the other hand, motion and chemical affinity have been at all times, and still are, pre-eminently the two productive forces of fire.

Regulus of Antimony is capable of dissolving the metals: but its affinities with them are various, and differ according to the following order.

And they have so special a regard to the degrees of consanguinity and affinity, that they never request marriage in the prohibited ones.

Russian problems, it is true, have important affinities with those of China, but they have also important differences; moreover they are decidedly less complex.

It was the year after Miss Lucinda had come to the seminary to teach elocution that Miss Joe Hill discovered in her an affinity.